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    Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Coming Jan 26, 2024

    Both Kiryu and Ichiban return for the eighth mainline entry in the Yakuza franchise.

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    Following the events of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Ichiban Kasuga quits the criminal life to become a normal sarariman. However, his contract is suddenly terminated when news about his past resurfaces. Back down on his luck, Ichiban is delighted when he is informed that his birth-mother, Akane, is somewhere in Honolulu, Hawaii. With the help of his former Yakuza colleagues, Ichiban books a plane ride to Honolulu, but shortly after arriving, finds himself embroiled in another conflict with the criminal underworld: The Daidouji clan, a Chinese gang, and a local mafia group known as the Barracudas are all trying to hunt down Akane for their own reasons. But this time, Ichiban will have the help of an old Yakuza legend with him: Kazuma Kiryu.


    As in the previous mainline title, battles in Infinite Wealth follow a turn-based system with a party of up to 4 characters on the field at a time. The main character must be either Ichiban or Kazuma, but beyond that, players can mix and match party members as needed.


    Ichiban can ride a segway across Honolulu or ride a public bus to reach his destination faster than simply walking or running.

    Crazy Eats

    As one of his odd jobs to earn money, Ichiban takes on the job of delivering food on a bicycle for "Crazy Eats," an mix of both UberEats and Crazy Taxi. Ichiban can speed across town, picking up food orders, do insane tricks off of buildings, and take shortcuts to get food to hungry customers super-fast.

    Sujimon Battles

    After collecting enough data on various Sujimon in his Sujidex by beating them up over the course of the game, Ichiban can raise and train his own Sujimon for use in a local coliseum. By balancing the strengths and weaknesses of his Sujimon in 3v3 battles, Ichiban can climb the ranks, battle against other Sujimon Trainers, and become a Sujimon Master.


    Several minigames from previous Yakuza/RGG titles return here. Classics like blackjack and poker tables, mahjong, shogi, and batting cages on top of newer games like Sega Bass Fishing, SpikeOut, and Virtua Fighter 3 appearing in a local Sega Arcade.

    Dondoko Island

    At some point in the game, the player will have access to a private island that they can build upon to their liking.


    As Ichiban takes different themed tours around Hawaii, he and his party can gain inspiration for different types of jobs.

    Confirmed Job titles

    • Samurai
    • Desparado
    • Geodancer
    • Pyrodancer
    • Housekeeper
    • Action Star
    • Sujimancer
    • Linebacker [DLC]
    • Tennis Ace [DLC]

    Main Characters

    Ichiban Kasuga

    [VA: Kazuhiro Nakaya (JP) | Kaiji Tang (EN)]

    The new protagonist of the Yakuza/Like A Dragon series. A former bagman for the Tojo Clan who later became instrumental in dismantling the old Yakuza clans to stop his former friend from controlling Japan's underworld, earning the admiration of various criminal figures in Yokohama along the way. He travels to Honolulu to find Akane, the only woman who his late boss loved and his biological mother.

    Kazuma Kiryu

    [VA: Takaya Kuroda (JP) | Yong Yea (EN)]

    The legendary Dragon of Dojima, the Fourth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, and the longtime protagonist of the Yakuza/Like A Dragon franchise. Kazuma was called out of retirement by his benefactors in the Daidouji clan to track down Akane in Honolulu.

    Koichi Adachi

    [VA: Akio Otsuka (JP) | Andrew Morgado (EN)]

    A former police officer and driving instructor with the Kanagawa police, he joined up with Ichiban and got the chance to expose the police chief who ruined his life.

    Yu Nanba

    [VA: Ken Yasuda (JP) | Greg Chun (EN)]

    A black-market nurse who was fired from his hospital job after allegedly stealing drugs, living out of a homeless camp in Yokohama. After saving Ichiban's life, he became a close friend.


    [VA: Hana Takeda (JP) | Fiona Rene (EN)]

    Leader of the Korean Geomijul,

    Joon-gi Han

    [VA: Yuichi Nakamura (JP) | Keong Sim (EN)]

    Seonhee's lieutenant in the Geomijul, a body double for the real Joon-gi Han who decided to continue with his identity after the original perished during the events of Yakuza 6.

    Tianyou Zhou

    [VA: Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP) | Robbie Daymond (EN)]

    Former leader of the Chinese Liumang in Yokohama and a great cook.


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