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    Yuri is a product of Stalin's mind control research and fights for the Soviet's as Alexander Romanov's second in command.

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    In the opening of the game we see Yuri demonstrating his impressive psychic skills by extending his reach to the command center for the U.S.A's nuke launch. By mind controlling the man in charge Yuri ensures that the silos don't open and the Nukes blow up inside the base.


    Yuri doesn't feature in the Allies story, but is the major antagonist in the Soviet story, above even the Allies themselves. He tries to take the Soviet Union for himself, mind controlling and killing Premier Romanov and General Vladimir, leaving "Comrade General" (the player) to assault him in the Kremlin and take back control of the Union. In the Soviet Ending a clone brain of Yuri speaks of getting the chance to see inside the player's mind.

    Unfortunately for the Soviets it is the Allies who are the victors using the Chronosphere to attack Moscow. Premier Romanov himself being captured by Tanya. Yuri is mysteriously no-where to be seen.

    Yuri Clone
    Yuri Clone

    Yuri is responsible for the following units in the Soviet army:

    Yuri Clone: This clone of Yuri is less powerful than the original, but the player can make an infinite amount of them as long as the resources are available. Yuri can mind control any human solider in either army that are in range. Yuri has a secondary ability to release psychic energy that's deadly to any infantry. They're weak against any airborne units, dogs and Terror Drones. The player will need a Soviet Barracks and Battle Lab to make Yuri Clones.
    Note: An additional Yuri Clone will be made if the player has a functioning Cloning Vats building.

    Yuri Prime: Sending one of the Allies own spys into their own Battle Lab gives you access to this secret unit, Yuri himself. Yuri has a much larger reach than his clones and floats instead of walks making him faster.

    Psychic Beacon: These weapons only feature in the story and cannot be created or used by the player. These weapons control everyone in the area.

    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
    Yuri in a time machine.
    Yuri in a time machine.

    We find out where Yuri had been during the Allied campaign in the original Red Alert 2, he was creating his own army...

    During an emergency meeting between the top brass of the U.S.A. Yuri reveals himself by intercepting a transmission, showing the world his Psychic Dominators. He uses them to mind control most of the planet. Only the Dominator in San Francisco didn't activate due to a U.S plane crashing into its power source. This starts a race between Yuri's forces, the Allies and the Soviets to claim the power over San Francisco. Yuri needs the last Dominator up and running to achieve world domination, the Allies need it to power their time machine and stop Yuri before he finishes his Dominators and the Soviets need it to steal the time machine and change the outcome of the war.

    This is where the player comes in, playing as either side against Yuri you go back in time to face him before he's ready to mind-control the world. The Allied campaign sees you protecting world leaders in London and taking on Yuri's forces Around the pyramids of Egypt. As the Soviets you fight Dinosaurs as well as traveling to the moon.

    In the end Yuri is either captured by the Allies and prevented from ever using his powers again or trapped in the past by the Soviets, being crushed by a T-Rex.


    Yuri's army is available for selection in the multiplayer mode of Red Alert 3, his army consists of himself, his clones and entirely new buildings and structures based off mind control technology and experimentation.

    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    No mention is made of Yuri in Red Alert 3 as he is either killed or captured at the end of the previous game. There is a psychic unit named Yuriko (Empire of the Rising Sun), this units relation, or lack there of, to Yuri is unknown.

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