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  • I havent played this for years. Its basically a Sim City clone where you play a 'demi-urge" and the point of the game is to make suitable homes in heaven and punishments in hell for the people. You also have to contend with different religions (for instance some of the locals believe in reincarnation so you have to have a way for them to reincarnate) and other weird stuff. Its kinda funny, but I never really enjoyed sims that much so I never got far in it. I will admit freely that I suck at these types of games. The version of the game I have is from 1996 and works fine in DOS-Box

  • I played this game alot. Its one of the best stories if your into this kind of game. I found it very involving as a kid and I have always loved it (except for that damn bone puzzle, i used a UHS hint system for that one). This game is a classic, and one of the best SCUM games imo. Its very cinematic, which makes sense as I guess its some kind of Steven Spielberg vehicle (i think he was gonna make a movie but wasnt able to or something). Anyway, the version I have of this is from 1995 and works in DOS Box, and yes I still play it from time to time. They re-released it a few years back or so, so you can still buy this game.

  • I have both the remake and the original disc of this game. It is a classic and any adventure fan that hasn't played it yet should as adventure games, while having evolved a little, hasnt changed all that much; so playing it hasnt gotten old. Well, maybe some of the jokes are a tad dated =P

    I have the new one of this as well (with the sound and HD graphics) which is good and I'm glad they made it as its fun but it sucks that the new one is DL only.

    Original copy I have is on the Monkey Island Madness compilation, and is from 1991. It works in DOS Box and SCUM VM. However, I tend to just play the remake, now, as that is made for modern computers. I have the remake on Steam.

  • This game is great and while it would be cool if it was updated, im not sure I want it to be (edit: this was written before they did the update to it which I have also). You can see on the page for this the art work in this one in particular was the best of all of the Monkey Island games; to me anyway. The story is hilarious and picks up from a little while after the first game and no one cares that Guybrush beat up the most feared pirate because he wont stop tellin' 'em about it.

    The version I have of this is on the Monkey Island Madness Compilation, '91, works in DOS Box and Scum VM.

  • I love this game. It was the first one to capture a saturday morning cartoon feel, and this game has some hilarious dialogue (the Pirate Song is hilarious and is referenced in the new Monkey Island Game from tell tale). Their is some who dont like this one because some major plot points are basically ripped right out of the second game. I cant say much more, but I took this to be intentional. If you havent played it, its hilarious so you should if you can find it. The version I have is from 1997 and works in windows fine (the game was made for Win 95) however i run it on Win XP, i do not know how well this would work for the newer, 64 bit systems. I dont recall if this works in DOS.

  • This is my least favorite of the monkey Island Games. There's something about it that just doesn't feel right. It's the first to not be point and click movement (well I have it on PS2, i should get the PC version at some point to see if theres a difference- unless im forgetting in which case I can only say ive only played it once and barely got through it). This game is boring. That's the best I can describe it. Its not funny, it doesn't seem to get what made Guybrush so funny in the first place, and its really not a good idea to play it if you havent played them all. I dont know, i didnt find this one to be all that funny, and it just felt boring to me. I cant say much else about it. It's from 2000, and I have it on PS2. I never want to play it again.

  • This is a great game. This game attempted to make an action adventure, which at the time was considered a marvel. This was hyped like crazy as I recall, and won tons of award. It deserved them, too, as the story in the game is well crafted, and it plays out well. This game was bad ass when it came out. Now a days, while I still love it, I cant say it holds up as the action is honestly terrible; its really just another puzzle in the game (which I only remember one part where you had to actually fight).

    The Story is great, though, so if you can find it and you like these old point and click games, and somehow missed this classic you should definitely play it. Version I have is from 199? (cant tell the area on the cover that says it is so bright white you cant see it, and im lazy and I dont want to pop it in right now to see the text file, bleh). It works on dosbox and scum VM.

  • Old horror adventure game. I cant say its superb because the ghosts are all cartoons and as an adult I dont see what was so scary about it originally. I think it was the atmosphere, as the atmosphere in this is superb and the sounds are well done. The puzzles are hard, though, so I used a UHF hint system as a kid to beat it. The story isnt superb or anything but being that I love cheesy horror its up my alley. Doesn't hold up these days unless your like me and play classic adventure games alot. I doubt anyone new to adventure gaming would care about this one. The version i have is from 1995 and works fine in windows (after some tweaking).

  • I remember really liking this game and finding it incredibly scary. Unlike the first, the fear in this one made more sense. Everyone in this town disappears while your asleep in a motel and basically your wandering around trying to get out of town. The serial killer is constantly calling you on the phone of whatever building your in and that is one thing I really liked about it (At the time this was something I had never seen before and it was used in a way i found very scary- this is not to say it wasnt done in movies before as obviously now i know of some horror films that did this before this game).

    Anyway, this game also has alot of puzzles of the strictest sense (just like the first) and it also came with a sound track. So its understood, you get to see these music videos in the game, and they are clues to specific puzzles. I have those songs on my ITUNES to this day. I love the sound track. Lastly, this game had an online feature that allowed you to chat with other players that were also playing the game. It was novel at the time and I had alot of friends in the community. I remember being sad when I found they took the server down. The version of this i have is from 1997 and works in windows, but it doesnt handle the way memory is alocated well so the mouse is virtually uncontrolable and no fun to play. I have never found a good way to fix this so I dont play it anymore.

