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    Mayumi Yamano

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    A newscaster forced off of the air due to having an affair with politician Taro Namatame in Persona 4. She is the first of the serial killer's victims.

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    Mayumi Yamano is a character in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. She is the first victim of a serial killer that stalks the sleepy town of Inaba; a crime that baffles police due to the fact that her body was found hanging upside-down from a TV antenna with no evident cause of death. Saki Konishi, the high school student that found her corpse, is the killer's second victim and found in a similar position. Yu Narukami and his friends become involved in their own investigation into the murders after they discover a mysterious TV World populated with Shadows that led to their deaths.

    Events Leading to the Murder

    Yamano is a television reporter who had become involved in an affair with up-and-coming politician Taro Namatame, who felt more attraction to her than to his wife, the famed singer Misuzu Hiiragi. Hiiragi, however, finds out about the affair and leaks news of it to the press. Humiliated, Yamano goes into hiding at the Amagi Inn where, under her emotional strain and the media circus surrounding her, she subsequently makes life miserable for the manager, Yukiko Amagi's mother.

    Detective Tohru Adachi, a recent transfer to Inaba and a closet sociopath, used his position on the force to get close to Yamano. When his advances are rejected, he forces himself upon her and shoves her against a television set. In their struggle, Adachi, unaware of his power, inadvertently pushes Yamano into the TV and sends her to the TV World.

    The events that transpire after Yamano's arrival in the TV World are not as clear. When Yu, Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka make their first trip into the TV World, they come across a small room in which they find a noose fashioned from a scarf that they later determine belonged to Yamano. The room is also plastered with defaced posters of Misuzu Hiiragi. It isn't clear whether the room as it exists when they find it is in the same state that it was in when Yamano appeared in the TV World, or if Yamano herself had defaced the posters or fashioned the noose. It is most likely that she was killed by her own Shadow, and when the fog emptied from the TV World and filled Inaba, her body was transported and became hung on the antenna.


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