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    Amagi Inn

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    The "pride of Inaba", run by Yukiko Amagi's family.

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    The Amagi Inn is a traditional Japanese inn located in the small town of Inaba in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. The inn is considered by some locals to be the "pride of Inaba" and is a popular destination for tourists in the region. Ownership of the inn has passed down through the Amagi family for generations, with Yukiko Amagi next in line to become its manager. The inn suffered a blow to its reputation with the death of Mayumi Yamano, who had been staying at the inn to hide from the public following the revelation of her affair with politician Taro Namatame. During her stay, she is murdered, becoming the first victim of a serial killer that terrorizes Inaba for most of the year.

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