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    Nathan Gould

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    Nathan Gould is a scientist who formerly worked for the Hargreave-Rasch company in biomedical research. Gould aids Alcatraz in uploading a bio-weapon which destroys the Ceph forces in New York City.

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    Nathan Gould was a biological researcher who worked for the Hargreave-Rasch company. Gould worked with Prophet before the events which took place in Crysis 2. After the alien attack in New York, Nathan Gould is hunted down by the CELL due to his knowledge of Crynet systems. After Prophet's death, Gould guides Alcatraz to his lab to destroy information which he holds and then meets with him. After scanning Alcatraz's suit, Gould learns that Prophet is dead and is soon after attacked by CELL forces. Alcatraz saves Gould from the attack while Gould makes his escape. He is then escorted onto a train to leave the city.

    After Gould's train is attacked by the Ceph, he manages to escape and make his way back to the city. At the end of Crysis 2, Nathan Gould was part of a team which dropped Alcatraz onto the floating Central Park where Alcatraz uploads the bio-weapon from his suit and destroys the attacking Ceph forces in New York City. Gould is last seen celebrating in the streets after the defeat of the Ceph.

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