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    Mario vs. Donkey Kong

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released May 24, 2004

    Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a puzzle platformer that features classic gameplay based on the arcade and Gameboy Donkey Kong titles.

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    Donkey Kong is watching television when a commercial for the new Mario toy comes on. He likes this toy so much that he is willing to steal to get what he wants. He raids a toy factory and escapes, but Mario witnessed Donkey Kong's crime. This sets Mario on an adventure to save the toys made in his likeness.


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    Mario vs. Donkey Kong brings back the gameplay from the classic arcade game. It takes an even greater influence from the Gameboy game titled Donkey Kong. The levels have the classic construction site level designs. The levels have player using platforming skills, but the levels are essentially puzzles. Mario will have to retrieve a key somewhere in a level, and the key opens up a door in the level. The player will have to think and skilfully use platform his or her way through a level. Puzzle elements enter the game also in levels where Mario collects mini marios. The mini marios will have to be led through a level, and be put into a toybox. After you collect mini marios you enter a boss stage where you face Donkey Kong with the mini's help. Depending on how many you rescued they will act as a health bar for Mario during these boss encounters. Each boss features Donkey Kong in which you generally throw barrels or objects at him. As you progress through the game many bonus levels will eventually be opened.

    First the key then the door
    First the key then the door

    Once you've beaten the 6 worlds and defeated Donkey Kong the player can enter plus mode where you play 6 new worlds (but with the same themes). In plus mode (or plus worlds) the game plays a little different, the key is now attached to a mini Mario who Mario must guide through the enemies and traps. The level is completed once Mario and his Toy clone are both standing before the goal door. Also unlike normal mode, plus mode only has one area each level. Once the player completes all six plus worlds you face of DK in the true final battle.

    The worlds in this game are:

    1. Mario Toy Company
    2. Donkey Kong Jungle
    3. Fire Mountain
    4. Spooky House
    5. Mystic Forest
    6. Twilight City

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