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    Nintendo Switch Sports

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 29, 2022

    Nintendo's Wii Sports franchise makes its switch to the Switch with over six mini-games making use of the Joy-Con's motion controls.

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    Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports-themed mini-game collection developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch on April 29, 2022.

    The fourth installment of the Wii Sports series (and the first to remove the "Wii" from the title), Nintendo Switch Sports includes six mini-games, each making use of the Joy-Con motion controls. These games include bowling, tennis, volleyball, soccer, badminton, and swordfighting (as "chambara"). Golfing was later added as a free update on November 29, 2022.

    The game features updated customizable avatars with more realistic body proportions, customizable outfits, and updated facial features (although players can opt to use their Mii's head). It also features online multiplayer, with gear that can be unlocked by playing against others, and comes bundled with a Leg Strap accessory for use with the soccer mini-games.



    Single Joy-Con. Up to four players simultaneously.

    Two-on-two volleyball, with most of the movement done automatically. Controls are based on the team's position, with players doing commands for serving, bumping, setting, spiking, and blocking.


    Single Joy-Con. Up to two players simultaneously.

    One-on-one badminton, with most of the movement done automatically.


    Single Joy-Con. Up to four players alternatively.

    Plays similar to the Bowling mini-game from Wii Sports. Along with standard bowling, the game includes a "special" mode where each lane has multiple obstacles, including moving barriers, ramps, slopes, and gaps.


    Dual Joy-Cons. Up to two players simultaneously (alternatively for Shoot-Out).

    Unlike other mini-games, this one uses a more complicated control scheme utilizing both Joy-Cons, with most movement done using the D-Pad and buttons. Also, despite the character using kicking motions, the game primarily uses swinging arm motions. The game's rules are also more arcade-style, similar to Rocket League, with an oversized ball.

    Along with one-on-one, four-on-four, and free practice modes, the game includes a special Shoot-Out mode which utilizes the game's bundled Leg Strap accessory. In this mode, the left Joy-Con is strapped onto the player's kicking leg, and players take turns attempting goal kicks.


    Single/Dual Joy-Cons. Up to two players simultaneously.

    Based on the Swordplay Duel mode from Wii Sports Resort, players perform sword swings and guards in first-person in an attempt to knock their opponent off the platform. There are three types of swords:

    • Sword - Single Joy-Con. Simple style with strong neutral strikes.
    • Charge Sword - Single Joy-Con. Risk-reward style where you build up energy by guarding, then performing strong Charge Strikes.
    • Twin Sword - Dual Joy-Con. Fight with two swords at once, with a unique Spinning Strike.


    Single Joy-Con. Up to four players simultaneously.

    Two-on-two tennis, with most of the movement done automatically. Plays similarly to the Tennis mini-game from Wii Sports.


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