My Aquarium

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 01, 2008

    My Aquarium lets you raise, breed and interact with 40 species of fish on your Wii or PS3.

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    This Sucks, Even for an Aquarium Sim

    I bought this game because I thought it would make a good screen saver for the Wii, like the aquarium screen saver for Microsoft Plus.  Also, it's made by Hudson so I thought it would be good. 
    The problem with it being a screen saver is that the aquarium looks almost empty.  (The images on the wiki must be cropped from larger images.)  There's a limit to how many fish, plants, and decorations you can put in the aquarium.  You can choose the smallest size aquarium, but it still looks sparse.  The biggest fish they have is an arowana I think, but you can only put one of them in the tank plus a few smaller fish.  So you're looking at mostly empty water and sand. 
    There is one option where you can zoom in on a fish and follow that fish, but it doesn't make a good screen saver either.  It's too tight of a shot, always the same angle, and the fish mostly swims in the same pattern and makes the same motions. Having a screen saver for the Wii was a bad idea anyway.

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