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4.27 stars 4.27/5 Stars Average score of 11 user reviews spread across 5 releases and 2 DLC

Loud, brash and fun. 0

Motorstorm is back, and this time it has taken the cyberpunk off-road racing even further and set the entire game on a volcanic pacific island. The setting provides Motorstorm with much needed variety in both the track environments and design: from long beaches and lava tubes, to jungle tracks and mountain top observatories. Races are grouped by location and race type, making progression less linear and more interesting. Online, you can race with up to 12 other suicidal petrol heads. Motorstorm ...

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Motorstorm is a thrilling, occasionally frustrating racer. 0

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is the video game equivalent of someone shining a flashlight in your eyes and screaming in your ears. It keeps you on the verge of sensory overload from start to finish with its loud music blasting out of the speakers and its beautiful environments screaming past almost too fast to see. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush of a video game, look no further: Pacific Rift will be the PS3's biggest sleeper hit of the year.Motorstorm's gameplay hasn't changed much since ...

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BPReview: MotorStorm Pacific Rift (PS3) 0

What I liked: Graphics - The visuals in MS1 where simply jaw dropping and somehow, in MS:PR, Evolution Studios have managed to improve on them. The lighting in MS2 is something to behold.  Tracks - The tracks you raced around on in MS1 were really good, but they all felt the same, ie. they were all located on dirt. Thankfully not only are the dirt tracks back but they also have tracks set atop volcanoes complete with flowing lava, jungle tracks with gorgeous water falls, and hill side races tha...

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Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - Review 0

 When the PS3 first launched a few years back, Motorstorm was a title that really showed the potential of the PS3 hardware. Although the game was drop dead gorgeous, to me it really just played like a tech demo and wasn't much of a game at all.How things have changed with Pacific Rift! This game was released in November of 2008 and somehow got lost amongst some of the AAA titles that hit during that month. I blame developers and publishers for releasing everything during November, makes it very ...

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A Retrospective: Or, By Your Powers Combined I am Captain Planet! 0

I've gotten my hands on the newest Motorstorm(of the Apocalyptic variety), and before I start on that adventure, I'd like to take a little time to reflect on the time I spent on Pacific Rift. Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind zones were the name of the game of this game, and we're lucky that a bit of Heart was applied to this game along with the technical talent involved, especially in the levels that it was fleshed out upon, and in the individual feel of most of the vehicles have. However, the game ...

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The Coors Light Offroad Sex Party Power Team! 0

Motorstorm : Pacific Rift : An offroad racing game. Yep. An offroad racing game is Motorstorm Pacific Rift. Story : There doesn’t seem to be a storyline, so lets invent one. The Coors Light Offroad Sex Party Power Team is throwing their latest mystery party contest (the ones that are always on commercials and boxes every season) at an island in the Pacific for a weekend of intervehichle offroad racing excitement and worry-free sex when the evil Dr Von Nofunhowser arrived, threatening to ruin th...

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Check out for more reviews. 0

Motorstorm was one of the best off roading experiences not because of its quality or quantity but of playing it for sheer fun. When Pacific Rift was announced, it had want want want in it, to top that quality and quantity that Motorstorm was in desperate need of. Motorstorm mantains all the fun its predeccessor packed with quality over quantity as Motorstorm is nearly the best sequel we could have hoped for, from a Motorstorm sequel. Welcome to Motorstorm! Motorstorm's single player is based ar...

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Gorgeous tracks and jumps; simplistic racing and no rewards 0

 If you're looking for an adrenaline-filled arcade racer, you certainly won't go wrong with Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. This is pick-up-and-play racing at its finest -- perfect for parties or with friends. The extremely low learning curve and luscious Hawaii-inspired courses make a great first impression.The game offers a simple single-player "career" mode -- in the loosest definition of the word. You can play your way through eight ranks, unlocking new tracks, race modes, vehicles, skins and driv...

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Motorstorm Pacific Rift Tears through my Heart 0

 Motorstorm Pacific Rift is a game, extremely unique to the Playstation 3.  Motorstorm is an extreme off-road racer.Motorstorm has a extremely indepth singleplayer portion of the game, which contains 4 different, racing zones, which are, fire, water, air, and earth, and are all explain themselves. The vechiles themselves are all different to drive and you will have to adjust your driving style for each vechile. For example, is you in the Bike you should take all the high tacks and keep your dist...

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A diamond in the island: don't pass this racer up. 0

The original Motorstorm was met with mixed reviews, and for good reason. The core arcade racing engine was brilliant, with a good sense of speed, sound vehicle handling and physics, incredible damage modeling, impressive hit detection, and persistant track deformation. The track designs were nearly flawless. The seven different vehicle types (Bikes, ATVs, Buggies, Rally Cars, Racing Trucks, Mudpluggers, and Big Rigs) were balanced and fun to drive. The graphics were stunning. What was wrong? As ...

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Prepare yourself this is gonna be a bumpy ride! 0

    MOTOR STORM PACIFIC RIFT REVIEW BY marcio1986        Welcome to the Island, a place where crazy people are willing to risk their lives for the pure enjoynment of racing.    Pacific Rift is a very well balanced racing game, you may be a motorcicle fan, a rally lover or you could be more into those really big Monster trucks who like to squash normal cars into pancakes, it doesn't matter because in Motor Storm Pacific Rift its mostly certain you'll find a ride that you'll like.    be carefull w...

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