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    Nosgoth was an online competitive multiplayer PC game being developed by Psyonix. The game was cancelled by Square Enix on 8 April 2016.

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    Nosgoth is set in the Legacy of Kain fictional world of the same name and focuses upon two forces battling for supremacy over the land, vampires and humans.


    The world was damned over a millennium ago by Kain who built his vampiric empire at the remnants of the Pillars of Nosgoth. He conquered the Land of Nosgoth, which he ruled with his six loyal Lieutenants, the creators of the six Clans. The vampire lords enslave humanity and consider them nothing more than play things and food, those humans who escaped this fate scattered to the furthest regions of the land.

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    After Lieutenant Raziel, Kain's first born Lieutenant was cast into the abyss for surpassing his master’s evolution. Lord Kain abandoned his empire in search of finding a way to restore Nosgoth. He leaves his empire in the hands of his remaining Lieutenants. The Clans driven by conflicts and jealously begin to fight amongst themselves, the Razielim persecuted for their Lieutenants evolution before their Lord.

    The humans seize this opportunity with the vampire masters preoccupied with their internal affairs and regroup. They relearn new skills and crafts and launch a devastating rebellion upon their vampire oppressors to reclaim Nosgoth for humanity.

    The vampires set aside their differences and ally to face their common enemy and the War For Nosgoth begins…


    Nosgoth is a free-to-play, player-vs-player game that utilizes the Unreal engine and is set in an arena environment using melee vs projectile weapon combat.

    Matches consist of two rounds and each match takes place in an automatic set destination that focuses on one settlement. The rounds alternate between vampires and humans – the team will play as one class in the first round and then the other in the second round.

    There are three game modes currently available:

    Team Deathmatch: The aim is for your team to beat the opposition by making as many kills as possible in the allotted time or to reach the kill limit. The overall winning team is calculated from the two end of round scores, the team with the highest total kill score wins the match.

    Flashpoint: The Humans must capture as many locations on the map as possible, each point captured adds time to the clock. Humans can capture up to six locations. The Vampires must stop the humans achieving their objective. Points are rewarded for the amounts of captures/non-captures. This mode was previously known as Siege.

    Capture the Body: The vampires aim to purify as many corpses as possible by moving the infected corpse from the spawn location to the shrine. Humans must try to prevent the captures. The mode consists of two rounds, each round lasting 10 minutes but sometimes with extra time. The winning team is the one with the highest total captures at the end of the rounds. Previously known by the working title of Drag the Body.

    There are two options to play the Team Death Match Mode, either on Ranked or Unranked.

    Unranked: is your standard play mode where you battle against each other, this option does not affect your League status.

    Ranked: matches either lost or won and how well your team performs will result in the amount of League points added or subtracted and will affect your placement in the Nosgoth League table. There are different League Series', at the end of the League Series players will be rewarded skins, chests, prizes and if applicable money depending on their final Rank level.

    There are two lobby types available:

    Public which allows you to play one of the two game modes with/against any users online and comes with pre-set time limits, player quantities and kills scores.

    Private which allows you to play privately against your chosen opponents, in this option you can choose between your game mode, select player numbers, time limits and kill quantities. Private Lobbies cannot be played as Ranked matches.



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    There are currently five members of the vampire class in Nosgoth, each with a varying array of skills and abilities. All are able to climb walls and launch stealth attacks on their human enemies, each class has a varied skill set such as being able to use smoke abilities to blind enemies and flying attacks. The vampires do not have any weapons but instead use their claws and vampiric abilities for melee combat.

    Deceiver of Clan Zephonim

    The progeny of Zephon are physically less powerful than their brethren but are gifted with mental abilities which have grown in-line with their devious personalities. The Deceivers have forced their vampiric evolution by performing acts of self-torture, experimental alchemy and twisted breeding programs.

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    They are not a fighting force but are considered spies and assassins, their skills are sabotage, psychological warfare and targeted killings rather than the direct tactics the other clans would use. They are master manipulators that can sow confusion by using such skills as projecting multiple copies of themselves as well as forcing the minds of lesser beings.

    They are not just feared by Humans but also the other clans for the lengths they have gone to, to keep up in the race of evolution. The atrocities they have inflicted upon themselves and each other have pushed many to the brinks of sanity. They are the least trusted of the clans for their quick action to act against the Razielim once Raziel was cast into the abyss and because their agenda is no longer clear. Due to their success in the art of Human farming the other clans know they are well valued.

