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Tuesday Morning Review.

I won't lie I brought Monday Night Combat doing in like the Team Fortress 2 hat zombie I am, but did I find a fun game. Lemme say as far to its similarity to TF2 Monday Night Combat only goes as far as cartoony characters and changing of equiptment, but gameplaywise its different, theres 2 modes Blitz and Crossfire. In Crossfire its tower defense where you guide your robots to the enemies moneyball so they can destroy it as well as defending yoru own moneyball (which works as like a control point) But you don't play as some god watching over the field and your in the action and people are there to help you which is fun. In Blitz its you and 3 other people basically on your average zombie survival only with robots instead of zombies and your defending a moneyball. For characters each is different and has special moves which you can upgrade, but some are repeated like the grapple and the slam, But each class has their own weapons and personality which is nice to see in a shooter. But there is a downside, there always is. Well for one thign most servers are empty which, which is the problem of the game industry hating Australia so good luck joining a server if your from Australia also the dialoge is repetive, but all in all is a really fun game and defentally worth the money.

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