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A comic-relief character, Manto often suffers a humiliating defeat, most of the time due to his own incompetence. He first appears in Tengai Makyou: Ziria as one of the thirteen Daimon seeking to resurrect their lord, Masakado. There, he is found inside of a mirror at the Zaou hot springs, but is lured out when the hero party shows him the "monkey wine".
He returns in the sequel, after some help from Doctors Deron, Deroren and Beron and several vigorous training sessions, as "Manto-2".  The '2' on his forehead is backwards, implying that he wrote it while looking in the mirror.
His third appearance is in Fuun Kabuki Den as "Manto-R" where he attempts to destroy the London bridge, and with it, the seven combined heroes from the first two games.  Once again, the 'R' on his forehead is backwards.
In Tengai Makyou Zero, he is an optional boss and attacks by throwing his feces at the party. Manto is also a playable character in the fighting games 
Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan (as Manto-X) and Kabuki Klash.

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