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    Lumi is an 18 year old girl who appears in the Lumines franchise and the game Child of Eden. Lumi's voice is synthesized from several different female singers. She is portrayed by Rachel Rhodes.

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    Lumi is the lead artist and only member of the fictional band Genki Rockets. Lumi also plays an integral role in Child of Eden, the spiritual successor to Rez. In the game Lumi was the first human to be born in space and always dreamed of Earth, sending her messages to the people of Earth through song. When Lumi died her memories and personality were electronically archived and her body was preserved. In the last half of the 21st century there was a boom in space exploration and humans began storing all knowledge of the universe on a network that could be accessed from anywhere in space. Soon this new internet began being referred to as Eden. In the 23rd century scientists began 'Project Lumi', an attempt to recreate Lumi as an artificial intelligence within the confines of Eden. Unfortunately a virus took hold of the Lumi and corrupted Eden. In the game it is the job of the player to expunge the virus from Eden and save Lumi.


    • Before child of Eden it was stated that Lumi's birth date was September 11, 2037. In Child of Eden it was changed to occur 18 years earlier.

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