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Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga in a mighty show of power.
Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga in a mighty show of power.
The main male protagonist, Inuyasha is a brave but naive half-demon, the result of a relationship between a powerful dog demon Daiyokai and a beautiful human princess. Orphaned at a young age, Inuyasha is rejected by humans because of his demon (yōkai) side and looked down upon by yōkai because his human blood supposedly taints his superior yōkai blood. Despite this 'weakness' Inuyasha is over 200 years old by the third movie, proving that his blood wasn't nearly as weak as they assumed. Because of the disdain by both humans and demons, before Inuyasha met and fell in love with the powerful priestess (miko), Kikyo, he found it very difficult to trust anyone else. Inuyasha is a half demon and therefore ages differently than a normal human, so the difference between human and demon years only makes InuYasha appear around 17 years old.

Since the Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon No Tama or Sacred Jewel) was powerful enough for Inuyasha to become a full yōkai and Kikyo was the protector of the jewel, Inuyasha was motivated to follow Kikyo - at first only for the power the jewel offered. However, the two fell in love and, eventually, Kikyo talked Inuyasha into becoming human instead.

Alas, a human named Onigumo plotted to take the jewel for himself, his willingness to sacrifice anything giving him the edge he needed. He was once a bandit who was obsessed with Kikyo and he became jealous that she had fallen in love with Inuyasha. Unable to take any other action, Onigumo gave his body to a horde of demons for power and they consumed his body and soul. The union of hundreds of lesser demons with the human soul became the half demon known as Naraku.

In a deceptive attempt to gain the jewel for himself, Naraku disguised himself first as Inuyasha and then as Kikyo to deceive them into betraying each other. Enraged at Kikyo's "betrayal", Inuyasha broke into Kikyo's village and stole the sacred jewel. To defend the village and to keep him from escaping with the jewel, Kikyo shot Inuyasha with a sacred arrow pinning him to Goshinboku. Moments later, Kikyo collapsed from a wound she received from Naraku and gave final instructions to Kaede, her sister, to burn the jewel with her body so it would travel to the afterlife with her. The jewel and the girl both lost to him, Naraku sought out other means of gaining power, leaving Inuyasha to rot while pinned to the sacred tree for all eternity.

