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Mercenaries 2 Not worth the wait!

As a fan of the original Mercenaries, i was looking forward to the Mercenaries 2.  However the game kept getting delayed and delayed and i began wondering if all that time was being put to good use.  In the end the game ended up being i think a shadow of its former self.  The story is pretty basic and can be forgotten after the first hour or so of gameplay.  You'll pretty much be focusing on doing jobs for all the factions while not letting other factions know you causing them trouble.  The only bright spot in the game is the awesome sight of watching buildings go up in smoke.  And you can do that in a varing amount of ways.  They say that there are various ways to approach taking out your targets but all you have to do is run in there and take out your targets the ai in the game is not that great and you can find lots of health packs in the game and you can run for cover and stay there and you wont be chased after.   The graphics in the game are ok but it feels almost like an upscanned PS2 game.   The co-op makes the game a little better but i had some problems with being disconnected and wierd graphical glithes that forced me to quit the game.  In the end Mercenaries 2 was a dissappointing experience for me.  If you want to give it a try download the demo but i think youll get enough out of the demo to where renting or purchasing this game would not be a good investment of your time or money. 

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I meant to give it 2 stars not 4 i dont know what happened.

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