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    NHL 13

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Sep 11, 2012

    NHL 13 is the 21st installment in the NHL franchise by EA SPORTS.

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    NHL 13 Cover Vote

    For the first time ever the fans were able to decide who would grace the cover of NHL 13. Voting took place online at The official cover athlete was revealed on June 20th, 2012 at the 2012 NHL Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    It was announced at the NHL Awards that the voting had come down to forward Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers and goalie Pekka Rinne of the Nashville Predators. Claude Giroux was named the winner of the contest.

    True Performance Skating

    NHL 13 is driven by real-world physics and a new skating engine. More than 1,000 new game play animations have been added to help authentically replicate the explosiveness, momentum, and top-end speed of today's NHL players.

    Skating has been altered as well to allow players the opportunity to switch to backwards skating with the push of a button. This will allow smoother transitions when trying to get shots off in the offensive zone.

    NHL 13 will also implement a "chop" feature which will allow players to hack at their opponents when they have the puck in order to gain puck possession from them.

    EA SPORTS Hockey IQ

    NHL 13 features a completely overhauled A.I. and logic. NHL 13 players are now fully aware of each other on the ice. Players are smarter and quicker at making more true-to-life hockey decisions. Hockey IQ also adds a layer customization to strategies never seen before in the NHL series.

    Updated Trading System

    The trading block has been revamped for NHL 13. You will now be able to specifically explain to other teams just what exactly you are looking for. In past games you only had a few options to describe what you were looking for including athleticism and defense. Teams will now look at where they are currently in the standings to see what exactly their team needs to make the next move. If a team is near the bottom, they will attempt to now sell off veterans for draft picks. However, if that team makes a run near the end of the season and gets better, the AI will now try and trade for a player that will help them rather than continue to dump off salary. Teams will continuously look at their roster throughout the season and alter what type of team they are.

    Searching for possible players to trade for has also received an upgrade. You can now let teams know exactly what you're looking for. For example, you can indicate that you need a sniper or scorer between a certain age range as well. The game will also search for the type of players you'd like and offer examples of possible trading partners.

    Improved Goalies

    NHL 13 now features improved goalies. They now will anticipate plays and "cheat" in certain situations. Each limb of the goalies can now move during save animations at a moments notice. Several new goalie animations have been added.

    GM Connected

    NHL 13 general manager mode goes online allowing users to manage, play, or coach with and against friends in their own 30 team human controlled league.

    GM Connected can be played in a variety of ways.

    1. Against the CPU - this is no different then the typical NHL Be a GM Mode of the past for those that like to play independently and against the CPU.
    2. Against each other - GM Connected allows for up to 750 players to play in one single league. Users can decide to take on the role of players and play through games.
    3. As the Coach - GM Connected now allows for users to play the role of their teams coach . This is perfect for those that are more interested in simming rather than playing. You can continue to play against other players while you are the coach, which is a unique feature to this year.
    4. Cooperatively - Users can now join the same team together to play against the CPU in this GM mode. This is a first for the game as well.
    5. Manage team and Sim AI - Users will also have the ability to manage the way their team plays by setting up specific directives. This allows for your team to be played against by others in the league even while you are not present.

    Overall, users will be able to choose the following roles to play GM Connected.

    • Commissioner - This is the person that creates the league and will take care of inviting others to the league. They are also responsible for the schedule of the league. They will also be able to set deadlines for a certain number of games to be played. The Commissioner also has to approve all trades and free agent signings just like in the real NHL. However, if a commissioner is doing a subpar job, the other players can vote to remove them from the position and have them replaced.
    • General Manager - This role includes making trades and signing players to your team. The user can also continue to play on the team they manage as well.
    • Player - Their role is to be ready to go when a game is about to start for the league.

    Be a Pro/EASHL

    Be a Pro and the EA SPORTS Hockey League features better matchmaking and the ability to appoint your own online team captain.

    • In Be A Pro players will now be able to request trades for the very first time.

    Team First Presentation

    NHL 13 features the ability to customize your NHL 13 based on your favorite team. Also brings a new level on ice presentation.

    • Users will be able to select their favorite team which will effect various color schemes, menus, and team videos throughout the game.
    • There is also now a true broadcast cam that players can use during the game.
    • Highlights and replays will be done in broadcast cam fashion for a closer experience to watching a real NHL game on tv.
    • There are also new replay packages that will take place with new commentary as you play throughout the game.
    • A net cam has been implemented as well which will show replays for shots that make use of it. This may include when a net comes dislodged or if a goal trickles through.

