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    Lord Lucien

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The Main Antagonist in Fable II, he's a character blinded by his own grief.

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    Before the Game

    Lord Lucien has had a loss-filled life. Most recently he lost his wife and daughter. Since then he has been very secluded in Castle Fairfax, secretly searching for the means to rebuild The Tattered Spire, so he can reshape the world to his sorrow-twisted desires. He is simultaneously searching for the lineage of the old Heroes of Albion, in an attempt to crush them before they rise up and stop him. His advantage is that they don't know who they are. The main character of Fable II and his sister are called to his castle late one night, and it is revealed to him that they are of proper lineage. He shoots the main characters sister, and then attempts to kill them as well. As their body is spent hurtling out his window, he makes his escape to the Spire, too overwhelmed with having murdered two children to realize that he didn't finish the job.

    During the Game

    Little is seen of Lucien during the game, as he spends the whole time in the Tattered Spire. The Hero learns of his plans to take winners of The Cruicible and force them to join his army in rebuilding the spire. You first see him for the first time since being shot when the main character attends the tower in order to rescue Garth, the Hero of Will.

    The End-Game (Spoilers)

    Once the heroes are assembled in Bowerstone Lake, Lucien shows up and abducts them all, taking them to his Spire. There he attempts to absorb all of the power of the Heroes for himself, doing away with the lineage forever. However, your character manages to counteract his force, and end his plans. Lucien begins to monologue, completely at the mercy of the player. That is unless you wait to long, in which case Reaver decides he bores of Lucien's speech and shoots him.

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