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Killzone: Mercenary is the best first-person shooter you can buy for a handheld device, but that doesn't say much. 0

In some twisted, sadistic joke, Sony’s Vita, which was heavily advertised for its dual sticks that were designed with the idea to help the system overcome its problems with controlling first-person shooters, has yet to receive a decent FPS game. The two big-named titles released for the system, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Declassified and Resistance: Burning Skies – which funny enough were developed by the same studio – weren’t exactly a strong display for the handheld. Sony has decided to show ho...

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Easily the Best Handheld Shooter Ever Made 0

The campaign definitely has its momentsThe FPS genre on the Playstation Vita has been largely a disappointment thus far. Titles released waiving the Resistance and Call of Duty flags have been sub-par. With Killzone Mercenary, Guerrilla Cambridge makes an attempt to put home console-quality presentation on the Playstation Vita. The investment from Sony has definitely paid off, bringing one of the best games on Vita into the our hands.The single player storyline is far from an epic tale but the m...

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Killzone: Mercenary Review: Guns For Uninspired 0

Killzone: Mercenary is the first of what Sony hopes will be many successful realizations for their darling little handheld: delivering all the bells and whistles of their console exclusives to the palms of your hands. While other games attempted identical feats (Resistance: Burning Skies, Black Ops Declassified), Killzone: Mercenary is the proof of concept. The touch controls and cramping in my wrists repeatedly reminded me I was playing on a Vita, not a controller. But the crisp industrial envi...

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My Killzone: Mercenary Review 0

With two analog sticks on the PlayStation Vita, we were all promised to finally have good first-person-shooters in the handheld market. Then games such as Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Declassified come out all looks to be lost. Now we get Killzone: Mercenary, although it leaves the games mentioned beforehand looking like a joke and is the most fun in the Killzone series, it isn't without problems and repetition. In Killzone: Mercenary you take on the role of Arran Danner, who as t...

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KZ:M 0

Hands down one of my favorite vita games released so far, I haven't fully beaten it yet but the game does take a nice, interesting and un-expected turn 5-6 missions in. Multiplayer had a few problems on launch day but I've yet to see any problems since. ...

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