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    Lucas Kane

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    The main character in Indigo Prophecy, Lucas Kane is the victim of a ritual which causes him to commit a murder he cannot remember.

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    Lucas Kane is the main character in the 2005 game Indigo Prophecy. Although there are two other characters whom the player takes control of during the course of the game, their actions primarily serve to drive forward a narrative focused primarily on Lucas.

    Lucas's parents were employed by the United States military as scientists in the field of "Special Projects," so Lucas was born and raised on a remote military base. Starting from an early age, he began experiencing intense, uncontrollable clairvoyant and precognitive visions which thankfully seem to have become less and less frequent as he grew older. Still, he remains withdrawn from the people around him and has few friends even in his adult life. At the start of Indigo Prophecy, Lucas enjoys a nondescript job as a technical expert for a large bank in New York City.

    Indigo Prophecy begins as Lucas awakens from an amnesia-tic trance with ritualistic symbols carved into the skin of his arms, a bloody knife in his hand, and the victim of a fatal stabbing at his feet. He flees the scene, but on his quest to uncover what's happened to him, Lucas also discovers the cause of his supernatural visions and learns how to harness several new powers, as well.


    • Lucas's parents passed away about ten years before the events of Indigo Prophecy. He is left with only one known living relative: a brother named Markus who serves as a priest at a local church.
    • He has recently broken up with his girlfriend, Tiffany Harper, due to his aloof nature and inability to "let people in" to his life. The two of them remain on good terms.
    • With very few possessions furnishing his apartment, Lucas' only apparent hobby is playing amateur guitar.
    • Lucas Kane is voiced by David Gasman who also served as the voice director for the game. Gasman's other notable video game roles include Double H in the cult hit Beyond Good & Evil, and Rayman in multiple different releases.

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