Episodes from the Inuyasha Anime

  1. Inuyasha, protector of the innocent
    Inuyasha, protector of the innocent
    The Girl Who Overcame Time & The Boy Who Was Just Overcome - It's Kagome's fifteenth birthday, what surprises could possibly be in store for her this year?
  2. Seekers of the Sacred Jewel - The sacred Jewel is the target of so many villains, what is a girl to do?
  3. Down The Rabbit Hole & Back Again - Uh-oh! The jewel is broken! How is Kagome going to remedy this situation?
  4.  Yura of the Demon Hair - Yura of the Demon Hair seeks more than just the Jewel's power, she wants Inuyasha's pretty hair too!
  5. Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru - Inuyasha comes face to face with his half-brother; who will be the victor?
  6. Tetsusaiga, The Phantom Sword - Sesshoumaru seeks the fang of his father Tetsusaiga; Like Inuyasha would give it up without a fight!
  7. Showdown! InuYasha vs. Sesshomaru - Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha face off over the sword of their long-dead father.
  8. Toad Who Would Be Prince - Princesses missing... the lord of the manor acting strange... Can Kagome and Inuyasha get to the bottom of this mystery?
  9. Enter Shippo...Plus The Amazing Thunder Brothers! - Shippo, mighty fox-demon, seeks the power of the Shikon no Tama... oh, and the Thunder Brothers show up somewhere.
    Shippo determined to meet any challenge
    Shippo determined to meet any challenge
  10. Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga - The Thunder Brothers square off against Inuyasha and the power of the Tetsusaiga. Who will be victorious?
  11. Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask - A Noh Mask in Kagome's time displays its evil demonic powers. What's a girl to do?
  1. The Soul Piper and The Mischievous Little Soul - A mischievious spirit lingers. Who is she and why does she want to hurt Sota's friend?
  2. The Mystery of The New Moon and The Black Haired InuYasha - It's the new moon and there's something... different about Inuyasha...
  3. Kikyo's Stolen Ashes - Kikyo's grave has been robbed! Who would do such a thing?
  4. Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo - Kikyo is alive!? What manner of dark magic is this?
  5. Mystical Hand of the Amorous Monk, Miroku - Miroku, smooth-talking monk, seeks the Shikon no Tama for his own reasons. That's not to say he won't enjoy himself while he can...
  6. The Cursed Ink of the Hell Painter - Monsters unlike any Inuyasha has ever faced appear, their blood overwhelmingly strong in scent. What are they? Can they even be defeated?
  7. Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces - Naraku offers Sesshoumaru a mighty power. Will Inuyasha be able to defeat both of his enemies if they team up?
  8. Go Home to Your True Time, Kagome - Kagome is shoved back to her time and left without means to return. Will she ever see her friends again?
  9. Naraku disguised as a human prince
    Naraku disguised as a human prince
    Despicable Villain: The Mystery of Onigumo - Who is this Onigumo? What did he do?
  10. Naraku's True Identity Unveiled - Naraku has a secret, too bad he won't tell without a fight...
  11. A Wicked Smile; Kikyo's Wandering Soul - Kikyo? Alive? But... how?
  12. Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss - Inuyasha is faced with a decision, honour the love of a past life, or turn toward the possibility of a new one. Which will he choose? Will he choose at all?
  13. Enter...Sango the Demon Exterminator - Who is this Sango? Why does she want to kill Inuyasha so badly?
  14. Naraku's Insidious Plot - Naraku's up to no good... will they be able to face him down?
  15. Secret of the Jewel of the Four Souls: Revealed - The Jewel of the Four Souls is so powerful, but what's its secret?
  16. Lake of the Evil Water God - A Water God demands human sacrifice... but not if Kagome has any say in it! Hey... Where's Inuyasha going? The Water God's the other way!
  17. Miroku Falls into a Dangerous Trap - Ever weak for women, Miroku is pulled into the embrace of a particularly enticing... and deadly one.
  18. Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life - Kohaku! Why don't you know your own sister?!
  19. Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle - Tetsusaiga gone, can Inuyasha face his foe?
  20. Jinenji, Kind yet Sad - Jinenji is alone... but maybe not as alone as he thinks...
  21. Kikyo and InuYasha, Into The Miasma - Inuyasha will follow his former love into anything... even his own death.
  22. Kikyo, Captured by Naraku - Kikyo is weak, now is the time to strike! Naraku will have her...
  23. Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga - Swords of the Father, what are their secrets?
  24. True Owner of the Great Sword - Who is the true owner of Tetsusaiga?
  25. Kagome is Kidnapped by Koga the Wolf Demon - Kagome has a great power to seek out the jewel shards... too bad Inuyasha's not the only one to notice this...
  26. The Guy that Fell in Love with Kagome - Kagome might be in over her head... Inuyasha! HELP!
  27. Two Hearts, One Mind - Kikyo, Kagome, two souls, both in love with the same boy...
  28. Trapped In a Dual To The Death - Can Koga escape the deadly clutches of Naraku's incarnation?
  29. Kagura holds her fan delicately like a true lady.
    Kagura holds her fan delicately like a true lady.
    Deadly Trap of Kagura Wind Sorceress - No, don't go! Koga, you'll die!
