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A solid Kirby game. 0

People should know to just expect solid outings from Kirby games these days. Kirby: Squeak Squad isn't a revolutionary Kirby game, it's just an incredibly well-designed game. The only really unique elements that are added to this game are the Squeaks, a band of rodent thieves who cause trouble for our hero Kirby throughout the game, and the ability to store items and copy abilities on the DS' touch screen. Other than that you should know what to expect from this game if you've ever picked up a K...

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A sweet escape for platformer fans 0

 The Squeaks  The Kirby franchise has always been full of easy-as-hell games, but it's always maintained a high level of enjoyability and replayability. A large part of that success comes from the charm of the presentation. There's something simple and enjoyable about being an adorable pink puffball inhaling your enemies and taking their powers for your own. Kirby: Squeak Squad forgoes the revolutionary gameplay of Canvas Curse to return to it's platforming roots, resulting in a game that bring...

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more of the same...but in a good way 0

If you havent seen my review for Kirby nightmare in dream land then you probibly wont know my thoughts on this game so i'll lay it out again.this game is almost identical to that and the amazing mirror but thats NOT a bad thing.its still platforming mixed with puzzle solving and mini games all great and fun things to do that bring you back into the game for possibly years to come.I can summerize this game in 2 words fun and challenging its fun in the fact that its Kirby and it sticks to the Kirb...

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