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Franchises That Deserve A Comeback

Over the years there have been some enjoyable franchises that debuted to great acclaim, had a few sequels here and there and then seemed to just... fade into the background. Here are some franchises that I personally feel deserve a comeback.

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  • For me this is Numero Uno. Ignore Third Birthday and just keep playing with the idea of science gone mad running amok in the world. Was nice to see a series that didn't always fall back on Zombies.

  • Reaching into the obscure bucket now ain't I?? Surprised that they haven't brought this series back, as in today's crop of horror games it'd probably/finally find a larger audience.

  • Would just be nice to see the Toads back, they've been gone too long. They've been in need of an updating.

  • This series kinda fizzled out with the last installment, but with some tweaks here and there (and a centralized focus) a new game would be awesome.

  • The last installment had it's strengths and weaknesses, but I'd prefer it take things back to the beginning and maybe reboot the series starting with an updated (graphically and design-wise) remake of the first one.

  • This fun parody franchise of the spy genre sadly hasn't seen much activity lately. There's still plenty of things about the Spy Movie genre (new and old) to roast and ridicule.

  • Take out the rail-shooting aspect (and other crap from DC3) and just take it back to something resembling survival horror like the first two installments.

  • Granted the world it's based on has changed significantly, but that doesn't mean new games can't be made based on the concept.

  • They need to finally get around to making that long-delayed third installment.

  • Speaking of third installments... though I have no clue who got the rights to this franchise when Midway got divided up. If nobody wants to play with Torque's story anymore, why not take it elsewhere?? Weird f'ed up prisons/cities are in no short supply in the world.

  • What happened to this franchise??? It was riding high and then after Dragon Quarter just simply died out. I'd prefer a return to more traditional locations than what we got in Dragon Quarter.

  • This weird blend of Alternate History, Mythological Horror, Lovecraftian Concepts, and out-of-left-field characters made for a fun time. Would like to see more please. Maybe bump things up to World War II, or hell... the 70's.

  • This series seems to be on slight hiatus right now. Hopefully that won't last too long.

  • This awesome mixture of RPGs and the Wild West is in dire need of new games.

  • With all the violent hack-slash mythological/Hyborean-esque games lately, I'm truely surprised that we haven't seen more from this concept.

  • Long shot I know, especially since all involved seemed to have gone their seperate ways.

  • I'd love to see a third ObsCure game, preferrably more like the first one and less like the second one (which wasn't too bad to be honest)