Dan Ryckert is in this game

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For those that didn't know; when Dan worked for Game Informer he did the cover story for L.A. Noire.

This meant that he got to hang out with Team Bondi at their studio. They scanned his face and put him in the game.

Here's video proof.

He shows up around 4:35 or so in the video if you wanna skip right to it.

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Further elaboration:

He went to cover the game over a one week period. The team was apparently unaware of this and did not want to take part, so instead offered to make use of his time by putting him in the game.

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I don’t mean to be a dick but it’s so funny to see someone posting this in 2017. Everytime anyone has brought up this game a joke has been made by someone on the crew about how Dan was in the game.

That being said I’ve never watched nagging of him in the game so thanks for giving me a reason lol.

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It's heartwarming to see Dans work ethic shines through even back then - although now that we have gotten to know Dan and his background in film studios I can completely see why he would be upset when asked to edit a video.

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Just fyi he went to meet with some of the heads doing the filming stuff which was in the states, didn't go to the studio.

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Man, it's been a while since I've watched a Game Informer video. Miss those guys.

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Also Dan is Every russian Dude in the latest Infamous game.

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When @rorie decides that the world is ready for Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol 2: Beta Protocol, I hope Dan gets a role as a fellow spy. One with a taste for Calorie Mates and keeping people waiting.

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@tom_omb: They are still putting out good content on Youtube, I find. Even without Tim Turi and Dan I still check in on the new Replays from time to time.

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I only posted this now because I just realized that no one had already posted about it. And I found the video too.

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@boonsong: Yeah, I don't doubt it. I always thought they were the closest thing to Giant Bomb out there. Entertaining, knowledgeable group, with one foot in the old world of games media, and one foot in the new world of games streaming. I've just drifted away from games coverage, besides Giant Bomb. If I'm on YouTube, I watch something different.

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Playing this in VR and boy was it fun to find Dan and punch him in the face. LOVE YOU DAN.

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