    NHL Winter Classic

    The game will also feature both NHL Winter Classics from the 2011-2012, and 2010-2011 season. This includes the Winter Classic that took place at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as the Winter Classic that took place at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, home of the Philadelphia Phillies (although EA did not get the rights to the park, so it's named Philadelphia Park).

    The Winter Classic at "Philadelphia Park" also recreates new dramatic lighting that shows the game starting in the afternoon and ending as dusk sets in. This is new to NHL 13 as well.

    NHL Moments Live

    NHL 13 allows users to rewrite or relive history of some of the most thrilling moments from today’s NHL. New moments will be added as the season progresses. The game will feature real world clips of the games that you will be playing in.

    It has already been announced that Edmonton Oiler, Sam Gagner, and his eight point game will be playable. The same goes for Pittsburgh Penguin, Sidney Crosby, and his return to the NHL after his long absence due to concussions will be playable. The game will ship with 26 NHL moments from the past season. It will also feature 3 classic moments from various points in NHL history.

    However, for the "Classic NHL Moments" (which include Doug Gilmour, Mario Lemieux, and Wayne Gretzky) users will use one classic player that will play on the current team.

    The first downloadable moment from the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs is now available.

    NHL Legends

    NHL Legends returns to NHL 13 as well. This year new players will be added to the NHL legends team including female hockey players for the first time. The players are as follows. A 14 year old female fan wrote in to EA requesting that Female Hockey players be added.

    Hockey Ultimate Team

    Features a revamped design, improved reward system and a new playoff format.

    The career length has also been removed from the HUT mode. In previous versions of NHL each player you brought into your HUT Team was only give a certain amount of games that they could play. This is not an issue in NHL 13. Team management has also been updated this year as well.

    Training cards have also been altered as well. Before, you could use multiple training cards on one player to increase their rank. However, training cards have now been adapted to apply to individual game use instead.

    The initial HUT Starting pack will now also feature your favorite teams logo, their home/away jerseys, and a few players from your favorite team. The auction house will return as well.

    This season also includes "HUT Daily Rewards." These rewards are based on the "puck" currency system which allows you to continue to buy new card packs to update your team.

    The game also features a "HUT Team of the Week" which will show you which players in the NHL are on hot streaks. You can then challenge that team each week that EA has put together. You will also have the ability to look in the HUT Leaderboard and challenge any team that has been put together by any other users on the PS3 and 360.

    There will also be an iOS HUT App which will allow you to work on comparing and picking up new players for your team.

    There are also bonuses for those that played HUT in NHL 12. You will be rewarded in NHL 13 for having a record with your previous team. Puck bonuses will also transfer over.

    "Season Ticket" Early Access

    EA Season Ticket subscribers were able to purchase a digital copy of NHL 13 three days before the retail release via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

    You will also be given 6 months worth of gold premium packs for the HUT Mode.

    3 on 3 NHL Arcade

    NHL 13 also comes with a download code for the full retail version of 3 on 3 NHL Arcade.


    NHL 13 will feature various bands for the soundtrack. As with the previous games, NHL 13 will also feature the ability to implement custom soundtracks.

    • Anti-Flag - Broken Bones
    • Arkells - Whistleblower
    • Band of Skulls - The Devil Takes Care of His Own
    • Bassnectar - Pennywise Tribute (feat. Pennywise)
    • Battleme - Shoot the Noise, Man
    • Classified - Run with Me
    • Foxy Shazam - I Like It
    • Gaslight Anthem - 45
    • Monster Truck - Seven Seas Blues
    • My Darkest Days - Save Yourself
    • The Heavy - What Makes a Good Man
    • The Hives - I Want More (NHL’13 Mix)
    • The Offspring - Days Go By
    • Shinedown - Bully
    • Thousand Foot Krutch - Light Up The Sky
    • Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Stadium Chant Mix)


    The demo will consists of several options and modes to play through.

    • Play Now - play a single exhibition game starting from the third period between the New Jersey Devils and Los Angeles Kings. The score will be randomized each time you start this mode in the demo. You will also have the option to use the new True Broadcast Camera.
    • NHL Moments Live - this mode will feature the user playing in the Overtime of Game 5 in the Western Conference Finals between the LA Kings and Phoenix Coyotes. The mode starts with real life footage of the game. If you complete this mode you will get a free HUT Pack for the retail game.
    • Hockey Ultimate Team mode - play through a playoff mode with a team you'll create in the updated HUT Mode. Entering the mode will also unlock a free HUT Pack. Completing this mode in the demo and beating Team USA will unlock an additional HUT Pack.
    • Free Skate - Pretty self explanatory. Users can use the free skate mode to get more familiar with the changes in controls and game play including the new mechanic that allows you to skate backwards and alter your momentum at any time.

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