  • I have not passed this game as I remember it being really hard. I may go back to it some day. Its an adventure game, that pretends its an RPG. Its in all old school CGI (which looks hilarious, i remmeber thinking it looked bad even at the time it came out). There is some semblence of fighting in this game, but i never found it fun and you can die so this game can be frustrating as I recall. The version I have is from 1995, and last I checked it works in DOS Box.

  • This is, without a doubt, one of the best in my collection. I love this game like no other. I did not know what to expect from it when i bought it (i liked the cover, I wasn't to sure about the screen shots as the way the camera is in this screen shots do no justice to this game). This game had an amazing, well told story, and did some things with the characters that were incredible to me. I love this game and dont expect to see anything top it. In my opinoin, this game is still worth playing if you like adventure games. It really is a great game, you will not regret it if you can find it. Version I have is from 1998, and works fine in windows XP.

  • If you watch spoony experiment you know what I mean when i say this is a fmv hell game. Its not terribly made or anything but it is incredibly hard. On top of that your playthrough is timed and as I recall if you dont pass it within a certain amount of time, you die and start all over. Dont bother looking for this game, you dont want to play it, but you may enjoy watching someone else play it if your into that. Its highly possible someone has it somewhere on youtube, idk i never looked. Anyway, version I have is from 1995 and I have not tried to play it since maybe 1999 so I dont know if it works or not.

  • I got this in a cheap compilation once with better games. It is most certainly not one of the better king's quest games but only one I have as I never got any of those games as a kid (at the time, believe it or not, my computer couldn't run those games and I just never got it). I'm not getting it now (the re-release compilation) just cus I know I wouldn't have time to play any of them now. The version of this I have is from 1996, and I dont know if it works or not, but these old sierra games seem to play nice with XP so my guess is it would work.

  • The article for this on here is quite correct. It is even less then a parody though of MYST. All you do is walk around a now trash heep from all the gamer tourists having had their way with the island. Their is a tiny story not worth telling and only reason I got it at the time was because John Goodman was in it and I was disappointed to find he is barely in it at all. He did do a song for it though which is ok, but still not worth finding this now. Version I have is from 1997 and I dont care if it works or not its not worth seeing again, its not really even all that funny.

  • This is another great adventure game that felt like a saturday morning cartoon. The story is great, and the characters are as well. There are some great (however dated now) parodies and it is still fun for me to play. However, I do have to add this game is dated story wise- and while it is a classic, unless you care to play old adventure games its not a must. I dont want that to fool you, though, this game is awesome and I love replaying it. Version I have is from 1995 and if i recall it works fine on my windows XP.

  • This game is one of the first I remember costing a dollar at the arcade, and at the time that was insane but for some reason it was worth it. This is where games like Heavy Rain, and The Force Unleashed get their QTEs from. Well one of the first anyway. Its really just a movie that you interact with, and its a damn hard one. I actually have the laser disc version put on CD format (called the deluxe pack) with Dragons Lair 2 and Space Ace. The version I have is from 1999 and no longer works (and while the company has been asked to release a patch, they have acknowledged it doesnt work on newer computers but they dont intend to patch it, it doesnt work because of the video tool the compiled it on. I think they wont patch it because they re-released the compilation but i dont remember now).

    Edit: A while after I wrote this they re-released the original Dragon's Lair on PSN. I have that also.

  • I remember when this game came out and it being insane crazy (if you have never seen it, look it up somewhere, its insane I swear). This game is full of crazy literature characters chasing Dirk everywhere as he travels thru time. This is also on the Dragons Lair Deluxe Pack CD, and does not work on modern computers.

  • One of my all time favorite Adventure games. Its basically like who framed roger rabbit... on crack. The only thing that sucks is it seems they got a bit overzealous and had more story to tell then time so the second cd seems rushed but it doesnt hinder the game from being overly enjoyable. It has an all star cast of VO legends and I still play it from time to time. If you can find it, you should check it out (if you like adventure gaming). The version i have is from 1996 and works in dosbox. If nothing else look up the trailer for this on youtube, that trailer is the reason I bought this game. At the time, it looked insane!

  • Was a great game back in the day. While i do play some fantasy games, I have never been big on them. Games like this were more my cup of tea. This game is legendary right now because they have revitilized it with Fallout 3. I dont think, personally, this game in particular holds up now a days. There's alot to it that makes this game feel slow and it can be difficult as it starts out with a time limit (which if you comeplete a certain quest then the time limit goes away). Not a bad game, its a legend for a reason, but I cant recommend you go find it if you havent played this and have played fallout 3. You'd be disappointed in the game mechanics. The story is still great though. Version I have is from 1997 and works on windows XP last I checked (may even be patches that help with that actually).

