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A good and underappreciated open-world game 0

Mafia 3 has one of the strongest starts I can remember in a video game. Has an absolutely 10/10 character performance and style of story telling, via a documentary-like ongoing interview with the characters from the game, remembering what happened with Lincoln. The characters are deep and feel meaningful, with a real impact on the story. Having some well written dialogue. The world feels very accurate and well done, creating a very good impression on how it must've felt during that time, special...

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Video Review - Mafia III 0

Hangar 13 certainly can't be accused of playing it safe when they decided to update the Mafia franchise. It would have been easy enough to pull off some Scorsese inspired iteration about mobsters in an approximation of New York but instead, they decided to put a black Vietnam veteran in the Civil Rights-era South on a quest for vengeance. Mafia III is not your average 3rd-person shooter. For more information, check out the VIDEO REVIEW....

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Dispatches from a lesser time. Mafia 3 0

I'd really like to see Kanye's achievements for this game. I really hope this isn't the great era of America. It's true that America's greatest visionary's did their greatest works during this time. But some of the people with divisive slogans and platforms of today would have found themselves in their 20s and at a crossroads. Where would the end up? On the wrong side of history.Mafia 3 is an important game to play in 2020. It was important for me to buy this game on launch because it had a blac...

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Fascinating fictional history let down by poor pacing in mid and late game 0

As was the case with its predecessors, Mafia 3 wants to tell you a story of epic and grandiose proportions while also setting the game in an open game world environment not dissimilar in layout and scale to titles from the GTA and Saint’s Row franchises. Unlike them however, Mafia 3 doesn’t revel in wacky themes and satire, nor does it encourage sandbox gameplay. If anything it is most reminiscent of Ubisoft titles like Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate in terms of overa...

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