  30. Kagura's Dance and Kanna's Mirror - Dead bodies dance and souls are lost...
  31. Wind Scar Fails - It was supposed to be his ultimate weapon, now what will Inuyasha do?
  32. Tetsusaiga Breaks - The mighty sword is not so mighty after all... Will Inuyasha be able to fight any more?
  33. Kanjinbo's Possessed Sword - Vile evil so great, who could possibly control it?
  34. Sesshomaru Wields Tokijin - An evil sword is no match for the evil of Sesshoumaru!
  35. Juromaru and Kageromaru - Twin incarnation of the vile Naraku, can they truly overpower Inuyasha and Koga?
  36. Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku - Weak like any human, Onigumo's heart still beats within Naraku's chest. Not if Naraku has any say in it...
  37. Return to the Place Where We First Met - In two lifetimes, the Goshinboku offers a meeting place for Inuyasha and Kagome.
  38. Kohaku's Lost Memories - Sango's brother is free from Naraku's grasp... so why doesn't he recognize his sister?
  39. The Face That Can't Be Forgotten - Who is that woman and why can't Kohaku stop seing her face in his mind?
  40. Inuyasha's Devoured Soul - Inuyasha is lost... forever?
  41. Demons True Nature - The secret of Inuyasha's weakness is revealed!
  42. Father's Mortal Enemy, Ryuukotsusei - Responsible for the death of his father, can Inuyasha defeat the dragon demon?
  43. The Backlash Wave, Tetsusaiga's Ultimate Attack - An ultimate attack, can Inuyasha master it in time?
  44. The Stone Flower and Shippo's First Love - Shippo has found the love of a lifetime. Can he protect her against the cruel winds of fate?
  45. Temptress in the Mist
  46. Fateful Night in Togenkyo (part 1) - Kagome is trapped and Inuyasha is human, what are they to do?
  47. Fateful Night in Togenkyo (part 2) - Where is Kagome? Why is this creature attacking him? Kagome! Where are you!?
  48. Beautiful Sister Apprentices - Sisters and priestesses, the two fight for love, justice and the Japanese way.
  49. Fifty-Year Curse of the Dark Priestess - Fifty years is nothing when you've sold your soul to demons...
  50. Kikyo, ever ready for battle.
    Kikyo, ever ready for battle.
    Kikyo and the Dark Priestess - Once the epitome of light, can Kikyo face her dark foe in the corrupt body she now has?
  51. Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil Spell - Kagome is weak, none can stand against the power of a dark priestess!
  52. The Red and White Priestesses - Sister Desciple! We shall not let them pass!
  53. Giant Ogre of the Forbidden Tower - Forbidden fruit is so much more tempting than that within our reach...
  54. Farewell Days of My Youth! - Myoga has a secret, will he reveal it before everyone is possessed?
  55. Naraku's Barrier -- Kagura's Decision - Kagura is a sorceress of the wind and should be just as free! How dare he keep her in his service...
  56. Howling Wind of Betrayal - She will never be loyal to him, that doesn't mean she can't make it look like she is...
  57. Shippo Recieves an Angry Challenge - Who would challenge the mighty Shippo? Come out from your hiding place, let us fight!
  58. Terror of the Faceless Man - Faceless, nameless, who is behind this heinous being who steals the faces of the innocent?
  59. Onigumo's Memories Reawaken - Lust for power, he will not return to Naraku without a fight...
  60. Three-Sided Battle to the Death - Naraku, Onigumo, Inuyasha; who will be the victor?
  61. Toutosai's Rigid Training - Totosai is a wily old man, too bad he hasn't had a decent bath in a dog's age...
  62. Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's Feelings - He must make Tetsusaiga stronger, he must kill the keeper of the demon barrier, he must kill a half-demon child...
  63. The Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the Barrier - "The only way to strengthen Tetsusaiga is to destroy the demon controlling the barrier." But she's just a little girl...
  64. The Plot of the Panther Devas - Defeated in the past, these Panthers will not sit idly by and allow power to slip from their grasp...
  65. Target Sesshomaru and Inuyasha - Without their opposition, the Panthers will have dominion over all the western lands!
  66. Hyounekozoku and the Two Swords of Teeth
  67. Sango and Kirara prepared for battle.
    Sango and Kirara prepared for battle.
    Only you, Sango - Sango is the center of his life, the very heart of his being. Wait, who is this guy?
  68. Jaken's Plan to Steal the Tetusaiga - Jaken will not stand idly by any longer while his lord does without his heart's desire. I will gain you the power that is rightfully yours, my Lord!
  69. Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin - She is a human girl, what is she to the demon Lord? Naraku doesn't know he's dealing with fire!
  70. Vanishing Point: Nakaru Disappears - Naraku is nowhere to be found. Can he really be gone?
  71. Gap Between the Ages
  72. Female Wolf-Demon & the Lunar Rainbow Promise - Koga longs for Kagome and will one day take her for his very own. Hey, who are you? Get offa me!
  73. Koga's Bride-To-Be - Ayumi will not take no for an answer! He promised!
  74. Evil Within Demon's Head Castle
  75. Secret of the Possessed Princess
  76. Kikyo's Lonely Journey
  77. Inuyasha loses himself to his demon half
    Inuyasha loses himself to his demon half
    Three Spirits of the Monkey God - Do not anger the Monkey God! Fear his might wrath... uh... wait... don't look at me like that!
