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was thinking this game would be great but its horrible 0

Game play: First when I've seen this game on youtube I was watching the video and I thought that Need For Speed Nitro looks great but the review are not as bad as I tought it would be Instead of Buying it I went and I rented the game for the weekend started playing I noticed that the graphics are cartoony and the cars look bad I started doing races and I tought that the game isn't that bad the races where fun and their was different cool cars to choose from I've noticed that you have to get star...

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A pleasuring experience... 0

 The Need for Speed series reached a milestone just a while back, and is nowadays recognisable as one of the best racing games on the market. It's been here a while, 10 years to be more exact, and in those 10 years of activity, EA released over 10 different games, on a dozen of consoles.  In 2009, EA decided to divide the series into three versions: Arcade, Simulation and MMO. NFS Shift already released as a simulation game, and got positive feedback, and so will happen with Nitro, or so it shou...

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Meh,not too bad 0

My reasons 1:The Cars are basically castrated into Cancer For your eyes 2:Way too hard for using a wii remote as control of the car 3:Way too challenging mostly due to Reason #2 My GOOD Reasons 1:It's an NFS Game 2:At least EA Tried. I'm happy that ea learned from this and is never doing something like this again....

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