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    Millia Rage

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    Character from the Guilty Gear series. She is an assassin who fights with her hair.

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    Milia Rage was born in Russia, where after losing both her parents she was quickly adopted into the Assassin's guild. Milia's magical hair is due to the Sixth Hi-Deigokutsuipou (forbidden magic) "Angra". She sealed Zato-1, leader of the assassin's guild, in an alternate dimension as he was becoming too powerful and soon after abandoned the guild. In Guilty Gear X2, she kills Zato-1 and cuts off her hair, leaving it as a memento on Zato's grave.


    • Milia's name comes from the USA thrash metal band Meliah Rage.
    • Milia's Instant Kill (Iron Maiden) was named after an English metal band.

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