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    Left 4 Dead

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Nov 18, 2008

    Left 4 Dead puts players in the role of one of four survivors during a zombie apocalypse. Survivors will depend on co-operation to get from one safe house to another, while facing hordes of "Infected", four of which can be controlled by human players in certain game modes.

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    Four Survivors And Bloodthirsty Zombies: What Could Go Wrong? 5

    Many games have tried to show what the inevitable zombie apocalypse will look like, but simply put, Left 4 Dead is the most exciting and original survival horror game to hit the market. The majority of the shooters out there tend to thicken the line between multiplayer and single player so that each mode offers something widely different from the other. However, Left 4 Dead is one of the few games out there that takes that line and blurs it to an almost indecipherable amount so that the end resu...

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    It's Left 4 Dead, Not Much Else (Crash Course review) 5

    So Crash Course basically took me by surprise. I learned about it's release date the day before it came out. By chance I still had 640 Microsoft Points left, so I picked it up the next day. Crash Course really does nothing different, and is simply more Left 4 Dead, as you'd expect. It's meant to bridge the first and second campaigns together. The pilot that rescues you on the roof of Mercy Hospital turns into an Infected and the chopper crashes. The campaign itself is short, clocking in at aroun...

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    Left 4 Dead offers superb cooperative play 3

    Valve has been known for creating some of the most memorable games to grace the PC and more recently the Xbox 360. Left 4 Dead is the latest hit game to be released from the company and brings together the joy of slaughtering hundreds of zombies with the ability to share the fun with your friends. Never has killing the undead been so much fun in a video game.  Pros  Excellent cooperative multiplayerGreat atmosphereInteresting online versus play Cons Only four campaigns AI partners are not always...

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    Left 4 Dead will leave you "Grabbin' Pills!" 1

    Left 4 Dead is a shooter from Valve, which was originally being developed by Turtle Rock Studios. It places the player in post-apocalyptic zombie environment, the player and their three companions must navigate their way through the level to the safe house. While on the way to the safe house they must try to survive both the zombie drones and special infected such as The Boomer. The game comes with four campaigns each spanning with four levels, each campaign lasts around an hour to two hours, de...

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    Free, but there's a reason for it 1

    Since last holiday season’s Left 4 Dead release, gamers have been vanquishing homicidal zombies with bloodthirsty glee. But as fun as the game is, no one can deny the lack of content there seemed to be. With only four campaigns and a versus mode that utilized the same locale, you could only play for so long before it felt tired. To combat this zombie exhaustion, Valve released the Survival Pack which aimed to increase the longevity of the experience. It wasn’t worth the wait. Before anyone impl...

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    Left 4 Dead is the definitive zombie experience 2

      Valve has done it again. With fantastic games like Portal, Team Fortress and Half-Life, they are among the most successful and acclaimed developers around. And there's a new franchise on the block: Left 4 Dead, Valve's highly kinetic zombie shooter. There are quite a few games going around that feature zombies in some way or another, but Left 4 Dead gets it absolutely right. Playing through the game makes you feel as though you're playing through a classic zombie horror movie, which is...

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    Dont Pay for this if you dont play lots of Co-Op. 0

     Left 4 Dead is a zombie survivor story. You are given 4 seperate places to escape the zombie invasion along with 3 other NPC’s. You can have the option to play locally 4 player, online co-0p or by yourself with the computer playing the other 3. Good: The game is straight forward in it strategy. Point, shoot and watch the aftermath. It’s extremely easy to pick up.  Trouble is. That’s the game. Literally. Run. Look Zombies! Blamo! Run. Look Zombies! Blamo! If you played exclusivly Co-Op I know fo...

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    A truly thrilling co-op experience... 0

    Just when it seemed Capcom had successfully cornered the zombie horror market with the Resident Evil series, out of nowhere pounces Valve's Left 4 Dead, with its surprisingly lucrative co-op-focused take on the survival horror game. It seems the developers of the Half Life and Counter Strike series' had some interesting boardroom discussions in the wake of their next project – a multiplayer based zombie apocalypse. Or it could just have been a, “Hey, why don’t we combine the story elements of H...