  78. Nursing Battle of the Rival Lovers
  79. Sota's Brave Confession of Love
  80. Suspicious Faith Healer and the Black Kirara - Kirara can't have changed colour, can she? Why is that old guy so angry with the cat-demon?
  81. Plot of the Walking Dead
  82. Mystery of the Lecherous Monk - Miroku is taking the blame for things he knows he hasn't done... what's going on?!
  83. The Sacred Jewel Maker (1) - The sacred jewel is whole? Then how does Kagome still have some shards? What do you mean it's a fake?!
  84. The Sacred Jewel Maker (2) - The mystery of the fake Sacred Jewels comes to light
  85. Jaken falls Ill - His life flashes before his eyes; No my lord, I shall not fail you, not even in death!
  86. Kirara, Come Home - Kirara is missing! What have we done to push her away!?
  87. Kikyo and Kagome: Alone in a Cave - Alone together, will the two be able to get past their jealousy, or will one step out where two stepped in?
  88. Koga and Sesshomaru, A Dangerous Encounter - The demon prince has no idea he is about to meet an untimely death...
  89. Truth Behind the Nightmare: Battle in the Forest of Sorrow - Confronted by a demon they thought dead, Inuyasha and his friends face their worst nightmares - literally.
  90. The Snow From Seven Years Past - As a young man Miroku was rescued from a blizzard by a beautiful maiden. Is she the one creating snow in summertime?
  91. Koga attacks.
    Koga attacks.
    Assault on the Wolf-Demon Tribe! - Ayami's tribe is attacked without provocation. Can she get to Koga before the rest of her pack is killed?
  92. The Band of Seven, Resurrected - Seven deadly warriors, seven dead warriors, why would Naraku risk bringing them back into the land of the living?
  93. The Stealthy Poison User, Mukotsu - Who is this Mukotsu... why do I feel so faint all of a sudden?
  94. The Ghastly Steel Machine - That... that... thing cannot be alive, can it?
  95. Kagome, Miroku and Sango in a Dangerous Situation - Trapped and unconscious, can Shippo protect his protectors?
  96. Inuyasha Shows His Tears For The First Time - What do you mean she's stopped breathing!? Kagome, hang in there!
  97. The Secret of the Pure Light
  98. Hidden in the Mist: Onward to Mt. Hakurei
  99. Leader of the Seven Soldiers: Bankotsu - Revenge is a dish best served cold... and calculated...
  100. The Big Clash! Banryuu vs. the Wind Scar -
  101. The Barrier of Hijiri Island
  102. Sacred Vajara and the Mystery of the Living Buddha
  103. Koga's Solitary Battle - Koga must find Naraku before he does anything else to his pack. If only he could see through that barrier!
  104. Lured by the Black Light - Kikyou can see the taint in its blackness. The evil must be destroyed!
  105. Exposed Face of Truth
  106. Inuyasha: Vanished Into a River of Flames
  107. Into The Depths of Mt. Hakurei
  108. A Malicious Saint
  109. Jakotsu's Requiem
  110. Final Battle: Strongest and Last of the Band of Seven
  111. The Power of Banryu! Duel to the Death on Mt Hakurei
  112. Beyond the Darkness: Naraku Reborn!
  113. Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved
  114. The Darkness in Kagome's Heart
  115. Transform Heartache into Courage
  116. Don't Boil! The Horror of the Dried Demon
  117. The Dried Demons and The Fighting Cultural Festival
  118. Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride
  119. Shippo's New Technique, The Heart Scar
  120. Trap of the Cursed Wall Hanging
  121. Miroku enjoying the company of good women.
    Miroku enjoying the company of good women.
    Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession
  122. The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part 1)
  123. The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part 2)
  124. The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master
  125. A Strange Invisible Demon Appears!
  126. An Ancestor Named Kagome
  127. Mountain Of Demons: Survival of the Duo
  128. The Great Duel at Shoun Falls
  129. Eternal Love, The Naginata of Kenkon
  130. Entei, The Demon Horse Unleashed!
  131. Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudoshi
  132. 3000 Leagues in Search of Father
  133. Hosenki and the Last Shard
  134. Bizarre Guards at the Border of the Afterlife
  135. Inuyasha loses himself to his demon half.
    Inuyasha loses himself to his demon half.
    The Fiery Bird Master, Princess Abi
  136. The Tragic Love Song of Destiny (Part 1)
  137. The Tragic Love Song of Destiny (Part 2)
  138. Single Arrow of Chaos
  139. The Mysterious Light That Guides The Saint
  140. Kagome's Instinctive Choice
  141. Protect and Plunder!
  142. The Cruel Reunion of Fate
  143. The Demon Linked With the Netherworld
  144. The Demon Protector of the Sacred Jewel Shard
  145. Final Battle at the Graveside! Sesshoumaru vs InuYasha
  146. Destroy Naraku with the Adamant Barrage
  147. Stampede of the Countless Demon Rats
    Sesshoumaru and his loyal retainer, Jaken
    Sesshoumaru and his loyal retainer, Jaken
  148. Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart
  149. The Two-timing Aggressive Bastard who brings Happiness
  150. Monk Miroku's Old Mistake
  151. Together With Master Sesshomaru Eternally
  152. Sango, Kirara, Kohaku and the Secret Garden
  153. The Most Powerful Enemy, Parasite-Pupa Shippo!
  154. The Best Clue to Defeat Naraku
  155. The Bond between Two - Use The Shard of Shikon!
  156. The Bond between Two - Use The Shard of Shikon! (Final episode)