    In later times they would come to be capable of dominating the minds of humans and turning them into the well known vampire worshippers of the Soul Reaver era.

    Reaver of Clan Dumahim

    The progeny of the Lieutenant Dumah, the Dumahim Reavers are master hunters. Fast and strong, with cunning and stealth they are master warriors. They are skilled soldiers known for tactics, skilful ambushes and hit-and-run tactics, they are also master craftsmen in forging armour.

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    The Dumahim like their patriarch and much like Turel are filled with arrogance and consider themselves to be higher skill set than the Turelim warriors – who they consider nothing more than mindless brutes who serve the only purpose as being cannon-fodder.

    When Kain abandoned his throne and the council discussed what should be done with the remains of the Razielim, Dumah was quite willing to assist his brethren in their extermination and ordered his clansmen to act. When Turel claimed his ruling place at dividing the territories it was Dumah who disagreed with him and thus aided in the beginning of the vampire civil war.

    When the Razielim brought word to the Dumahim and Turelim of the human rebellion, they soon realised that their skills and abilities would be required. They called a truce and allied themselves once again with the other clans to battle against their sole enemy – humankind.

    The Dumahim are stealthy, natural born killers and skilful warriors, who’s surprise attacks can shock any human foe.

    Sentinel of Clan Razielim

    The progeny of Raziel who was cast into the abyss for evolving wings before his vampiric father and the self-proclaimed lord of Nosgoth – Kain.

    Shortly after Kain's disappearance the Razielim were under siege by the other clans, unable to face five clans the Razielim were ravaged to near extinction. With their patriarch destroyed two elders of the clan, Lailah and Sarakiel took up the mantle of securing the existence of the clan. They instructed their clans-folk to protect those in evolutionary stasis; they fled from their clan territory and transported their brethren to one of their hidden clan breeding grounds in the Erebus Mountains. Upon their journeys to the north and to the safety of this remote location, many of the Razielim including the elders lost their lives. Lailah was killed by the hands of the Zephonim commander Jehoel and Sarakiel and the other evolved elders took to the skies fleeing the onslaught of the other clans slowly perished the hands of their enemies and hunger, taking the secret of their sanctuary to their graves.

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    The only Razielim left in existence were those currently in a evolutionary stasis like state, cocooned in safety in the north, hidden deep within the mountains and secured by doors – who’s keys were only held by the clans elders. With the elders dead, these vampires were imprisoned, isolated but safe from the ongoing battles that raged outside their sanctuary.

    The Razielim slowly awakened from their hibernation, gifted with wings like their patriarch, they realised they were alone and were not surrounded by their carers. Upon realising the doors to the chamber were sealed and there was no other way out they began to slowly claw their way out, feeding on any who gave in on the task. As time passed the Razielim began to change further, their bodies becoming accustomed to their dark surroundings and their lack of blood, they slowly became more monstrous and less divine.

    It was a Razielim called Eskandor who became their leader, once they escaped from their prison, it was he who gave the order to find food. The scouts he sent out discovered the desolation by the Watchers of Dark Eden at Coorhagen and upon relaying these messages, the clan fled back to their clan territory – hoping to find members of their clan.

    Upon arriving at their territory they were not met by other Razielim but instead in their place stood Dumah and his clan members. Eskandor sought an audience and Dumah granted it, he explained to him that their clan was no more and for food and security – knowing his kind would not stand a chance against Dumahim Reavers – Eskandor pledged his allegiance to Dumah and his clan. His clan members agreed and with proof of his loyalty – Dumah agreed and their shaky allegiance was formed. How long it would remain once the Razielim’s usefulness had come to an end is yet to be told.

    Their wings make the Razielim great as scouts for the vampires as well as for providing aerial attacks.

    Summoner of Clan Melchahim

    Melchiah was the last of Kain’s lieutenants to be raised and thus was the weakest; Melchiah’s curse was a decaying body, a flaw which was passed onto his descendants. Melchiah and his clan flayed their human victims and used their skins to cover their rotting bodies, for his failings Melchiah envied his brothers, especially Raziel. Through this vanity Melchiah had the desire to improve himself and his clans fate. They began to experiment with ways to strengthen their bodies, by force-feeding their human captives potions most of which had dire consequences for the humans.

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    Melchiah had a secret which he only shared with his generals and counsel, the art of necromancy, and in this the clan found its strength. They delved into the Underworld, the Dry Lands, to find a way to halt their decay by communing with spirits, siphoning energy and manipulating souls, but they failed to find a cure for their weakness.