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    Left 4 Dead: BOOM! Headshot! 0

    Short and to the Point Left 4 Dead By: mrhankey To be honest, I recently have found it hard to get very excited over a game. Seriously, Fallout 3 was, well, meh. Spore, became frustrating towards the end. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky I haven’t touched since I bought it a month ago. Then Crysis Warhead, well I beat it and that’s that. So what game caused me to ignore my schoolwork and even my girlfriend at times, you guessed, the Zombie-Apocalypse survival game: Left 4 Dead. The Good: -AI Director,...

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    One-trick zombie 0

    Valve is a developer that takes their time when making games. When they do release a title, it's usually of high quality- the problems tend to come in the quantity department. And their newest venture, Left 4 Dead, is no different. "Zombie survival horror" has simply never been done this well, which is why it's disappointing that there isn't much to do. A noticeable lack of content is the only thing holding Left 4 Dead back from being an otherwise stellar shooter.If you've played other recent Va...

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    Zombie slaughtering fun fest! 0

     The idea behind Left 4 Dead is a simple one, the developers wanted to create an enjoyable multiplayer co-operative experience, that had replay-ability. The theme was decided as part of this basic design idea - who doesn't like blazing away shooting hoards and hoards of zombies? So how does it work? You pick a character, who all play essentially the same, but have different personalities and dialogue - there is no advantage or disadvantage to any of them. Then you join an online game, ...

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    Full price for a half game? 3

    If someone told me last year that I would be tricked into paying 50 bucks for a game with 4 levels, I'm not sure I would have believed that anyone would even release a game like that, much less that I would buy it.  But that's exactly what happened with this zombie filled co-op shooter.  It's severe lack of content is really its only major problem however, as what you do get plays well and can be a lot of fun.Obviously the focus with this game is multiplayer, be it cooperative or competitive.  T...

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    Left 4 Dead is a game any zombie loving, online aficionado should 0

    When it was announced that Valve was working on a zombie game using the source engine, unprecedented excitement occurred. Many wondered what the creators of many beloved games would do next. When it was announced it would be a mainly co-op game with a unique versus mode, more excitement only came and many wondered if Valve could make another huge impact upon the online world. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Valve has indeed lived up to their promise. By giving four amazingly fun co-op...

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    Left 4 Dead Review 1

    Left 4 Dead is the kind of game that comes around once every four or five years that makes you seriously look at what "multiplayer" is and how it can be improved upon.  With titles like Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: World at War offering their Horde and Nazi Zombie modes, it would seem that Turtle Rock and Valve have essentially created something that contains concepts from both of those while offering a longer and more satisfying experience than the two combined.  The game has a few faults, ...

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    The Worst-named game of 2008 0

    What’s in a name? Well many dollars out of the marketing budget for one. I’ve been refusing to give this game a fair shake for the better part of five months by in large for having such a bad name. “Left for Dead” struck me as the title of what would be an uninspired bargain bin shooter, and then to see it referred to as “Left 4 Dead” added an extra layer of tackiness. So I deemed Left 4 Dead the worst-titled game of ’08, worse than “de Blob” and chalked up my refusal to buy it for this long on ...

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    Co-op, zombies, what more could you ask for? 0

    There have been multiple attempts at making a game based on Co-op, and almost every time with ether bad, or very mixed results. Well famous game studio Valve, behind the Half-Life series, has delivered a fantastic game. Left 4 Dead delivers probably the best new multiplayer experience out of any game in 2008. Left 4 Dead is a four player Co-op game that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. There's not really any story to the game, it's main focus is the game play. So don't expect some mind ...

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    Nevermind the Bollocks, here's the Zombies! 0

    That's what they should have called this game. No long winded story about vials in labs or infected monkeys, just "You are here, you need to get there, there are zombies in the middle, go." In short this is the perfect Zombie game, just because there is so little to it, just like the best zombie films (ie, pre-1990's). Not since the original Doom has any game managed to nail this simple idea and still be able to keep the levels fresh and exiting. By all rights Valve could have had this long draw...

