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Midnight Society

A list of those who investigate the dark and supernatural corners of the world, whether by intent or by accident.

List items

  • In the world of video games dealing with the supernatural, the first returning hero was Edward Carnby. There have been three different versions of him so far.

  • All Gabriel wanted to be was a simple horror novelist... and his poking around a series of bizarre murders bring him not only deeper into a world of monsters and demons, but also reveals to him a family secret.

  • One of the main characters from the X-Files. There's seemingly no legend, myth, or ghost story this man won't believe or investigate.

  • Mulder's partner and eventually lover. Started out as the rational skeptic, but as things went on, grew to believe in the paranormal more and more.

  • Suffering from a bought of writers block, Alan Wake and his wife go to a small idyllic town called Bright Falls. As you can probably imagine, said little town is hiding some definate (and dark) secrets.

  • Smart-ass photographer (who's covered wars you know), who upon hearing of a "big case" down in Willamette Colorado, rushes off to cover it and instead finds a town infested with zombies.

  • British reporter who comes to a small American fishing town trying to uncover the mystery behind noted scientist Lord Boleskin's resultant insanity after going to this same town (Illsmouth) to witness the passing of Halley's Comet. Uncovers something dark and twisted as a result.

  • A simple police detective who finds himself involved with Lovecraftian Horrors that take his sanity to it's breaking point.

  • A Forensic Investigator whose life gets turned upside down when he begins being targeted by a mysterious serial killer, amidst a weird outbreak of violence amongst his city's transient population.

  • A mysterious letter from his supposedly dead father leads Philip to Greenland, and into a world of nightmares.

  • Chinese sage and expert in various matters of the occult and supernatural. Aids Yuri Hyuga in stopping untold destruction from unfolding in "Shadow Hearts".

  • Miku stumbles upon something quite sinister when she goes bumping around a haunted mansion in search of her missing brother.

  • Her grandfather's mysterious murder brings Alex deep within a world of darkness, ancient evil, and sanity-shattering horror.

  • One of the legendary "Ghostbusters". Back off man... he's a scientist.

  • One of the team's chief paranormal experts (alongside Egon), though Ray tends to be more enthusiastic about his work than Egon.

  • If it's scientific, supernatural, paranormal, or anything really really scientific-based that needs to be explained (to best of his abilities)... Egon's the man to talk to. The egghead of the group.

  • The everyman of the group, (not to mention the voice of reason and common sense) though don't be quick to think that means he's not as smart as his teammates.

  • Trying to save your girlfriend, or wife and son (SH3) can lead you down some dark paths in the world of Splatterhouse if you're not careful.

  • Like many such characters before her, this aspiring writer finds more than she bargained for when investigating the mysterioud death of a loved one.

  • One of the protagonists from the Dark Fall series

  • The legendary detective has had his own share of brushes with the supernatural (some real, some imagined) in various non-canon adventures.

  • Harker, one of the heroes of Bram Stoker's Dracula, has (in various games) confronted the vile creature many times after their first perilous encounter.

  • Lucas' normal life is shattered the day he awakens from a trance and realizes he's killed a random stranger. His quest takes him into some pretty dark corners of New York.

  • Due to her connection to an invisible entity known only as Aiden, Jodie's life has been rather tragic and fraught with danger as she works to come to grips with her ability. Her quest takes her to various locales, brings her up against various enemies... both human and non-human.

  • Main character from Nocturne, member of a secret government organization called the Spookhouse, which deals with the supernatural.