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Zipper catches the PC feel on the console. 6

At it's most superficial level MAG appears to be little more than what it's rather odious moniker states a 'Massive Action Game' however, after spending some time with MAG one begins to realize it's true nature. While the game doesn't do anything we haven't seen before in gaming, it does do something we haven't seen in console gaming- the true team based FPS.  For lack of a better term the typical FPS market on a console is immature; from team killing, to questioning others sexuality the console...

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The best PC shooter on a console in some time 0

MAG is an interesting game to try to review as the way that you play games and what you're looking for in a shooter are going to affect your enjoyment, or lack therof, of MAG. The game starts you out with picking a PMC (Private Military Corporation) from 3 choices: SVER, Raven, and Valor. SVER would be essentially the Russian faction with AK-47 type weapons that are a bit more rustic. Raven is a European PMC with great weapons, and Valor is the North and South American contingent that is probabl...

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MAG is a pretty addicting shooter, but seems like its lacking 0

MAG is an online only, first person shooter, and is pretty fun all together. From the start of the game, you'll have to choose from one of three different factions, and each with their own back story and array of weapons and equipment. Throughout the game you will gain experience points and unlocks perks with those experience points.  When I first started to play MAG, it was very fun, and had really interesting and somewhat unique elements within the game. The gameplay for MAG is played out extr...

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MAG Review 1

 Sony’s got allot of big guns for first party developers, and even more importantly, in a dying world of third party exclusives, it’s got allot of big first party exclusives.  Where Zipper is concerned, Socom is the first thing to come into mind, and while that still may be true, Zipper’s new big gun is the lame titled MAG. Now don’t let the worst title of the year, Massive Action Game, ruin your perception of the game, this impressive shooter with 256 players on one map, is much more than a tec...

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M.A.G is full of win 2

Im not overhyping the game but this game is a solid first person shooter game. The fact that you can play 64, 128 or 256 on some mode add something really new to the genre. Most of the game will probably be chaotic and you will probably pissed by some lame campers sometime but the level up system and upgrade system is awesome! Depending on the faction you chose you will be able to pick different kind of weapons but most of the add on are all the same. Overall its a really nice game who bring a n...

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Wicked Game Review 0

 A lot of shooting games pride them selfs on having the best online multiplayer possible. MAG (short for Massive Action Game) is trying to pride its self on not only being the beat everyone for being the best but also the biggest. 256 player team battles of 168 vs. 168 is the staple that MAG says will be the big hit. MAG is certainly the biggest shooting game by far, not even PC's have gotten more then 150 people on a good day, however that doesn't make it good. MAG is falling short of greatness...

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Do not buy MAG 45

Let me be very clear about this. MAG should have been a good game, indeed it could have been a great game. It has alot about it that shows this, but it fails utterly. So the question of course is, why such a harsh title and score? Well, most of MAG's woes can be summed up in one word. Imbalance. To really get a feel for this you have to play about with the various Private Military Companies that the game offers. There are three flavours and these are supposed to provide a backstory and a genera...

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Should be free 6

Its not that good , if it was free i would be mad to have it waste space on my hdd,  THE WORST FPS GAME THIS GEN, don't let the delushinal fanboys fool you once more. Battefield is almost out so who cares. If you want a subpar shooter  get haze atleast that one has a campaign , no trophies doe....

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Experiences from the beta 6

I don't plan on buying this game after playing the beta.  From viewing the videos on the site from the full release, I don't see that a whole lot has changed from the beta.  I think this is a solid multiplayer shooter, but I don't see a whole lot to recommend this game over titles like Battlefield and Modern Warfare 2.   A major problem I had with the game was that the mechanics of the game were poorly explained.  You choose a faction that you stay in until you delete the character.  There are d...

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Game sucks and is over-rated. 3

Only good thing is that it has 256 players supported. But that is just a gimmick. No one on the PSN is even using a headset so most of the time you see idiots running around like head-less chicken. Not only that, but the game also has some bad lag. Unless you are a Sony fanboy to the extreme, don't pick this garbage up. This game will hardly last a month.   Just wait for Bad Company 2, which is vastly superior. Bad Company 2 beta> Full game of MAG....

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Counter strike anyone? 4

Played the Beta, played the full version no difference between the two, but this game feels like a hollow version of counter strike which i haven't played in 8 years, if i wanna go back and visit counter strike i'll go visit counter strike not this hollow imitation.   Several things that cause this game to now be as good as it could be, my biggest concern with this game is PSN is horrible with online game play, have yet to play a game that does not drop you from the network repeatedly, never had...

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MAG- Massive Awesome Gamble 0

  No, MAG really doesn't stand for Massive Awesome Gamble, but it describes it pretty well. The gamble here was that Sony took Zipper (makers of the very popular and very awesome SOCOM series on PS2) out of their comfort zone, and got them to start working on MAG (Massive Action Game).  If someone had come up to me and said "Zipper won't make SOCOM, they are working on a 256 players shooter on a console", I would have probably had them shot.  Not because of the risk involving technical aspect...

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Similar, but unlike any other 0

MAG is a Multiplayer, First Person Shooters dream.  The reason is simple.  Group tactics mean something.   Zipper Interactive (of SOCOM fame) launched MAG with the intention of building a multi-player game that had the largest number of players on at once.  But in doing so they realized there were limitations to how effective the game could be with that many people playing at once.  No one really wants to just spawn into chaos and dodge bullets flying everywhere.  So they came up with an ingenio...

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A fun, competitive shooter 0

The 256 player count isn't as epic as it could be, but all that aside, MAG is still a fun shooter that any fan of the genre will love.  What if I told you that there was a online shooter? You might not be amazed, but if I told you that it can run 256 players at a time, you'd probably be surprised. As great as it sounds, anybody would know that it doesn't automatically make it a great game. Luckily, it holds it's weight, and is something any fan of the shooter genre would enjoy.  When you first s...

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MAG: Descriptive Review Title 0

Some time ago I heard that Zipper Interactive was working on a First Person Shooter called MAG, “Massive Action Game”. After I heartily laughed and began reading up on it for more laughs, I discovered it was going to have real-time 256 player battles with 128 combatants per side. So with a fresh pair of pants and a floor smelling of Pinesol, I began counting the days until release.                 MAG ditches any campaign mode and is purely online multiplayer, which may turn off a few potential...

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