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Old school shooter, modernised, but badly broken 0

Nexuiz ReviewPros+ Old school twitch shooting - modernised+ Fast, frantic and incredibly fun (initially)+ Interesting addition of mutators+ Decent selection of mapsCons- Combat gets a bit 'samey' after awhile- Really buggy- Really really buggy- To the point of being unplayable in placesNexuiz had humble beginnings. Originally developed on a highly modified version of the Quake 1 engine, back in 2002 by a two man team; a lot has changed since then. Several million downloads later, Nexuiz is now p...

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Fast-paced Arena Shooting returns! 0

Nexuiz is a game developed by Illfonic, and is an Arena FPS, similar to Quake III: Arena and Unreal Tournament. This type of game has always been fun to play due to the fast action and quick matches. What makes Nexuiz unique is it's awesome soundtrack, combination of past games – especially since the original game is an open sourced PC title, and the great visuals it provides, thanks to the use of CryEngine 3. If you're a fan of Arena games, great music and gameplay, you're gonna be in for a tre...

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