NFL Blitz 20-03

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    Football with no rules.

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    Blitz is football that has no rules about violence.  When you go for a tackle, instead of the normal tackle, you can take the guy and just throw him on the ground or pick him up and body slam him.  And also before you choose the next play, you can run around with your guy and beat the crap out of the other team. 
    Dirty hits are more than welcome
    Dirty hits are more than welcome
    Other than that the players can do ridiculous full field passes.  There are tons of NFL teams to choose from. There is a season mode and multiplayer mode that you can customize how long the quarters are, if it's raining, which stadium, etc. . The game supports up to 4 players.

    Season Mode

    You pick a team, you pick a player that represents you, add extra names for your team and you play through a full season to reach the super bowl and win.  You just move a long and demolish every team that they throw at you.

    Tournament Mode

     Create teams and play though a 4-8 team tournament ladder for human a computer controlled teams. The computer takes over the teams that have no human players. You can play this mode with up to 4 Players.

    Exhibition Mode

     Play exhibitions games against all 32 NFL teams in a stat tracking fully customizable games. This is the mode where you level up your created character. You can play this mode with up to 4 players


    Other than career mode and the season mode there is this where you can customize your game to all the settings that you would like.  There is also a coach mode where you pick what play you want the team to do and you just watch them do it.  This is if you're just doing a multiplayer match. 

    Create a Character

     You can create a character for all modes of play. You can customize the appearance as well as the attributes that you can level up in a RPG 
    fashion . You can gain more attribute points from the starting 20 by playing exhibition games (5 points for every 3 games won) and playing a trivia challenge game after exhibition games (2 points for every 5 answers correct).

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