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Arcadey racing madness at its finest 0

Thank you Evolution Studios for being one of so few developers that are still willing to make high budget arcade racers when everyone else seems utterly determined to spew out simulation after boring bland simulation.  I understand that gaming technology has resulted in some truly mind blowing advances in car handling software but in all honesty I'd rather stick a pin through my hand than play another racing game where I constantly have to worry about how my tires are reacting to surface...

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So unforgiving, you'll just keep on trying. 2

Some people think racers are all the same, others think they are split into two categories; Simulation (more realistic) and Arcade (least realistic). Well I think that there are some games out there that are just in a unique class of their own. One of them is Motorstorm Apocalypse from Evolution Studios.When you first boot up the game (after you’ve completed that all exciting download), you’ll be kicked into a prologue/tutorial race (so long as you chose Festival mode in the main menu). You don’...

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Very fun arcade action 0

Let me say this straight out of the gate; Motorstorm Apocalypse is a fun, fast and frantic arcade racer. Fun as it is though, it is definitely not without it's flaws.This entry to the series is the first not to be set in a natural setting, instead taking place within the ruins of a city torn apart by horrific natural disasters (hence Apocalypse). In the city, lunatics have decided to call the city their own and start rioting the place. You'll be driving past these lovely locals in the races whil...

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A great new take on racing games but a little short on content 0

I dislike Pacific Rift for it's insane difficulty. The AI were practically cheating, however it's visuals and rewarding feel of winning kept me playing, but after a week or two, I put my controller down. The AI, combined with the punishing difficulty got to me. When I saw previews for Motorstorm: Apocalypse, I was skeptical at first, but then eventually realised it had a similar treatment as Killzone 3: the controls, visuals and challenge was vastly improved. The visuals didn't have a great chan...

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Madness and Racing in 3D 0

In 3D this game is in a league of its own.  It truly makes the racing easier to do.  My friend and I traded off as we worked our way through the campaign, and we both agreed it was more impressive and actually easier to race in 3D.  I have liked the previous entries in the series but I have struggled with mastering the exact line for many of the tracks.  This version is a little more forgiving and I found it was much easier to find the alternative paths.  The collectibles in each of the levels a...

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An unstoppable force of fun, meets and immovable object of destru 0

There will always be arguments between arcade racer fans and sim purists. Like it all not, the fun loving arcade fans will always have an issue with those who enjoy 100 laps around an oval track. This might never chance, but there are amazing games in both genres. Motorstorm Apocalypse is certainly one for the arcade racers.Motorstorm Apocalypse is set within the destroyed city ruins of a world being torn apart, by the end of days if you will. This makes for amazing racing terrain, as every hard...

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