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The Brick Knight Rises 0

Traveller's Tales have been cranking out a plethora of Lego games over the years, from Star Wars to Harry Potter to... more Star Wars, even Batman and Lord of the Rings, in the near future. Whilst the general broad strokes of the gameplay in these titles has never really changed from its simplistic platforming and puzzle-solving roots, each Lego game has iterated on this time-tested formula - but Lego Batman 2 goes beyond the usual iteration and adds several interesting changes that, combined an...

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Fantastic Lego Surprise For Everyone. 0

There isn't too much bad I can say about LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes . Sure every game has minor gripes, and Lego Batman 2 isn't without them, but for a game that I really wasn't anticipating more then simply put: "I've always said I will return to the Lego series when Batman returns to the Lego series" and thus, I haven't played a Lego game in about four years. With that being said, my experiences with this game are going to differ much more than the average, "I've played every Lego game" pl...

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Quite possibly the best Superman game ever released. 1

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is arguably the best Lego game thus far. Much like Lego Star Wars III before it with its light RTS mechanics, Lego Batman 2 attempts to diverge somewhat and push forward the formula by greatly expanding its HUB, matching the breadth and size of an actual open-world, and including voiced-dialogue for the cutesy little minifigs.Much like its predecessor, Lego Batman, Lego Batman 2 doesn't follow the narrative of any one particular movie series and instead cooks up it...

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Glitches Hurt...Badly 0

I feel like the only guy who really loved Lego Batman. True, it is the best selling of the Lego games, but it seems to be one of the most routinely bashed titles of the genre. I thought it was really good, not the best (Lego Star Wars III is likely the best) but solid. I was looking forward to the sequel once it was announced as the idea of playing the best of the DC heroes against the most prominent DC villains (well, outside of Darkseid, alas).The game is great --- but it has significant techn...

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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review 0

Many consumers will write this game off as being “just another lego game” intrinsically designed for the entertainment of children.Although impossible to argue that this game is not aimed towards young adolescents there is certainly enough witty dialogue, exploration as well as a wealth of collectables and characters to keep even the most ardent of DC fan boys engaged. LB2 gives players the opportunity to play as 50 of DC’s finest creations. The majority of the game you will be playing as batman...

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A Superhero can't always be perfect. 0

No one ever said super heroes have it easy. They are constantly under pressure and always being left with no room for error. The first Lego Batman game definitely had its pros and cons but it was a good game in the end. The second game in the series however falls flat when it comes to beating out it's precedent.StoryBatman and his sidekick Robin are at it again, saving Gotham city from more crime. This time, the Joker teams up with Lex Luthor after causing havoc at an awards ceremony that Bruce ...

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Another perfectly adequate round of Lego goodness! 0

Another Lego game released means another Lego game you can expect a review for. I may not be a diehard DC fanboy, but I like Lego games none-the-less so I started Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes with anticipation of that special kind of satisfaction that only Lego games can deliver. If you know what I mean then you probably have the game yourself. At any rate, this time around, TT Games has made their most ambitious move yet, creating an entire Gotham City to serve as your game hub. But does this...

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