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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 22, 2005

    Narc is a 3rd person shooter in which you play as two DEA agents trying to trace a new drug called Liquid Soul. You play through gritty urban environments and are able to either become a good or a bad cop through a badge rating system.

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    Narc is a third-person shooter developed by Point of View and Midway Games. The game was published by Midway Home Entertainment (US releases), ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd (UK Releases), and Noviy Disk (Russian releases) for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC.

    Voice Talent

    NARC features Hollywood voice talent from actors such as Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), Bill Bellamy (Any Given Sunday) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy).


    Jack Forzenski is a man with a past… a bad past. As an undercover cop on the Rockland Narco squad, Jack got in too deep and became an addict. Kicked off the force, Jack endured months of rehab and counseling and has recently been reinstated to the force. Marcus Hill is now with the D.E.A. but used to work with Jack in Narco. They used to be the stars of the squad, busting more criminals than the rest of the units put together. Once Jack became addicted, Marcus quit Rockland. A heavy increase in drug trafficking has seen Marcus returned to his Rockland to tracking a mysterious new drug that is sweeping over the streets. Marcus and Jack are together again but that doesn’t mean that either of them have to like it!

    Eddie Jackson is a two-bit drug-dealer. He and he and his gang are caught in a sting operation and surrounded by cops. The bullets start flying and Eddie is gunned down. With his life ebbing away, Jackson injects himself with a syringe and unbelievably he stands up, eyes glowing, and guns down half the police force… It’s up to Jack and Marcus, along with the help of Agent Daniels, the Head of NARC, to get to the bottom of what’s going on in Rockland.

    Decide whether to play it straight as a good cop or whether to cross the line to be the bad cop. Taking drugs can give you the extra edge you need but will soon lead to dangerous addiction. Take down bad guys with powerful arrest combos or blast them with an array of heavy-duty weaponry.


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