  • I have to be honest here, while i did pass this one, I only played it once a very long time ago. I barely remember it. I played Fallout so many times that by the time this came out I was getting burned out on fallout. I remember being mad at the characters you have to start off with in this, but not much else. I also recall a game breaking bug (of which this game has a couple) that made it impossible to continue. You can still buy this game (as well as the first), but like the first, i dont personally believe it holds up. If you like old turned based RPG, though, have at it. Version I own is from 1998 and as far as I remember it still works on my windows XP.

  • I need to add the cover picture for this, or at least a screen shot of micheal mcdowell who is the big star in this game. Of the monster movie adventure game titles interplay released (of which I have 2) I liked this one the most. I personally found it the most fun to play plus I have always enjoyed archeology so this kept me interested. Anyway, its an old FMV game, and certainly does not hold up today. Other then the fine acting by mr mcdowell (and some others) its just a point and click adventure game from the FMV era. Its fun, but you wont want to look for it. I have tried to recapture the fun as an adult and I no longer get how i could play these kind of games. I hate clicking to move forward and it doing that one frame at a time picture slide show movement. Oh, i hate that now. Anyway, version I have is from 1997, and still works on windows XP. I really should add something for this game to the database here.

  • Wow, this one actually has pictures shown here. Ya so Tim Curry is in this, and most I played of it I didnt see any other people in it. You actually play the monster (or do you? hah, i'm being philosophical, from a literal stand point yes.. you do) and its a very myst like game. Anyway, version I have is from 1997 and works still on windows XP last i checked.

  • I played the shit out of this game back in the day and saw every ending. This was THE adventure game, and I totally loved it. The atmosphere, the story, even the game mechanics were just superb in this game, and it was great how what you did affected how the story plays out. Also of note, depending on time of day, and some other variables, certain characters will be somerwhere; or they wont. This game was innovative to say the least and I love this game. Version i have is from 1997 and still works although its been awhile since i checked, I may have used dos box, dont remember.

  • I got this game because of the demo. As a kid I got tons of game demo compilations (some of which I still have) at tech fairs I used to go to. This one I wanted so bad, I remember, because the music and the claymation. Of course, while the game has some great innovations, it also needed a word with the fun fairy as some things in this game are just downright OMG!!! frustrating. The long walk all the way down the hall that tells you basically the bible of this world, is insane. Why would you do that from a game developing standpoint, its just boring.

    Anyway, this game was creative, and often funny but its got some stuff that make it suck. I cant recommend it, but you may enjoy checking it out somewhere on youtube, itd be more enjoyable cus you can fast-forward the insanely long walking sequences. Disc i have is from 1996 and last I checked it out to eat some apples from the burp tree, it still worked.

  • This isnt really a game. That being said, it was fun for a little while anyway to just wander around springfield and check it out. It had some funny simpsons jokes, and referenced alot of stuff from the show. Its hugely fan service, and not recommendable but at the time it was just fun when I was bored. Disc i have is from 1997 and works fine in Windows XP I beleieve.

  • I actually have all 6 of the space quest games, and I think it sucks they never made 7. Anyway that being said, this one was my favorite of the series, while they were all great this one really made the most of the story. While it helps to play the others to know what the references mean, it doesnt matter- you dont have to. This game is funny, but the jokes are now dated. That being said, though, some of them still hold up. ET in a liqour store is all im sayin'! Yes, this game is worth checkin out, they re-released them all for 20 bucks (as a compilation), so if you like these kind of games, this is another classic worth seeing. Orignal Version I have for this in particular is from 1995 and still works, altho i think i used DOS box. It was re-released in the compilation a few years back, I have that also.

  • At the time of this game's release Id never seen anything quite like this game. This game is still really hard today, especially if your trying to play correctly and save all the mudokons. This game is alot of fun tho, even though your limited. The greatest part of this game is the crazy limited speech. Its weird and can often be hilarious. Anyway disc i have is for PC, 1997, still works on windows XP (I actually just finished playing it again recently).

  • I have this on PSone. This game is really just a continuation of the first. From what I have heard recently they never actually intended to make this game but they did. Anyway, this game added some stuff to your arsenal (you can possess farts? wth!) and just made an already great game even better. Its a shame my stint with oddworld had to end here as I never played any of the others as they moved on to other things (and I really just liked how this game played). However, I never actually finished this one, maybe someday I will, for now tho it just sits on my shelf. Version I have is on PSone, 1997 i think.

  • This is a game I knew nothing about when I got it. As I recall I was just looking for something to play, could not get it to work for years. I finally found a way to get it to run on the internet somewhere and played through it. Its alot weirder then it looks. The story isnt great but it was fun, although fairly short. Version I have is from 2000, still works if you know how, might be a patch or something I dont remember at the moment.

  • I have played this game so many times it hurts. I even made a playthrough once which I screwed up in my edits and never released. Anyway, this game is a blast, and another saturday morning cartoon feeling adventure game. This is a classic and rightfully so. If you havent played it, and can find it somewhere, i suggest it. Its much funnier then the newer ones (which are great too but on a different level). I also must note due to a review I did once of this game, tell tale (still new at the time) found me and let me know about the new games for sam and max. Funny little pointless story there as the only ending to that is I found out about Tell Tale, which btw rules =P

    Disc i have of this is from 1993 i think and it still works in dos box.

