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    A first-person ambient exploration game developed by Limasse Five. The game takes place in a mysterious, primitive structure in an alien world.

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    NaissanceE is a first-person exploration game developed and published by Limasse Five on the PC platform. Limasse Five is comprised of one creator, Mavros Sedeño, and NaissanceE is primarily his singular vision. Aside from the music (developed by Pauline Oliveros, Patricia Dallio, and Thierry Zaboitzeff) and voice actress Eve Chaumontet, all development can be attributed to Sedeño and the Unreal Development Kit. The player is intended to immerse him/herself in the visuals and sounds of the alien world in an attempt to understand the themes of loneliness and duality between light and dark that are integral to the world.


    NaissanceE mostly consists of maneuvering player character "Lucy" around the strange world of the game. The perspective never leaves her perspective, always remaining locked to first-person. The player must wander through the halls and chasms of the game world to progress further into the game and reach its end. Occasional platforming sections or in-world puzzle mechanics challenge the player before letting him/her progress. Light and dark play a role in puzzles in a variety of ways.

    A unique sprinting mechanic is also integral to the gameplay of NaissanceE. Holding down the sprint key isn't just a binary function: the player is also expected to time the breathing of the character. This is done by clicking the mouse (or pressing a gamepad button) in time with a shrinking circular meter to take a breath. This is necessary to keep the sprint from ending as "Lucy" gasps for breath. Continual sprinting is necessary in certain timed sections of the game.


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