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Lieutenant and Tanya strap into a time machine.
Lieutenant and Tanya strap into a time machine.

Lieutenant Eva Lee first appears in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 to regularly brief the player for missions. She is the American intelligence adviser. In Red Alert 2 she seems to show no interest in the Commander and keeps a low profile. However, in Yuri's Revenge, Eva is promoted to major-lieutenant and she starts to like the Commander. In one mission she falls prey to Yuri's mind control, revealing the secret meeting between the allies and soviet which is held in London. After what she has done, she regretted for being mind controlled by Yuri and wanted to resign. General Ben Carville stopped her from resigning by telling her that she was the first one mind controlled by Yuri, he still gives her the choice to leave if she really wanted to.motivated by what the general said, She pressed on to locate Yuri's location. With that Information, The general thanks her and command the commander to finish Yuri with a final strike in Antarctic. After the timelines merged with the defeat of Yuri, she shows up in a white party dress, startling Tanya who is dressed in the same black dress she had on in the previous timeline, and smiles at the commander and tells him to hurry up.

Her name, Eva, might be a reference to the EVA (Electronic Video Assistance) AI that is used in the Tiberium series of games

For Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 there is no continuity with the character from Red Alert 2. Her name is Lieutenant Eva McKenna, a completely different character. Lieutenant Eva is a communications officer for the Allied coalition. She was one of the top students at the military academy and as such has been assigned as the Intelligence Officer to the Commanders.


Gemma Atkinson plays Lieutenant Eva in Red Alert 3.
Gemma Atkinson plays Lieutenant Eva in Red Alert 3.
  • Lieutenant Eva Lee is played by Athena Massey in Red Alert 2. Athena Massey also has role in Tiberium Sun playing an unrelated character.
  • Lieutenant Eva McKenna is played by Gemma Atkinson in Red Alert 3.

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