  • A classic. One of the best RTS's inmo (mainly because im not a big RTS player) and in some ways added some fun new concepts (such as leveling an important character and stuff like that). Its a fun game, although I've never passed it (as I said im not a big RTS player). Version I have is a back up CD. 2002 I believe. I dont remember what I did with the original CD but it is all legal. I have it registered with Blizzard.

  • Unfortunately I have not played the new AVP (and sorry I dont intend to yet, but eventually I will) but this is the one I highly recommend. It's old now, and shows in details. At the time, this game looked great, and is a ton of fun to play (even today). Everything from the horror of being a marine, to eating your way out of a mans chest as an alien. Oh ya, it totally happened in this game and it rocked. Version I have is 2001.

  • The expansion pack for AVP 2. Not a very great story to play here, but it focuses alot on the alien and the predator specifically as I recall. Its really hard and I never could pass the aliens story in this. Its not great, dont worry if you never play it, your not missing out.

  • First off when I was in the army I was in the 5th Special Forces, so when this came out obviously I had to get it no matter what. Well, anyway, this game sucks and I dont recommend it. The shooting is garbage, the AI is horrible, and mainly you'll just die alot. This is not what it was like to be with 5th Group from my experience (all-be-it i wasn't in vietnam, I was in some other wars with them). Anyway 5th Group is awesome, this game is not. Stay away.

  • I have all the original Half Life stuff, including this. The disk I have this on now encompass' all the popular map packs at the time I played it, and version 1.6 of the game. I have not played this in years, but i remember it being a blast to play as long as you played with friends or on a well moderated server.

  • Again, im not big on RTS's. I suck at them, but blizzard almost made me an RTS fan. This game really is good and a legend for a reason. This game is still fun, and still worth playing if you haven't. Just based on what I've seen so far, i see no reason to get the new one as it looks the same. I honestly haven't played this since 2003 though.

  • This extended the original game. If you buy the original now, it probably came with this. Blizzard does what it does well- Not much else to say, it just makes the main game better.

  • I dont remember much about this game so I may play it again at some point. I remember it being better then the first, and that not meaning much. I remember it being boring, and frustrating. Not recommended.

  • To those that thought the new wolverine game was bad ass I say this, this game tried to do it first... but ultimately failed to be quite as good (and the new one is considered... meh).. This game is down right hard. The graphics arent to bad, and mark hamill plays wolverine so its got some pluses, but the difficulty and the controls (the camera being horrid) just make it not worth playing again. I remember I had to play this with cheats to pass it. Just to damn hard. You dont feel all that awesome. I have this on PC btw.

  • A friend got this for me many years ago. I have tried many times to play it and just never got into it. As I have said before, while I do play some fantasy games, its hard for me to get into most of them. While I like alot of them, some, such as this one, just dont grab my attention. From what I played of it, its a classic and rightfully so. The games mechanics are life stealing though (for instance to get one of your stats up, just place your charcter in the water in a swimming position constantly swimming towards a wall. You will level up one of your stats consistently, do this for a day or so and that stat will be set for the rest of the game). Not one for me, but i see the appeal. Its an epic game. Altho you may prefer to play the new one over this as this hasn't aged well imo.

  • Someone gave this to me. Im not into RTS' so I played a few seconds of it then quit. I have nothing i can say about this as it wouldnt reflect the game that I never played. It wouldn't be fair for me to comment.

  • I loved the C&C games for some reason more then any other RTS. I honestly dont know why, it may be because while it is an RTS, its not in alot of ways and plus ITS INSANE. This game was fun and the only RTS I actually finished (both sides). Totally reommendable game, altho you may prefer to play the new one. IMO tho this game still holds up, maybe not graphically but its still fun and that commando chick is hot (Kari Wuhrer).

  • This expansion was insanely hard, imo. The damn ability they added to hypnotize troops or whatever demolishes me everytime. I never passed this because of that. I'm sure theres a tactic im missing but I can never figure it out so this game beat me.

  • This game was fun, and again I played through all of it (like i said i dont know why but i love C&C games). Was kinda weird at the time because I was in IRAQ when i bought this but... eh whatever...

    No more comments.

  • I have all these games from back in the day. This game was like my follow up to the movies and I'd always hoped they'd make some kind of reference to them if they made a new movie (which they eventually did make), but of course its just expanded universe so they never did mention it, even though you actually meet Luke Skywalker in at least one of them. BAH, whatever. Anyway, only one i dont have is dark forces because my dad snapped it in half as a punishment for me playing games to much as a kid. Of course he was wrong for doing that, as I paid for that damn game with my fuckin money, so he bought me this one. All I can say is, at the time this game was amazing. I played this game like crazy. It no longer holds up, though, and while the UI and cut scenes are still cool, the gameplay is just to diferent for me to be able to handle it anymore. Ive tried to play it again, but its tough cus they hadnt perfected the 3d lightsaber fighting yet. I dont recommend it unless you want to see how light saber fighting in games started out in 3d. Its not pretty anymore.