    When Raziel was cast into the abyss Melchiah realised how important it was to keep this information secret, so hid it from Kain and the other clans in fear of receiving their wrath. When Kain vanished, the Melchahim began to experiment at a faster pace with their otherworldly endeavours. The scientists began not just experimenting on humans but members of their own clan, and delved deeper into the Underworld and the bounties it had to offer. When Melchiah and his clan felt the wrath of the clans they fought back with their dark arts and held them at bay, and as the war with the humans began they turned their attention to assisting their follow vampires, whilst in secret continuing their necromantic arts.

    The Melchahim Summoners learned how to manipulate souls and the beings of the Underworld, and when the war amongst the vampires and humans began the Dry Lands became fruitful with new souls at their disposal. The Melchahim did not however stop their arts at human souls, but began to tinker with vampiric souls as well. The Melchahim crafted vampire souls to various lesser beings, to forge otherworldly hunters – Ghouls, Stalkers, Slayers and Devourers – that could be summoned to do their bidding.

    They are the masters of necromancy and working with creatures from the Underworld.

    Tyrant of Clan Turelim

    The progeny of Turel, the second born of Kain’s lieutenants who considered himself the heir to the throne after Raziel’s demise and Kain’s disappearance.

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    The Turelim Tyrants are ruthless killers but overly arrogant, who’s skills range in telekinetic abilities which complement their brutish and vampiric strength. In their clans later devolution their forms become monstrous but even the fledglings are humongous is stature.

    When Raziel was cast into the abyss, it was Turel who eagerly agreed to Zephons suggestion that the Razielim were abominations and that by Kain’s acts they should continue his will and destroy them all. The other clan leaders agreed and thus the hunt for the Razielim began. When it came to the time to dividing the spoils. Turel believed as the eldest of the lieutenants he was now in the rightful place to be the leader of the vampire council. The other lieutenants disagreed and with Turel’s arrogance boiling, he and Dumah came to blows. Turel later ordered his clan against any who challenged his place as leader of the vampiric council.

    Considered true warriors the Tyrants are the first into the fight, they are the front-line troops and have no fear of death in battle. As if bred as part of their nature their ruthlessness as warriors is unquestionable. They are true tanks due to their superior strength in combat and are leaders in any good charge.


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    There are currently six members of the human class in Nosgoth. These use various weapons to combat their vampiric foes, such as the cross bow, bow and arrows, grenade launcher and flame thrower. They also have special attacks such as creating walls of flame and being able to rain down arrows upon their opponents.

    Alchemist - the Red Sisters of Anacrothe

    Over the generations of oppression the knowledge of human magic, alchemy and chemistry were lost, the vampires destroying the great libraries which housed the information and teachings of the human ancestors.

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    As the vampire clans of Kain’s empire wished to advance themselves and their food sources they began to experiment using alchemy. The alchemists of the Melchahim made a mistake and contaminated a batch of human slaves, rather than face the wrath of their leader they fled to the hills. To win back the favour of their leader they continued their alchemy in secret, one named Laderic was the inventor of naphtha – an inert liquid that when ignited becomes a highly volatile and explosive cocktail, which he believed would be the key to winning back his masters favour.

    These vampiric alchemists kidnapped and entrapped humans from local civilisations which they would use for their experimentation. Elustra was one such slave and when the moment arouse she broke from her cell and destroyed every living and undead being within the laboratory and establishment – human and vampire alike, all killed by their own creation naphtha.

    When nursed back to health by the nomads that found her, they asked her if she had destroyed her captors for killing the human captives, Elustra did not disagree, and thus began the order of the Red Sisters of Anacrothe – named after the great alchemist of old. Their first act was to ransack the remains of the laboratory and steal what was left of the vampires chemical creations.

    They fled across the land to the capital city of Meridian and teamed-up with the other human rebels. They began to mass produce their weapons of chemical destruction, with potion, poison and all manner of occult weapons they swore to take the fight to the vampires for the atrocities they had committed against humankind.

    Beastmaster - the Scourge of the Wild

    Across the land of Nosgoth in remote and wild places are small groups of like minded individuals, each group has its own traditions and paths, elementals, channellers, druids, masters of the hunt but as a whole they are a natural order of mystics. The most notorious of these are referred to as Beastmasters, the Scourge of the Wild, a group of individuals who have banded together to harness the powers of nature as a tool to combat the vampiric abominations.

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    Beastmasters see the damage the unnatural undead are doing to Nosgoth. They do everything in their power to destroy them, even though they look to heal the land they do not question to sacrifice nature or themselves, in the knowledge that from the ashes new life is reborn.

