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Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Review: Ends with a whimper

Arrival deals with, yes the arrival of the reapers into the galaxy. Shepard infiltrates a Batarian prison in an effort to rescue a human agent who has evidence of the incoming reaper threat. You play alone without your squad from the game in what amounts to a corridor crawl. No new characters of interest are introduced and there are no significant decisions or revelations made in this dlc. Unlike lair of the shadowbroker, you do not have a love interest with you this time. This greatly disappointed me as I wanted some Ashley action to match the Liara stuff from Shadowbroker.  

The dlc took me 53 minutes to finish, and is very combat heavy. There is a decent turn which makes Shepard a criminal and this could be brought up in Mass Effect 3, but overall this dlc is short, boring and brings nothing to the table. Its completely missible ane I can recommend it only to the most ardent Mass Effect fans.  
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Its a mirror image of bring down the sky for Mass Effect 1. The ending leads straight into Mass Effect 3, but at 560 microsoft points is it really worth it for less than an hour?  

Pros: More Mass Effect 
           Fight Batarians 
           1 interesting development  
           Finally Admiral Hackett appears in person
Cons: Corridor crawl 
            Barely an hour long 
            No moral decisions 
Wtf: The alpha relay? why did Mass Effect 1 need to happen at all then?


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This is how I felt about the DLC.
Coming from Lair of the Shadow Broker, I was really disappointed. 
The best part is what it holds for Mass Effect 3, not the DLC itself.

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Exactly my friend, there is nothing inherently wrong with the dlc but its just so short and lacking in impact. I like the lead into Mass Effect 3, and the warcrime stuff xould be cool later on, but as a paid for dlc its not worth it. Thanks for the comment!

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