  • Kinda surprised this game came out so recently. Feels like its been way longer. Anyway, this game improved on the first in every way. The graphics were better, they perfected the lightsaber fighting, the powers were still a bit of a pain to use well, but they added some new ones (like the force choke and force choke upgrades where you can actually move people through the air with it. I remember throwing many a storm trooper down deep holes with this... ah memories). This game is fun, but its alot harder then the first one, and definitely had me flying into rages a few times. Oh ya,i must not forget, this game added MULTIPLAYER. WITH LIGHTSABERS. That was the best part, altho the force acrobatics were definitely an awesome addition as well.

  • Another great game. I still play this more so then the other two as this one brought all the mechanics together and improved upon it in a satisfying way. This is the best one to go back to in this series, imo, although the story was always great. They attempted a bit of KOTOR in this in that the way you played defined your force alignment. That didnt work out great but was a decent attempt. They also added the ability to play as a female, which does not change the story at all. It does of course change the voice so theres always that, and you could also play as an alien if you wanted (same voice thougth whether it be male or female). Decent game in its time, and was totally capitalizing on the moral choices of the KOTOR games which was neat in an action game yet. So one of the first to really do that in a way- Not a terrible game at all.

  • Another damn RTS. Never played through this, just played the tutorial and it was ok. From what I saw of it you only manage troops, you dont have to manage resources and stuff which was ok, but i never got into this one. I think this game focused heavily on battle field tactics and sieges if i remember.

  • I have this game on PC. I dont know why I have it, someone probably gave it to me. It sucks, dont bother with it. Just trust me, its a franchise game made solely for advertising the crappy movie. The combat is terrible; on top of that its boring and does nothing to innovate. Stay away.

  • Great looking game. I remember the graphics on this game just blew me away, and the 3d movement around your fleet also was amazing. I loved this game, but it was a hard core RTs and so I got stuck because I suck at RTS' and I have never passed this game. Its alot of fun though. I may try to play it again at some point.

  • I got this from my Mom a long time ago. She still plays these games. Like i've said before I dont like em that much, im more into fall out (and the sci fi side of of things in RPGs). This started them, though, so its got that legendary-ness to it. Doesnt hold up, I dont recommend it if your not already a fan.

  • The game that started the real time action RPG spectrum of video games (non turn based RPG). This game is not only legendary, its godly. Only in our memories, though. Now its just a hack and slash and the second is probably the best to go back to but I'll get to that. I played this game for years, it was a great game in its day. WATCH OUT FOR THE COW MAN!

  • Great expansion to the godly game that was Diablo. Problem I had with this was a small nit pick but it added bug monsters instead of more demons which I found odd. Anyway, it introduced us to Diablo's brother, Baal. (or was this one mephisto, i dont remember its been years).

  • I played this one for years as well. This game expanded on the first game, improved the graphics a little, made way more character types and continued the story. I was so into this game I even read the books (what? I like this game, its fun). The online component really made this game the best it could be and Blizzard made it better so the character hacking was less prevalent. They actually basically made it so you could either play on a open server where you could cheat, or you could play on a legitimate server where you could not cheat (it even stored your character on the server for that one, which was how it maintained the no cheating). It had ladders and all that fun stuff. I played this game with my friends ALOT. Sigh, I miss having friends. Anyway, I loved this game.

  • The expansion to diablo 2. Added some new quests, a new area, some new stuff (armor, weapons, etc etc), and I believe this added the chongar cube or whatever it was called. SOE ripped it off in SWG at some point. Anyway, this added more content to an already awesome game.

  • This was a not so great game. It used the half life engine, which made the graphics cool, but the story was stupid if i remember. It was alot like that movie "wild wild west"- it had that steam punk wild west flair to it. Idk, it was alright but wasnt great. Version I have is from 2000. Might still work, IDK. I may be able to actually claim it on steam... hmmm.. never tried.

  • Sadly I no longer have the first soldier of fortune. I remember seeing an ad in EGM as a kid and just having to play that game. Where you shot the bad guys, they reacted to it. If you shoot them in the balls, they... feel it. I dont remember if that was reflected as much in this one, I remember playing MP alot with friends and always getting shanked and throwing the mouse across the room. I didnt like this one as much single player wise as the first. Its in the jungle and stuff which is usually not a bad idea, but this is soldier of fortune and i wanted it to be in urban environments again- i liked that setting for the first so I thought it sucked that they changed it. MP was fun though, I just always sucked at MP FPS games so I get mad... it happens =P

  • I still have the game that started it all on PSone. BTW I never passed this game. It was great in its time, but it was also hard. It was contending with more action oriented games so in this one they actually seemed to focus a little much on action. I dont know if actually you were supposed to just run (possibly), but theres so many monsters in this one it doesnt feel that way. Anyway, it was a great start but not my favorite of the series.

  • The best of the best. If you havent played it yet and are intrigued or new to silent hill, please play this game. This game is insane and will take you on a ride like no other. I still replay this game from time to time, its so well crafted, whether you play for the multiple endings or just to see the story, you will like this game. The best SH game (i think most agree with that). I have this for PC and XBOX original.

