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Maw is a former Jedi Knight who has fallen to the Dark Side of the Force and joined Jerec in his quest to find the Valley of the Jedi, a source of nearly unlimited power.

A screenshot from the opening cutscene.
A screenshot from the opening cutscene.

Maw is first seen in the game during the opening cutscene, where the Dark Jedi have captured Qu Rahn. The Jedi refuses to tell them the location of the Valley, but Jerec rips the answer from his mind with the Force. Morgan Katarn, whom Jerec had already murdered, is the one who held the location of the Valley of the Jedi.

Knowing that Jerec had learned his secret, Rahn leaps to his feet, stealing Yun's lightsaber and attacking the Dark Jedi. During the battle, Maw's legs are severed by Rahn, but Jerec kills the aging Jedi before he can finish Maw or any of the other Dark Jedi off.

Maw replaced his lost legs with a device that allowed him to fly about freely. Maw learned to use this to his advantage in battle.

The fight with Maw.
The fight with Maw.

Jerec, employing the aid of the information broker 8t88, was able to learn that of the Valley of the Jedi lay hidden on the planet Ruusan. It is there that you face Maw in the game as the son of the late Morgan, Kyle Katarn.

After defeating Maw, the game flashes to a cutscene where Maw attempts to goad Kyle into killing him in cold blood. He tells him of his father's murder and details how he took Morgan's head and thrust into onto a spike for all to see. To Maw's surprise, his taunts work and Kyle kills the defenseless Maw moments before Jerec and the other Dark Jedi arrive.

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