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    Lumines Live!

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 18, 2006

    A puzzle game enhanced with music and videos, where you match same colored blocks as fast as you can, before the game sweeps them away. This is the Xbox Live Arcade version, essentially an updated version of the original PSP game.

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    Lumines Live! was the first game developed by Q Entertainment for the Xbox Live Arcade and was released in October 2006. The game was later included in the a retail release Qubed alongside Rez HD and Every Extend Extra Extreme.

    Due to the size limit imposed on Xbox Live Arcade games at the time the game was released as the "Base Pack" content with an "Advanced Pack" Downloadable Content available at the game's launch. This release method saw Q Entertainment undergo some criticise for their price of 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) though the price was later dropped to 800 Microsoft Points ($10) as the game was added to the Xbox Live Arcade Hits program.


    The Base Pack content featured a set of a dozen skins for the included gameplay modes. The included modes, for both single and multiplayer, were the standard Lumines base game mode, a competitive vs. CPU mode to mimic the multiplayer and a puzzle and time attack mode.

    The game retained the core Lumines gameplay formula with additional skins being unlocked as player progresses through different modes in the game. The game also added the ability for players to create one's own sequence of unlocked skins (each skin occurring at most once) to be either played through once (providing a score-attack mode) or setting it to loop indefinitely (providing an endurance mode).

    Prior to release the developers promised licensed songs such as Madonna's "Sorry" (her music video was shown when the game was first announced) and past songs from Lumines II would be included in this version of the game. Unfortunately such claims were forced to be cut from development as the developer failed to realise on this claim due to the hardships of game development.

    Downloadable Content

    At the game's launch, developer Q Entertainment made known their plans for a significant amount of DLC to be released for the game. This was to provide additional skins for free or for a small price.

    • Advance Pack: Released at launch adding an additional 21 skins
    • Booster Pack: An additional 20 skins
    • Tokyo Club Mix Pack: An additional 4 skins
    • Holiday Pack: An additional 20 holiday themed skins
    • Puzzle / Mission Pack: An additional 8 skins for the puzzle and mission game modes
    • VS CPU Pack: An additional 11 skins for the vs. CPU game mode
    • Heavenly Star Skin: Addition of the Genki Rockets song "Heavenly Star" and matching skin
    • Breeze Skin: Addition of the Genki Rockets song "Breeze" and matching skin

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