  • I remember they were really going for some inane surrealism with this game, and were all about talking about how they were using photo realistic locales in this game. The graphics are great in this too, and helps with the atmosphere. This game continues the story of the first game (in case you were wondering what happens to... Harry I think his name was, his story ends here as does this portion of the silent hill tale.. sort of). Some say this is the last good silent hill game, and to me it was alright but again I liked the second better as again this one feels more like a RE rip off then a Psycho Thriller like SH 2 was. Its wasnt bad though. Definitely worth check it out if your into SH.

  • This is a great adventure game, and a must have for any adventure game enthusiast (such as I). It has a well told, epic story line and the only shame is they never could replicate it again (as can be seen by the sequel). I wont give anything away, but this game takes place in a sort of futuristic setting that mixes between two worlds. One more medievil, and one more futuristic. This game is a straight up point and click adventure, but it does it well and to me was one of the last of the classic point and click adventure games that were worth playing that can still be played today. Games like the moment of silence try to replicate what this game has, but doesnt quite reach this games quality.

  • This game was alright, altho I havent played it in years, and Im not sure if it works anymore. I remember being kind of bored by it though, as this game moves very slow. I really liked the clockwork stuff in it though as that kind of stuff is appealing to me. Not much to say about it, i dont find it as great as others do.

  • I have this game for PC. was a day one buy at the time. I never got to play the first one so I was definitely waiting patiently to check this one out. Alot of people seemed to hype this game alot for some reason, saying the game was the game to revolutionize FPS at the time. I dont know about that, but this game is pretty generic. It wasnt bad though, and the graphics on PC are great, imo. It felt alittle to much like Halo to me, however, and im not a fan of halo. So, take that as you will, its alright but not great.

  • I never finished this game and this game totally does not hold up well. I dont know if it was good at the time either. You cant re-map the controls and it tries a little to much to be Tomb Raider which didnt really work for me. I remember this game being really hard.

  • I remember this game being much better then infernal machine. I dont know why i didnt pass it, but I recall the controls being crappy. It was cool though how much more they fleshed out using the whip in this one, that was really the biggest appeal for me in playing this one. I may play it again someday. The guy who plays indian jones is the same in all the ones I played, btw, and he does a great job. You can tell its not harrison ford, but he does a good job at sounding similar but not really mimicing if that makes sense.

  • I did not like this game. The story was interesting but the game play is so bad it just did not leave me happy at all. It realy boiled down to going to the right place and talking to the right people about the right stuff and picking up the right stuff. It had the makings of a decent game, but didnt have the money in production to pull off anything interesting. Kind of a disappointment, and it has that damn one screen at a time picture slide show movement I hate!

  • I remember loving this game when I played it, but sadly i only played it once. I have wanted to play it again, but the CD i have is destroyed, it wont work anymore and it was my last back up cd so I have no more copies of this game. It is now only a memory. I have this on PC. I will retain the disk I still have even though it doesnt work and isnt even an original copy. sigh.

  • A sim RTS. I got this from a friend. I am not into these games so I really shouldnt say anything about it, but it bored me. (Ya, I know, my friends got me games Im not into alot because at the time RTS were the best way to get multiplayer if i remember. IDK.

  • I really wanted to play this game, but ever since i got it I have not been able to get it to work. It just does not work, period. So i have nothing to say about it. I hear it sucks anyway.

  • This game is hard, and while i want to play it, I got it and have not been able to get it to work right so I just havent played it. I hear 4 isnt bad, but thats my story.

  • I liked this game and I'll tell you why. I am not a psycho killer or something like that. I dont fantasize quite as much as you may think about killing people I hate. I've seen war, and real killing i dont much care for. That being said, this game is a parody of society. An odd one, but still...

    It lets you basically do whatever you want and your not confined to do anything in this game. Its short if you play though it quickly and dont bother to explore, its long if you waste time finding new ways to kill, accidentally kill (fire goes nuts in this game), or humilate people. Im sorry but being able to pee on people and see them react was funny to me. I dont have a need to play this childish humor type game now, not that im above it but there are better games now. This game served its purpose at the time and I enjoyed the ride.

  • I got this from a friend a long time ago. I played it alittle bit and it seems like a RE clone but with some interesting twists. Dont remember it being particularly good but I also didnt get very far so my experience doesnt count. I may play it again if i can get it to work.

  • I have the original worms two, not that sissy XBLA game =P

    Ok jk, that game is basically the same game. Theres not much to say. If you've played one worms game youve played them all. That being said the first worms game looked vastly differently then what you see on XBLA. The worms were basically animated lines. Ya.. that game is old but i dont think i have it anymore. I still have the original of this one on CD though. It works too. CD i have is from 1999. My friends wanted to play this all the damn time. I lost interest in it faster then they did for some reason.

  • I have every single splinter cell game. There is very few franchises I can say that about, but SC I can say that. That being said I have played (still replay) every game for SC and this is the worst. This was the first so the genre was still being identified (it was basically this versus MGS, but both were drasticaly different- interesting fact; one of the MGS games does reference SC indirectly). Anyway, this game focused way to much on action and less on stealth. Some like that, and others dont. I personally like the stealth games and I found this to be great, but not the best SC.