    They serve the human cause as warriors and messengers through the use of their supernatural skin-shifting abilities. The form they are paired with is the Treshawk, a three eyed horned bird with bat wings that lives in the north of Nosgoth. They are able to temporarily transform themselves into one of these birds to scope the battlefield and attack enemies from the heavens.

    As they travel to new lands they spread word of their path and new recruits face trials by fire and water. Those who fail are fed to the semi-wild raptors and those who pass perform blood ceremonies on their crops and are welcomed into the order. But unbeknownst to the Beastmasters their sanctuary in Dark Eden still pulses with the remnants of the twisted magic wielded by the triad of sorcerers who were once slain by Kain himself. This dark magic has seeped into the Beastmasters, their crops and animal companions fuelling their now unhinged mental state, making them perform unnatural acts that warp the very nature they swore to protect.

    The Scourge will stop at nothing to destroy their vampire enemies with the use of powerful firearms, explosive devices, primal magic and supernatural abilities.

    Hunter - the Ironguard

    The Ironguard order is modelled after the long dead Sarafan, the original vampire hunters, and took the name in remembrance of the massacre that occurred upon the Iron Pass. The Ironguard are considered the more stereotypical vampire hunters.

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    The Ironguard fled from the heartlands unable to stop Kain’s legions at the time of the original onslaught, they found refuge in the hinterlands of Nosgoth. The order continued to grow by recruiting any man or woman who swore themselves to performing the duty of mankind by ridding the world of the vampire scourge that infests all corners of the land.

    The Ironguard train in combat to be able to tackle the dark forces, they are loyal and sworn to their order and will stop at nothing to purify the world once more for humankind – continuing the legacy of their long dead brothers of the Sarafan.

    The Ironguard were one of the first groups to act when Kain’s legions began to squabble amongst themselves, seizing the opportunity to take the fight to their slavers. They then began to recruit released captives into their army that would grow to be able to bring war to the vampires, their allegiance sworn to bring death to all vampires.

    Their weapons range from cross bows to bola and they are true ruthless warriors.

    Prophet - the Lost Seers of Avernus

    When Azimuth the matriarch of Avernus went insane and turned to demon worship, a group of her followers were outraged by her actions and her orders. They, the Prophets, seized any treasures they could from the Cathedral and fled the city and went into hiding. After Azimuth was killed the Prophets continued to remain spread thinly across the land – scared of how easily humanity could be swayed from being protectors to destroyers. To replenish their ranks they used divination to locate humans with magical power, they kidnapped and trained them in the magical arts.

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    The Prophets became scavengers and used their magical abilities to locate magical items and treasures from across the land. A Prophet called Roxen located the treasures hidden in the Oracles cave – this discovery led to the back engineering and creation of their ballistic weaponry.

    A group of Prophets received visions of mines located east of Willendorf and there they discovered one of Nosgoth’s many Blood Fountains. Malus – a young Prophet followed the urge he felt and drank from its blood and fell into a coma. After several years he woke with fragmented knowledge of the fountains magical power and how it could aid or harm any, including vampires, who drank from its source. He and those who believed this was a valuable discovery continued to study and learn the mysteries of the fountain. In the process they realised after years the blood returned to its active red state so the Prophets began to ritually drink from the fountain to return it to its inert blackened state so its power could not be used by their enemies.

    When Kain disappeared from Nosgoth and the vampire’s attention was turned elsewhere, the Prophets seized the opportunity and searched the land and discovered more Blood Fountains. When the human uprising began and the vampire clans reunited, out of desperation for their survival the Prophets drank the blood from the fountains and those who survived its toxins were forever changed, blinded, stained and their blood tainted.

    The Prophets unknowingly had turned themselves into a weapon and learned how to manipulate their tainted blood and the blood of others – dipping their bullets into their tainted blood would create a hex, spilling their own blood would weaken and repel attackers – and they could now locate stolen sources of blood and steal this life-force from their foes. The Prophets have chosen to use their abilities to protect humanity so they have come out of hiding and joined forces with the already allied humans to rid the world of vampires.

    Scout - the Watchers of Dark Eden

    Those of human kind who fled north to escape capture and the destruction of Kain’s vampiric forces took up refuge in the mountains – in the area known as Dark Eden. Over time the Watchers were formed, groups of warriors skilled in the art of archery that would pick off any vampire that would dare hunt in this fledgling hunting ground. The Watchers, would also relay messages and warn other settlements of impending vampire attacks as well as transfer messages between human colonies in the north and the towns of the south.