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    Left 4 Dead, an experience you won't forget! 0

    In short: It's a great shooter that's different every time you re play it. Although I do feel like it has no real story, it only adds to the replay value in my opinion. It's a game you can play over and over again and still find it just as fun as the first time you play it.Gameplay: I had no problem going back to play it, the controls are simple, and make the annihilation of the disease carrying zombies the center piece of the game. The guns aren't that bad either - although there's a lack of va...

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    Love it 0

    I love this game! Great game to play online with your friends and is always great fun.  Not a great fan of the horde update and would have prefered new levels to play in campaign mode, but otherwise it would be 5 stars....Great quippy quotes which keep my husband occupied for hours...  ...

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    I feel like a movie star! 0

    Playing a few moments of Left 4 Dead will remind you of scenes from “Dawn of the Dead”, “28 Days Later” and countless other what I call fast-mover zombie movies.  Every level or "Act" in the game has a tidy beginning and climactic last stand defense before the survivors can make for safety.  The game features a dynamic zombie generation engine called the Director that will change spawn locations from map to map.  Meaning just because you played the same map twice doesn’t mean you will have the s...

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    Left 4 Dead 0

    It's a scientific fact that the zombie apocalypse is coming, and soon. The arrival of Left 4 Dead marks the beginning of what is hopefully a long line of games by Valve, the 'gaming artists' behind a few of my favourite games, such as Portal and Team Fortress 2, as well as resounding classics Half-Life and Counter Strike. Here, the robust Source engine displays not portal guns, flamethrowers or Vortigaunts: we have a brilliantly realised, post-apocalyptic world teeming with hordes of the undead....

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    L4D makes online play easy breezy 0

    I've had a 360 for two years now and have just started dipping my toes into the online gaming pool. I was always a bit overwhelmed and shy with the idea of playing a game with complete strangers. But L4D helped me get over my online hang ups and go for the gold! The fact that all players must work together as a team, seems to limit the amount of "Griefers" , at least in my experiences.... so far. I'm sure there are people who will think otherwise. Even though the game seems pretty short, each  o...

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    Eat your heart out Resident Evil...literally 0

    Put yourself in the middle of a city in the grips of a full scale zombie cluster-fuck. And what you get is Left 4 Dead.In this shooter you get game design not normally seen on consoles. We are all used to having a few AI characters who get in our way as we blow through aliens or russians, but now you better not be running ahead. This game on the easy difficulty is your typical shooter, grab some guns, grab a health-pack, and don't stop shooting. Play on a higher difficulty and you will die. Hord...

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    A brilliant shooter everyone should experience 0

    Left 4 Dead, although not a pure Valve developed game, does exemplify Valve's brilliant track record of outstanding game design brilliantly. This co-op zombie shooter is so exceptionally designed that it should be held up as an example to all potential game developers as a master class in pacing, level and sound design, A.I., and game design in general, because in these categories, few games spring to mind that can top it.But away from the technical side, Left 4 Dead is an extremely fun game to ...

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    An addictive shooter that's even better when played with friends. 0

    Let's be honest -- the zombie apocalypse isn't likely to happen anytime soon. Luckily, zombie aficionados can still get their fix in Valve's recent zombie-survival game, Left 4 Dead. In Left 4 Dead's campaign, you'll take control of one of four charismatic "survivors" as you fight the zombie "horde" in one of four zombie infested locations -- your ultimate goal is to escape. If you have Xbox Live, you'll look forward to playing co-op with up to four friends online, one taking control of each cha...

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    Zombie madness? Fo sho! 0

    Valve's masterful creation - Left 4 Dead is one of the best games of the year. It's a zombie FPS, which involves you, and 3 other people (bots, your XBL buddies or random Koreans) shooting them in the face, and other body parts. For a cooperative shooter - it's very good. The coop works well, and the game's pretty atmospheric. There is practicly no storyline, and there are only 4 zombie-filled campaigns to play though (each about 1hr long on Normal). It is kind of short, but since there's Versus...