  • The images on this page are for some hand held version. I have this game on PC and this was the first one that I loved. This one focused the most on stealth of all the SC games, and as such set you up for some awesome stealth moments. I still replay this series and this game is one reason why. This game also started the muliplayer as being a decent game to play as well as the stealth grab and interogate which was not in the first. This was a superb game.

  • This game improved the graphics ALOT. You could actually see the 5 o'clock shadow on Sam's Face. Its great. This one also heavily utilized the stealth mechanics and sometimes in really odd ways (some maps are in the day time and admittedly these are weird- or was that the second, bleh i dont remember nor care). this game is also alot of fun and expanded the interogations a bit. This time there is a tiny amount of moral choice in that (and i dont tihnk this really affected your game a whole lot, was just personal choices) you could kill your victim or you could just knock him out. You could cut down a tortured and killed CIA agent to pay him some respect in death, or not. These kind of choices never seemed to make sense that I remember but it was a nice touch and you could see they were starting to take hold of the moral choice Ideal in this game.

  • This game had you playing with faction allegiances. You had to keep both factions happy at all times, and it made this game the most frustrating thing ever. On top of that they this played up the moral choice schema even more. (basically doing something good put you in good with your outfit, doing omething bad often hurt you with your outfit but made you look good to the terrorists). The idea is interesting but more often then not this game is really frustarting and to me this game did not feel like splinter cell. It quite often forces you to fight (as one mission to prove your loyalty they expect you to kill everyone on a boat). I like playing SC to see how far I can get without killing anyone, its my favorite challenge to myself that I love to play. This was the first game that I saw no way to do very early in the game. Some point just force you to kill people blantantly. This took alot out of it for me and on top of it the tedious side missions you have to do to keep the factions up just bogged this game down. They tried to do alot with this game, and i applaud the attempt, but the final product is a mish mash of to many ideas. Its just not splinter cell. Anyway, I still played it and passed it and cant wait for the next one. Ya, I cant help it, this is the only game franchise that I love that has continued to have the same actor, so I basically promised myself I would stop playing it when Micheal Ironside stopped doing the voice for Sam. Its a shame we lost one of the original actors (whos doing commercials and some bad tv shows now, not to say hes not done anything good he has; just sayin) but i will stop and assume SC sucks when Micheal Ironside quits playin Sam.

  • I played multiplayer in this alot as well. The single player was great too, admittedly, but this story hits to close to home so its hard for me to play anymore. From my memory of it though it s great game and definitely still playable, but i cant play these realistic war games anymore.

  • I have this for PC. I remember when this was all the rage. I remember reading stuff about it in EGM and wanting so bad to play it. It was a fun game at the time, and you could do cool stuff like blow up the envvironment. It does not however hold up today and imo it looks really bland now. Id probably still play it, though. If you havent played it, I cant recommend it now.

  • I have this for PC. This game has so many bugs, and so many flaws I hate it. Its not as fun as I find red faction to be, its a generic shooter but yes you can blow up walls. Geo mod only carries this game so far, though, and this game just sucks.

  • Ya I used to play this alot a long time ago. It was Quakes answer to the game that was destroying it, Unreal Tournament. As i recall for several years the two were duking it out to be the best in Multiplayer FPS' and both were popular for tournaments. Alot of people still play this game I hear. I am not surprised, this game is fun.

  • Will I ever finish this?

  • I didnt have to get the HD remake, i have the original still on a working CD. That being said this game doesnt hold up, and there's a reason this type of game has since died.

  • I have this game on PS2. Its... um.. interesting but I couldnt really get into it. I honestly dont know why I bought it, it was possibly bargain bin at the time. I found it really hard, but I suck at racing games so that's a tad biased. Not gonna really review it as I never got far in it and I am not big on racers.

  • I was disappointed by this game. Alot of people said this game was great and a must play and all that. Alot of hype around this one. I did not see the appeal. Another one I couldnt get far in. It bored me pretty quickly. That's all that would be fair for me to say.

  • I have this on PS2. I wanted this game to be great, having been a fan of Medal of Honor for a long time. This one didnt hit any of the marks or have the same feel to it that I got from the others and it just felt lacking a little. I did get through all of it and have never played again. I remember this game being really ugly too.

  • Being that this is my games list im gonna be a bit fan boyish here, hope you dont mind. I loved this game. I remember the demo being superb, and I was really impressed by how intelligent the AI felt. Also important to note the demo for this game was a comepletely different story that was not in the actual game. Anyway, I played this game to death, I am one of those that says this game was ground breaking. Great story, and other then the Alien world of lame-ness, the game was amazing.

  • I have played this game so many times. IMO this game is still fun to play (and they are still constantly updating it having fixed I think just about all the bugs I had with it on release that took 2 years to fix- there was a game breaking bug where I had to cheat to move to the next map on one part as it would crash for no reason on only one part- anyway doesnt do that now). It still looks pretty good, although with games like Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2, now, the Source Engine is beginning to age a bit. Still a really fun game.

  • Have this on XBOX 360 (wont get these for PC until they finish making them all). It was really good, and I liked that they were continuing the story. Not sure how I feel about it though, as the story so far doesnt make sense with this addition, and episode 2 doesnt clear anything up yet. We'll see how episode 3 goes if its even still being considered for release EVER!

