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A very underrated game

Kung fu chaos is a fighting game (as if you couldn't tell by the name)
A very fun fighting game with good single player and awsome fun multiplayer .

lets start with the single player shall we?
In the single player you can play as any character That is unlocked instead of having to just play one character over and over again Which makes it have some replay value for the single player there is a story ( I think ) if there is a story its basically just you trying to get on the road to fame by completing the missions and some of the minigames in the campaign. What i mean about getting on the road to fame is that the commentator guy is pretty much a kung fu movie director and is trying to find someone to play in the movie. And to get in the movie you have to complete each mission (or battle) with a three star rating or higher to get past The battle and go on to the next one. The single player is somewhat like Adventure mode in Super smash bros melee. Meaning that the world around you moves as you are fighting enemies.

There is co-op But not directly in the game (in the sense that you have to do a cheat on order to play Co-op) The matter of Co-op makes it have replay value since you can play with a friend ( or enemy ) But the down point of co-op is that the second player has to use the same character the first person chose whihc can mean some confusion with who is who. There are a few characters to choost from at first but the rest can be unlocked. My personnel favorite character is Lucy who totes a shotgun as her weapon.

The Multiplayer is The main mode in the game and you can play up to four players or against AI bots.

The game modes avilible in multiplayer are pretty much the same in the single player component But with the option to choose how the game will be won Such as choosing between deaths or lives and some others.
You can also choose how fast the gameplay is, from slow-motion, normal and fast.

Although there is little difference in how fast it is going but it is enough to notice.There are few worlds to choose From at first but you can unlock the rest of the characters, worlds and outfits by getting a 4 star rating or better in the battles of single player.

There is also a miniseries mode to unlock which is just basically a bunch of mini games For up to also 4 players. Making this game almost a fighting/party game .

And yet again another game mode called championship which is for only one player.
Im not sure what happens in this mode but I think it is that you pick one of the characters and you have to defeat the rest in order to become the "champion" its a nice addition but does not prove to be as fun as the other modes.

There is a freestyle mode which is just to fight it out with someone and there are no winners ( so in other words its just a practice mode).

The games sound is pretty good but you will mainly notice the SFX in the game since the music is not very loud.

The graphics are good, just good they are not stunning like in some other games but there is no lag so no complaints here.

There are quite a few moves and combos for each player, each player has his ot hers own moves but the when you move onto the combos they are pretty much the same, each character has their own "special" attack which you can get by taunting other players after you have knocked them to the ground.

The replay value is pretty high since yo can try and get a better rating in the single player to unlock more stuff, and the multiplayer adds hours of fun to it.

Overall if you are just looking for a game to kill time with or to have a good time playing then kung fu chaos is for you.

Gameplay: 9.8/10
Tilt: 9.7/10
Replay value: 9.9/10
Funness factor: 10/10
graphics: 8.9/10
Sound: 9.3/10
Multiplayer: 10/10
Singleplayer: 9.1/10
co-op: 9.0/10

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