Kaede is Kikyo's sister. While Kikyo was alive, the younger girl witnessed her final fight against the half-demon, Inuyasha. It was not until fifty years later, Kikyo long since dead and Kaede an old woman, that she realized the deception created by Naraku. Far too late to save the life of her sister, Kaede aids Inuyasha in his quest for the shards of the sacred Jewel of Four Souls, the Shikon no Tama.

Kagome sits with Inuyasha amidst the cherry blossoms
Kagome sits with Inuyasha amidst the cherry blossoms
Kagome Higurashi
A fifteen-year-old girl, Kagome was pulled into the feudal era through a well that acted as a time-portal. Freeing Inuyasha from a curse that should have held him immobile for all eternity, Kagome first became a target then a friend of the half-demon. Joining him in a quest to reunite the shards of the sacred Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon no Tama), Kagome eased Inuyasha's guilt-ridden soul.

Inuyasha holds his love of another life, Kikyo
Inuyasha holds his love of another life, Kikyo

This woman was the previous incarnation of Kagome and also love of Inuyasha's life. A cruel deception by the vile half-demon Naraku pitted the pair against each other in a tragic display and their love was lost to the winds of betrayal. Resurrected into a clay body created by Urusue's demon kiln, Kikyo was doomed to wander Japan, never knowing peace, never growing, always to remember the moment of her death - one filled with hatred and disgust.


Miroku is a monk with a wayward hand and joy for life... perhaps too much joy... Miroku is a stead-fast friend to Inuyasha, his carefree ways calming the overwrought heart of his half-demon friend.


Myoga is a flea demon who once served Inuyasha's father. Wanting to keep his young lord, Inuyasha, abreast of current situations, Myoga offers his guidance and wisdom when and where it's needed... unless it's on the battlefield.

Sango and Miroku share a moment.
Sango and Miroku share a moment.


Formerly a demon slayer, Sango makes an unlikely friend for the half demon. Aiding Inuyasha in his travels, she seeks redemption for herself and freedom for her brother, her guilt and honour driving her onward toward an inevitable confrontation with Naraku.

Shippo uses fox magic.
Shippo uses fox magic.

A thorn in Inuyasha's side, Shippo is a fox-demon orphan child rescued from the jaws of the evil Thunder Brothers. Aiding where he can, Shippo too often gets in Inuyasha's way - by eating his food! It's okay though, Shippo knows Inuyasha really cares... and if he doesn't Kagome will sit him into dirt. Either way Shippo gets all the food he wants!


Kohaku the demon slayer
Kohaku the demon slayer

Kohaku, Sango's younger brother, is caught in the thrall of Naraku's power. Not in control of his own actions, Kohaku fights against the half-demon even as Inuyasha tries to save his body and soul from Naraku's monstrous grasp. Inuyasha fights hard for this brother to his friend, Sango.

Naraku disguised as a human prince
Naraku disguised as a human prince

This vile half-demon is the very reason Inuyasha is without his love, Kikyo. Pitting the lovers against one another, Naraku hoped to gain a tainted jewel and to get rid of the meddling half-demon. Failing on both counts, all he did was incite Inuyasha's wrath, the angry half-demon willing to sacrifice anything to tear him down. Naraku has no fear of retribution, however - he is too confident in his own mighty powers.

Sesshoumaru, the aristocratic assassin
Sesshoumaru, the aristocratic assassin

Half-brother to Inuyasha by way of their father, Sesshoumaru is the bane of Inuyasha's existance. Getting in the way of Inuyasha's fight against Naraku, Sesshoumaru is cocky and arrogant and infuriating and rude... and smelly... and... bah! Inuyasha will tear him apart piece by piece if he has to!


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