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a really good game

It was one of the best PS3 racing games i ever played!The AI was lethal!The thing i didnt like about motorstom is that there is absolutely NO chance to win unless u pick rides like:monster truck,big rig or mud plugger!The tracks were awesome but kinda hard to drive on as the amazing jumps mostly ended up with BOOM!!!!!!!Aldo it was entertaining to look at that it was kinda stupid the race would continue while u were BOOMING.it was lolish to look race cars being smashed to the fence, they would always BOOMED.It was funny u could show the midlle finger to the opposing driver,the suits were cool but i wish you could pick a ride and then the suit.My alltime favourite car is definetly castro varadera.

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    Off-road racing is a interesting genre. On each console generation there has been many off-road racer games but these haven't gotten the same success as Gran Turismo or Need for Speed series have. And I am not talking about rally games here. Motorstorm was one of the release titles for Playstation 3 and a brand new off-road game IP. Having joined the PS3 owners club only few months ago I missed this game back then. I figured it was good bargain when my local store had this for £3. And ...

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