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Who Monkey fist is

 Montgomery Fiske, is a villain that specializes in mystical artifacts and and martial arts. He only steals things that are in the shape of monkeys, and is obsessed with "monkey fu." Before turning into Monkey fist, Montgomery or Monty for short, was a successful archaeologist. However, what he looks for is monkey themed artifacts. His personality is quite weird, he walks on his knuckles instead of his feat, he has tics like a monkey, and laughs insanely like one also. Before Monkey fist found the Monkey jewel he needed to become a great master, he altered his DNA so that he could resemble a south african monkey. When he found the jewel that he was looking for(thanks to the help of Kim Possible) he got monkey kung fu skills. However, Ron jumped into the Monkey beams as well, and he too got Monkey Kung fu skills. Monkey Fist is a villain of Ron Stoppable, he's not really a villain of Kim Possible. Monty is angry at Ron Stoppable because some of the monkey mystic kung fu traveled into Ron instead of him. Thus, making him and Ron mortal enemies. 

Gaming And Television 

Monkey fist is played by Tom Kane. He plays monkey fist in the TV show and the video game. 
In the television show, Monkey fist is the only villain that is killed off. He ends up being turned into stone, then broken. 
Television Episode Appearances: 
  • Monkey Fist Strikes!
  • Monkey Ninjas in Space
  • Adventures in Rufus sitting
  • Exchange 
  • Kim Possible: A Sitch in time
  • The full monkey
  • Overdue
  • Gorilla Fist
  • Grande Size me
  • Big Brother
  • Oh! No! Yono! His final episode, the one where Ron teams up with his newly adopted sister, and together they defeat him. Ron also finds out that he is the true monkey master.


Monkey fist is a master at Monkey fu. He genetically altered his feet and hands, to give himself opposable toes. Turning himself into a "man-monkey." In the video game, he had Monkey abilities to shoot "monkey-beams" from his body. However, he lost this power in his battle against Ron and Kim. Monkey fist is probably the best villain in the Kim Possible franchise. He uses the mastery of Monkey fu and mystical artifacts to reach his goals. Characteristics like those set him apart from the rest of the villains.

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