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    "Left 4 Dead" is the surprise hit of the year 0

    At PAX 2008, I saw a booth for "Left 4 Dead" and passed it by, thinking it was some lame adaptation of "House of the Dead" from my childhood arcade days. Boy, did I eat my words. "Left 4 Dead" is without a doubt the surprise hit of the year. This game came from nowhere to deliver a zombie-slaying experience like no other. The campaign consists of four separate missions cast as different B-movie horror flicks, complete with purposefully cheesy titles (but featuring the same cast members). This s...

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    If you love multiplayer FPS, get this game. 0

    I will keep the review short.  The graphics are good enough that you won't complain.  The game is short but the replay factor is huge, you won't regret the length or content.  The combat is such that it never seems to get old.  The achievements are for the most part easy with a few stubborn ones to keep thing challenging.  The multiplayer is FANTASTIC and is the main draw that will keep you playing the (so far) only 2 of the 4 campaigns available for multiplayer.  If you want a good multiplayer ...

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    Hail to the king baby. 0

    Now, I will be the first to say that I LOVE when a story has depth and plot. There is nothing better then playing a fleshed out character in a world that you can somehow relate to. However, ALL my preconceived ideas of how a game should be presented were thrown out when I played Left 4 Dead. Now, before you blow your top and start accusing me of having double standards I will tell you that I can only see the context of this game working in a zombie infested world and that is it. Why? Well, when ...

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    Two thumbs up!! 0

    Well its another zombie game...... NO ITS NOT!!!This highly interactive game is not only fun but it challenges you differently every single time you play it!!! This wonderful little guy is called the AI director and he decides weather to give you some heath and ammo or to let herendus amounts of zombies launched at you!! (which is almost all the time :) )This game is great with friends!! I first purchase this game with my 4 other friends and instantly loved it. After you get past the scare facto...

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    A definite co-op experience you simply must play. 0

    It’s been an untold amount of years since we’ve had anything remotely close to a zombie survival game. Sure Horde mode in Gears of War 2 is fun and zombified Nazis in Call of Duty: World at War is fine, but nothing substitutes for an invasion brimming with true undead bodies. Valve has found the secret ingredients to authentic zombie survival and fused them with containers of adrenaline and an internet connection. First things first, despite the addition of a single-player mode Left 4 Dead is n...

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    Left 4 Dead 0

    This game is alot of fun if you have 3 friends handy, it boils down to essencialy a 4 player co-op linear shooter, where there is a serious threat of not passing the level (unlike halo). The controls are simple and efficient, and the weapons feel powerfull and familiar.In terms of content there are only four levels which wile long isn't what you would expect in a full price game, the two counter arguments are that valve has a history of adding content to their games for free, and the new AI dire...

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    Dead Good 0

    I have always been a fan of the good old zombie movies. Nothing beats a bunch of survivers fighting for survival against the inevitable zombie apocolypse and as the Bombcast stated this game isnt a game its training.A major problem I have with the zombie movie genre is the point of explanation. " Theres some sort of infection that drives them crazy and they start killing people". This is all wrong if im wandering to work one day and I see someone eating a dude im gonna yell ITS A FUCKING ZOMBIE!...

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    Game of the Year. 0

    I have played most of the big dogs this year, and while all of them were good, they were all also something  most of us have played before; in other words, they were sequels. Gears 2 I thought was fantastic, but after beating the campaign and completing the Horde mode I sort of lost interest. I find this very ironic because Left 4 Dead has been said to lack content, but Gears 2 doesn't, and some how I got easily bored with Gears and not Left 4 Dead. It does come short in the content category, bu...

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    A zombie game I actually enjoyed. 0

    I hate zombie games, I never found a point to them. However, upon being turned on to this one by my friend, I decided to try a title that would turn out to be my favorite video game. When I first saw adds for this on websites, my first expression was "RETARDED!" A week later, while I was playing Fallout 3, my friend decided to tell me and my cousin about it. I tried it a year later thinking I had nothing to loose, and I didn't. This game was great, easy to pick up and play, and FREAKING FUN! It ...

