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Best title on the PSP

If you're a fan of Metal Gear Solid than you probably already have this game.  If you don't then the only thing I can think to ask is 'Why the fuck not?!?' This game has so much you can do from building Outer Heaven to recruiting soldiers, training them, building your own Metal Gear, sending your men out to do side missions and oh, duh, the campaign is amazing as well!!!  I'm not going to go into great detail about this game, if you're reading this you've probably already done your research or own the game.  All I'm really going to say is this is the most fluid, intense and gratifying game on the PSP.  Forget about Syphon Filter, Peace Walker blows Logan's Shadow out of the water.  If there is one thing that Metal Gear is good at it is making the gamer feel like a badass and Peace Walker excels at this.  Hell, it excels in every aspect.  The fact that it is portable as well in just incredible.  Fortunately for those of you who don't have a PSP this sucker is coming out to a console in a few months.  This game is Metal Gear Solid 5 according to Konami and it certainly delivers as such.  This game is not to be missed.

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