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An amazing experience, fun and great graphics.

This game holds up well and quite possible has the best graphics on a console to date, including Gears Of War, so thats saying a lot. The single play can get boring extremely fast due to the repeat of all the tracks and everything over and over again but if you just enjoy the racing, tracks, and vehicles then you won't really mind. But I think online play makes up for all of the boring game play in the single player. The sounds are amazing, all the vehicles and mud sounds, sound so crisp and real thats its almost perfect. I would have this game could have got a much higher rating for me if it had more game types and modes to just race on then just standard start to finish. The value for me also goes down how the single play only lasts a little while but all in all if your looking for a good racing game for PS3 I suggest you buy this for the fun aspect of the game.

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