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As leader of the wolf-demon tribe, Koga uses his strength to fight against those who threaten his pack. When Kagura, under orders of her master Naraku, slaughtered many of his pack, Koga swore revengeon the pair at any cost.

After finding out that Kagome can see shards of the Shikon Jewel, he kidnaps her in an attempt to coerce her cooperation. When she gives her aid freely, Koga takes it as a sign of love and pursues her romantically despite her obvious, if polite, refusals of his advances. Because of this attention, InuYasha constantly threatens Koga, battling him whenever they stay within sight of each other long enough to do so.

Koga's preferred method of attack is hand to hand combat with bare fists and feet. Using the Jewel Shards embedded in his legs, he uses his superiour speed and strength to gain the upper edge in battle.


Sweet schoolgirl Kagome is the apple of Koga's eye
Sweet schoolgirl Kagome is the apple of Koga's eye

Instantly in love  with her beauty and kindness - and not to forget, power - Koga vies for her heart, ignoring Kagome's protests that she would prefer to just be friends. In continual displays of prowess, Koga attempts to impress the fair maiden, knowing that one day she will eventually fall head over heels with everything he has to offer.



Koga's competition for Kagome's attention, half-demon InuYasha is a thorn in Koga's side. No matter how many times Koga beats Inuyasha into the ground, he just won't take the hint that Kagome is Koga's woman. But to no loss, Kagome will be Koga's, just as soon as he can take his attention away from Naraku long enough to get rid of the mangy mutt for good...


Kagura attacks swiftly with a wave of her fan.
Kagura attacks swiftly with a wave of her fan.

Responsible for the deaths of dozens of Koga's pack, Kagura the wind witch is one of two major targets for the wolf prince. With her powers to animate the dead with her wind sorcery, Kagura is a frustrating match for the livid wolf demon.


Master to Kagura and ultimately the one responsible for her actions, Naraku is a vile demon who revels in the feelings of sorrow and dismay that his acts cause. Wanting nothing more than to see the wolf prince suffer, Naraku seeks to end his existence along with his pack.


Sesshoumaru, the aristocratic assassin
Sesshoumaru, the aristocratic assassin

Arrogant to no end, Sesshoumaru is nothing more than another stinking dog to Koga. That Sesshoumaru only gets in Koga's way doesn't serve to increase Koga's opinion of the dog-demon lord at all. No, just as soon as he's done with Naraku, Kagura, InuYasha... well, he's actually pretty far down on the list...

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