  • Sorry, this is going to be lame but I dont have much else to say about Half Life. I said all that needs to be said in the other one.

  • The first ever game I played by Gearbox I think. So great they're still around, as what they did with "another take on Half Life" was pretty great. It feels like what it should be, a different view point on the half life story. BTW, if you have not played these old Half Life games I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU PLAY THEM UNLESS YOU LIKE OLD GAMES. This game really hasnt aged well. If you interested in Half Life at all just play Half Life 2. That one holds up much better for anyone if your at all interested in Half Life. Otherwise, see other games.

  • I honestly never finished this one. This was a very late addition to half life and I didnt get it until years later ( got them all on steam now a days as they give you all these for free if you put in the registration keys). Anyway, I dont know enough about this one to say much, but alot of people dont like it that much. I honestly dont know why, but again I never finished this one. I liked the idea and what little I saw at the beginning. I was kinda hoping theyd do this "story from another angle" as something in the second one. Oh well.

  • I really liked the idea behind this game, and I have passed it a few times. Like most I didnt like the second, and I actually no longer have it, but this one I still play on occasion. Well, I did, until my PS2 broke. My PS3 is not backwards compatible... BLEH!

  • This game was cool, and way better graphics then the first, but it was to hard. Really sucks too because the stuff you were supposed to be able to do in this is awesome. Its a shame I couldnt grasp it. Oh, dont think I didnt try, I played this for a very long time and it just beat my ass. I could not pass it. I know, im not that great at it. One day I'll pass this game, dont think I dont want to.

  • Sigh. I really liked the idea of this game, and it was the best looking game American McGee has made, to date. It is a shame because this game is bugged to hell. It's possible the game breaking bugs are fixed via patch but 1) I didnt have xbox live on regular XBOX so I dont know, 2) I dont have the PC version. I dont know if its different on PC but this game is virtually unplayable for me. The sound breaks and trips over itself and interupts and talks over others speaking constantly. Its the worst sound design ever; its so bad. Its a shame, though, I really wanted to finish this one. One day, one day.

  • I have this on PC and XBOX. This game is superb and I highly recommend it still. If you like silly, stylish, saturday morning cartoon feeling games- you'll like this. Looks better on PC, but otherwise not much different and honestly I suggest playing this on XBOX. The PC version feels like a port and honestly the controls dont feel quite right on PC.

  • I love the idea behind this game. That exploitation era of the 70s and 80s was pretty weird, and the whole mythos of SNUFF is not new but certainly always a thing of horrorified interest. I'm not a psychopath and I dont think you have to be to appreciate this game. If you like stealth games, this one is fun, but it gets repetitive alittle bit about half way through it and can be a little slow when you trying to lay out how you want to take some groups of guys out. Its alot of fun though, if you like these games, and especially if you like really bad horror. Not that this game is all bad, Brian Cox is great in this game, and this game utilized (kinda pointlessly maybe) the headset. (If you have one, you can hook it up and you can hear Brian Cox's character through the headset instead of on TV). To me the headset thing added to the appeal of the game for me and if nothing else I have to say if you ever wanted to play this you have to play with the headset. Like the sly cooper games that also utilized it, it was just a cool way to get into the game to have characters from the game that are supposed to be talking to you over a head set... talking to you over a head set. It helped the immersion.

  • I have the first one on PS2. I loved this game for some reason I no longer recall. I think the time slowing and the way she killed people was cool, as well as the action was pretty decent. The game now seems really lame, and is really just a hot girl dampire' killing nazis. Exploitation at its finest so that may be the appeal to me. Shame Ewe Bole never actually played the game as having followed the storyline of this game would have still been a terrible movie but one that would have created some sort of interest and therefore had a cult following. Real missed opportunity there imo. Anyway, not a recommended game unless you need a laugh and even then it gets stale on a few parts as this game is alot of the same over and over.

  • God I hated this game. This game has some weird ass combat (lot of gore too), but what made it really bad was the combat just didnt feel satisfying at all like the first one did to me. The worst of it was the bad animations, and the fact that the guns you get required blood to fire which made them basically useless. Was much cooler in the first where you could just mix and match guns you pick up constantly and I was honestly surprised they changed that. Anyway, not recommended unless you want to see Bloodrayne look sexy as this game hyped that alot. Theres even a code to make her boobs bigger and some interesting secret outfits. Not worth it, imo, but whatever floats your boat. I kinda wish I never bought this game, even the story sucks and I'd have preferred if they expanded on the nazi/sexploitation they did with the first game. At least that game is still interesting in small bursts. This games not worth playing at all. Oh wells.

  • I have this on XBOX. I bought it with the hope that it'd be good. The only decent spawn game I played was on SNES. Shamefully this game is not worth playing in any form. Reason this is a shame is because this came out in a PS2/XBOX era. They could have done quite a bit with it, and made it bad ass. For some reason, though, spawn is cursed to just be in really bad games. I cheated to pass this to see where it goes a few years ago. No, its not worth playing at all, not even for that. The ending is a cop out and the maps are hideous. This game really missed on so many levels, its a damn shame- so much they could've done with this game.