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    Lack of length and content makes L4D a rental 0

    Pros:-Co-op game play can be fun-Zombies attack from random spots which keeps you on your toes-Some interesting game play design ideasCons:-Too short and not enough levels or content to justify a purchase-Little variety in zombies, weapons, or environments-SP mode is a joke-Friendly AI is terrible-Game play grows repetitiveLeft 4 Dead takes a classic idea and tries to make it it's own, 4 survivors trying to make there way through a zombie out break through it's 4 campaigns; A hospital, an air-po...

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    Great game from Valve 0

    Gameplay- Before i played this game i heard allot of people saying that this game is really good and most of the comments about this game are good. Then i played co-op single player with my brother at first i tought that the missions are really well made because all the zombies that there is in the missions are amazing and there is a few special extra zombies that you will see like``smokers````witches`` ``boomers`` ``hunters`` ``tanks`` and the ``hordes`` those zombies will find tactics to kill ...

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    Left 4 Dead 0

    Quite brilliant. A tense, absorbing and addictive game, that benefits a great deal from the organic integration of co-operative play and fantastic level design. While there's no written narrative to speak of, this allows players to create their own stories every single play through. And there's plenty of incentive to go back and play through time and time again. One of my very favourite games of this generation....

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    What else can you want besides killing zombies? 0

    Killing zombies has always been fun. There are numerous movies, games, TV shows or even comic books who predict some sort of an infestation which will transform people into zombies. We all love zombies. More than loving zombies we love killing zombies. The more, the better. That's exactly where Left 4 Dead steps in. Valve took our long lasting guilty pleasure of killing zombies and created this game. Based on the somewhat old Source engine from Half Life 2, Left 4 Dead is a fast paced firs...

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    I'm tired of these mother......zombies in this mother...... game! 0

    While I do consider Valve to be a very consistent developer in the vein of Bioware and Bethesda, the one thing the company doesn't do for me is have every franchise be something that I love to the core. While I'm a huge Team Fortress 2 fan and will defend any naysayers of Portal, stuff like the Half-Life series I just plain cannot get into. Sections go on longer than they should, the shooting is adequate but not exceptional (aside from the Gravity Gun of course) and I find it personally hard to ...

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    An instant classic in the Survival Horror/ Shooter genre 0

    Where to start? Left 4 Dead was a game I had been anticipating for a very long time ever since I had seen the first video of gameplay on the Internet. It was a game that was going to push the hardware of 360's and PC's to the limit. It did just that. Left 4 Dead is in my opinion the best Survival Horror/ Shooter released to date. It's going to be a game that will be very hard to trump by other franchises that enter this genre in the years to come.  The gameplay of Left 4 Dead is top notch. It h...

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    The Sacrifice (L4D2) 0

    Dull, bland and short. These are just some of the things many would associate with Valve's DLC so far. I believed "The Passing" was and exception to this rule; it had new weapons, it introduced new plot and the weather effects were simply fantastic, with very few gameplay issues after a while. But does this newest DLC stand up to its predecessor, or simply be a waste of time?    Well, in answer, the maps are dull, there is very little memorable to it, and it is one of the shortest campaigns. The...

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    Boomers Cohere, but story is nil 0

    For those who don’t know.   I am not an online multiplayer type.   Sorry.   If this insults you, so long, there are better reviewers who have much kinder things to say about the online experience.   The single player game is really a mash of situational survival moments and nothing more.   There is no character development.   No reason for why the four characters are together. No reason for why or how they four episodes occur.   No connectivity.   No point.   In fact it seems that the four ‘sto...

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    A little Repetitive, but Replayable to an Extreme 0

     OK, Valve is up there with Blizzard for the best developers on the planet and able to determine whatever their release schedule is going to end up being. L4D is one of the most enjoyable concepts for a game. You are one of the 4 survivors of the zombie apocalypse. It is a B zombie movie that you can play. The 4 characters you can play are thoroughly interchangeable. So, there are allegedly no benefits of playing one character or the other (though, when I'm not Zoey, she always plays the ...

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