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Short but Sweet

The idea of paying for new downloadable content for our games is still a young idea. There is still always that question of of how much should one pay for a set of maps or two hours of new single-player content. The question comes to my mind over Mass Effect 2's new downloadable character, Kasumi.
One thing to note about the DLC pack is it's length. I beat it in under a hour. €7 ($7) for just under a hour of content isn't the most pleasing of prices. It all really depends on how much you value $7 because on the content-side as Stolen Memories is a

Kasumi Goto
Kasumi Goto
entertaining and interesting quest.

Your new character is a human thief named Kasumi. A box full of her, now deceased, partner's important memories. The quest will bring you to a fancy party where a well-dressed Shepard has to help Kasumi crack a safe. The content of the quest is unique like the Samara loyalty quest from the main game. It isn't all shooting and then a bit of talking, the main crux of the mission is figuring out how to crack the safe. The setting itself is also very different to other parts of the game and some of the lines that the people of the party talk about are quite fun to listen to.
Kasumi herself is an interesting character. At the beginning of the quest, Shepard has to use a quirky way to contact her, which was different. But like the Zaeed DLC once the quest is over and she has joined your crack team, she doesn't have any proper lines of dialouge on the Normandy like other characters in the main game. She seems like an interesting character to get to know but you don't really learn much about her mysterious past.
Space safes, the best kind.
Space safes, the best kind.
Overall, Stolen Memories is a well produced piece of DLC. It is different from what the game throws at you in the main quest and is enjoyable to play. It is still a let-down though as it is just one mission for $7, even if it is a well-crafted mission, is still a bit overpriced. If you enjoyed Mass Effect 2 or are still playing through it, give this a look if you don't mind paying a bit much for it.

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