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    Lords of Uberdark

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    Lords of Uberdark is a game about organically reshaping the earth using voxels. It is still very early in development.

    Short summary describing this game.

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    The easiest way to describe Lords of Uberdark would be to say "Minecraft without blocks" as it is very much like Minecraft in that it is a sandbox where you can create and destroy the environment. The biggest difference is that instead of the world being built out of boxes, it is completely made of voxels, which allows much more natural and smooth terrain.

    The game is currently in pre-alpha, meaning that there isn't really a game there, but rather just a world that the player can shape as he wants, building pillars and then texturing them with a brick texture, for example.

    It currently has a "cartoony" art style with borders around the terrain, which gives it a slight cel-shaded look.


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