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    Landmaster Tank

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    The Landmaster is the oft used land assault vehicle featured in the Star Fox franchise. First featured in Star Fox 64, Fox McCloud has employed the Landmaster on several occasions when the otherwise airborne Star Fox team needs ground support.

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    The Landmaster Tank is the official ground combat vehicle of the Star Fox team.

    Mobile and accurate, a powerful attacker and unbeaten durability, the Landmaster has faced no equal as it is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of Team Star Fox and is to become the standard attack tank of cornerian defence forces.

    With its main weapons resembling that of an Arwing, it comes as no surprise that the tank uses and functions with technology common to that of an Arwing. E.g the chargable shots and thrusters allowing quick lateral rolling resembling those of an Arwing's barrell rolling.
    Rocket boosting thrusters in the bottom of the vehicle allow for short primarily vertical hovering although they may be used in less heightened jumps with the boost focused on distance instead to possibly overcome certain obstacles or evade attacks while still gaining ground when the tank is in motion. As well as vertical boosting, it is possible that the tank can rotate laterally by shutting off the boosters on the side of the tank in which the pilot desires it to roll.
    Thus allowing for a barrell roll for evasive action or a surprise attack for those who may think they are safe and might flank the vehicle.

    G-Diffusing technology originally designed for Arwings allows this to happen without taking out the force of the motion on the cockpit and its pilot while allowing for the vehicle to appropriately defy gravity in the necessary places of the vehicle for maximum damage to the target or incoming projectile and maintaining manageable amounts of stress and tension on the frame of the vehicle.
    The tank is capable of strafing sideways to avoid the lag of recovering from a barrel roll if a barrell roll is not deemed necessary for the current situation.

    Armour plated tyres seen on the tank in Star Fox Assault and classic tank caterpillar treads seen on the landmaster in Star Fox 64 are ideal for combat as the tank is capable of high speed turning on the spot by shifting each side of the treads in opposite directions to the opposite tread or tyre on each side, e.g left side of tank shifts back and right side shifts forward will turn the landmaster to the left very quickly, efficiently and on the spot rather as opposed to an Arwing which requires more room to turn, sharply as they do, the landmaster outpaces an Arwing in ways such as this.

    The legendary tank has been seen in Star Fox 64, where it first did battle outside testing zones and has also been seen in Star Fox: Assault with more appropriately fitted large-tread amour plated tyres rather than tracks which would be ideal for the sandy deserts of Titania which is an example of where it was used in Star Fox 64 and an example of a more rugged and natural obstacle filled environment where tracks would show their worth the best by allowing faster, more efficient and unobstructed travel .
    In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the 3 playable Star Fox characters' special Final Smash attacks all involve the use of a Landmaster Tank, each different and specifications respectively tuned and fitted to match the character using it.

    In popular culture, the Landmaster had the honour (or misfortune, each to their own) of being subject to an internet meme of which consisted of asking whether you owned a Landmaster. E.g a demotivational poster from another meme had a picture of a Landmaster Tank and bold text saying "LANDMASTER!!!" followed by smaller font saying "Have you got one yet?".

    In the most recent game in the Star Fox series, the landmaster was not used, it was possibly destroyed by Aparoids, (see plot for Star Fox: Assault), although probability of one returning is high as it is now deemed a significant part of the gameplay and Team Star Fox's arsenal.


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