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    Tanya Adams

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    A recurring hero character in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert universe. She was a German civilian who volunteered into the allied forces during the Great World War II.

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    Tanya Adams wielded a pair of Colt M1911s, which she could use to take out enemy infantry as well as attack dogs, from long range. For dealing with structures, she had C4, and was accomplished enough in demolition techniques to destroy buildings easily. Unfortunately, she had no defense against vehicles or aircraft, which made her vulnerable to all manner of Soviet vehicles and aircraft, especially Mammoth Tanks and Yak attack planes. Furthermore, as all Soviet defenses were adept at taking out infantry from range, it was often difficult for her to use C4 against a base.


    The Command & Conquer franchise has become famous for its inclusion of cutscenes featuring live actors. Through the years, many of it's characters have been recast, for one reason or another, and Tanya is no exception. During the original game, she was portrayed by Lynne Litteer, establishing the character as both a diva and a badass. When it came time for a sequel, Kari Wührer picked up the role. Appearing in both Red Alert 2 and its respected expansion, Yuri's Revenge, she is often regarded as the best depiction of the character.

    In Red Alert 3, Tanya is played by Jenny McCarthy. The announcement of this actress didn't come without fan criticism. However, executive producer, Chris Corry, claims McCarthy is "a badass Tanya," and more than capable of tackling the role.


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