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A Minecraft Newbie's Discourse: GB's First Xbox 360 User Review 4

"Last night I fell into a chasm and had to claw my way out with my bare hands when my pick axe broke. By the time I arrived at the surface, it was night. Wolves bayed at the square moon and a zombie shuffled under the tree ahead. Armed with only a flint and steel, I crept back, hoping to avoid being disemboweled limb from limb.*BOOM!*From behind a fetid creeper explodes, sending me flying, injured and stunned, into the path of the zombie. It turns, mouth crunching on a bone from his last victim,...

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What You Make Of It 0

(This review is based on 35-40 hours playing and researching single and multiplayer Minecraft Alpha v1.1.2, on Mac & PC. Some screenshots were made while using a texture mod based on A Link to the Past.)     IntroductionFrom Boulder Dash to Lode Runner; from Dig Dug to Mr. Driller; from Mr. Do to Miner Dig Deep...   Drums in the deep. We love to dig. We love to build. We love to fight monsters. We love to play by ourselves, or with friends. Minecraft is a rare hybrid o...

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Intrepid exploration and soothing atmosphere make Minecraft great 2

What is Minecraft really? How about a better question -- What isnt Minecraft? Its a sandbox game populated by animals, resources and all sorts of danger that culminates in a sprawling, 3D-world comprised of blocky polygons. Yes, Minecraft is not a pretty looking game but thats also what makes it so charming. When you start a new game it only takes mere seconds for the game to generate huge, never ending landscapes that is completetly open for you to explore.You`ll mine stone and ore, craft item...

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Fantastic game. 0

The game has been out for some time now, giving me a whole lot of time to think of something to say about it. I've owned the Xbox edition of Minecraft since launch day, and it is the only game that I have bought brand new. I enjoy the game very much, I love the updates, although I wish they would have the Xbox edition of the game current with the PC edition, I guess i can't have every thing I want in life. I'll just have to wait patiently like every one else, or I could just play more of the PC...

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Best game that hit the earth 0

Minecraft is such a great game in my view, it allows you to use your imagination and have fun with it.It reaches out to all ages, and believe me, all ages play it, from 6 year olds to 60 years olds( i know a 60 year old who plays it and shes AWESOME AT IT)The simplicity of it makes it great. You can make rules and game modes how ever you like! It's awesome.It's like making your own game but with out the complicatedness of programming.I also believe the funny look of it attracts people, i love th...

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Minecraft - Good game with Bad People 0

Minecraft is a game that's taking all the others in the gaming industry out of par, and the community, well, it's mostly good. But we'll get to that small percentage of the 15,902,086 (and counting!) players later.I bought Minecraft about 2 years ago and i'm still playing. Why? Well, it's not only a game where you have to survive out in the wild against large armies of monsters, but it's also an outlet for creativity (like LEGOs). It takes that to the next level with the old-school graphics styl...

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Brilliant 0

So far, all gamers have heard about Minecraft and probably tried it. There are no games that give players this much freedom. With an insane amount of community created content, Minecraft will bring hours of fun, for both singleplayer and multiplayer, for both children and adults. Fight monsters, build cities, play minigames... there are no limits to what you can do in Minecraft.One of my favourite games of all time. It will leave it's mark in the history of gaming. ...

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The most creative game ever! 0

This game is based of the players unique creativity. You start out in a world where everything is a block (or close to it) You must get wood, stone, food, ect, to survive. You must build tools, to better obtain the materials you need and to defend your self. You can create a base to stash your materials, and sleep. You can be creative in your bases defenses and how it looks. If you get lonely you can play with friends on-line or just together. The sky is the limit in this game for what you can ...

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I love it!!! 0

There isn't much to say about the game because its still in alpha but i'll say it is fun, addicting , relaxing, slightly creepy, and sometimes wacky      The base of the game now is just play around with the block types and try to get diamond and thrive rather than just survive. Not to say that the game is not a challenge; There are exploding failed attempts at a pig model (and yes i know that that is what creepers are for a fact I heard it from notch), skeleton archers, giant spiders, and zombi...

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Mess of a Game, Great Toybox 9

Minecraft 1.0 is out people, you know what that means! Time for me to shit it all over it in this review!!! No, but really, most of these reviews for Minecraft that I have seen on every review sites are giving it insane scores of 9/10's and 10/10's. Now I know you may not want to hear this, but Minecraft, as a game, does not deserve these scores. Let me explain. Minecraft is fun, there's no denying that, it's really fun, but basically as a toy box and not a game. However it is a game and is mark...

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Overrated, but still a good game. 0

I am not a fan of Minecraft. Sometimes i get bored when i play it. But it is still a good game. So let's begin the review!!!GraphicsThe graphics are old school. But somehow manages to still look appealing. From first glance. It looks ugly. But that is the charm somehow. The graphics are simple, and not overwelming. That's the thing with this game. GameplayThere are three modes to play in Minecraft. Creative, allows players to easily create and destroy structures and mechanisms. Also let's you ...

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Minecrack. 0

Quite possibly the most addictive game I've ever played. Everything is distilled down to a visceral level of collecting, adventuring and building.     Somehow Notch has made a game where I can hide in a tree for ten real life minutes to wait for the sun to come back up and not be bothered by it at all. :)...

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Build your own fun 0

Minecraft has been a huge hit for a while now on PC, and the indie block sensation made the stop on Xbox 360 to critical success. With over one million players, you probably already know that this is a game worth playing.The main difference between Minecraft on PC and 360 mainly comes from accessibility and content. Currently, Minecraft for Xbox is based on an earlier version of the game, with Creative mode and the Adventure update unavailable right now, but will be coming sometime soon. Surviva...

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Minecraft Review 0

Minecraft is a simple idea turned into one of the most addictive gaming experiences of recent times. Despite some bugs and questionable gameplay choices, this title of pixelated charm will keep you coming back to let your mind run free. Creativity has found its definition with this indie sandbox.-You know you have some creativity on your hands when you can punch a tree with your fist. That is how you begin your journey in Minecraft. It's one of the most simple ideas turned into one of the greate...

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