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    When they first noticed the winged vampires coming from the south to their mountains they thought the worst, realising they were being pursued by other clans, they sent out a scouting party to Coorhagen to learn what was happening. The scouts discovered that the town had become a blood farm and with such they rallied their troops and attacked the vampires guarding the facilities – freeing the human captives in the process.

    They travelled southward after realising the vampires were in civil war and joined forces with the Ironguard and later the Alchemists. The Scouts are long range fighters that are skilled assassins – able to pick off their enemies with their trustee bow and arrows and remain unseen using their stealth skills, taking down any vampire that dares cross their path.

    Vanguard - the Drowning Men of Meridian (previously known as Shield Bearer)

    In Nosgoth’s capital city of Meridian humanity took refuge and with this come the ever-growing issue of unlawful behaviour. To tackle the rise in crime rates, the Chancellor of Meridian sent squads of watchmen to capture the criminals. These captured prisoners were punished by working in chain gangs to rebuild the ruined city. After a series of rebellions by the prisoners Chancellor Seyr needed to find a better solution and the Patriarch of the Waters, Ancellas, provided one.

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    The prisoners were chained to the oarsmen’s seats in the barges of the dead and the walls of the mortuaries on the Isle of the Dead. Their task was to transport corpses from the city’s main ports to the Isle where the dead were prepared for sea burial in the surrounding waters. After time superstitions arose about these prisoners and they became known as the Drowning Men.

    When the vampire’s onslaught began and the Patriarch of the Waters was killed, and the overseers, the guards of the Drowning Men were over-run; they fled to the mortuaries where the mass-murderer Gerik and the Drowning Men fought with them side by side. The Marshal-at-Arms Torstein freed the prisoners and the survivors armed with shields and mortuary weapons crossed the waters to the mainland and the city. There the overseers and prisoners joined forces with the cities defenders to fight against the vampires, they were all equal now and all became known as the Drowning Men.

    As new arrivals entered the city wanting to join the war they were chosen by the human factions, but the less desirable elements – the pirates, thieves, murders, hooligans and criminals were not wanted by the Ironguard or the Watchers of Dark Eden due to their lack of morals and discipline. They were however welcomed by the Drowning Men and together these thugs would stop at nothing to destroy the vampire hordes.


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    Set in the fictional land of Nosgoth – a place where the human world is in ruins and the vampire empire was built to great heights, after Kain abandoned his throne and with the human rebellion – the world lays in different states of disrepair.

    The world ranges from medieval shanty towns to more eastern styles and more renaissance style society in its capital city of Meridian.

    There are currently six maps in Nosgoth, and one currently unreleased map.

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    The Crucible

    In the north of Nosgoth carved into the stark landscape at the base of the Erebus and Eumendies Mountains and the volcanoes of Tartarus lies The Crucible, the Turelim city.

    Lord Kain ordered the Turelim to tackle one of the vampire’s weaknesses, sunlight, and with this they built the enormous volcanic smoke stacks that grace Nosgoth’s landscape. Harnessing the power of the elements and geomancy they used the Tartarus volcanoes to create the thick black smoke that blotted out the suns harmful rays.

    The Crucible is the Turelim powerhouse filled with gladiatorial arenas, training grounds, forges and workshops and is the true birthing place of their war machine.

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    The Fane

    In the north of the Razieilm territory hidden deep in the Erebus Mountains is a secret vampire underground city, only known to the Razielim clan. A safe haven for the birthing of new vampires and vampiric evolution, where clan members could be protected against any sabotage of the other clans. The outer area of the vampiric underground city, known as the Fane, is decorated with all the finery the clan has to offer, littered with shrines and temples its splendour honours the clan patriarch and vampiric elders. The inner city, hidden deeper within the mountains contain the secret workings of the clan, the sorcerers labs, the stores filled with the Razielim riches, the blood pens and the vaults where the Razielim are reborn. When the sun was blotted out, the fledgling vampires no longer needed to remain hidden from the harmful rays of the sun and the clan abandoned the vampiric underground.

    A Scout, Tychard, and a hunting party were searching the mountains and were caught in an avalanche, Tychard was the only survivor. The fallen snow revealed a cave entrance and he discovered the vampire underground city. He returned with an army of humans set to deface the city by opening up the mountain to the elements making it unusable by the vampires. The movement was noticed by the vampires and Eskandor and the clans dispatched their ranks to the mountains. The vampires, especially the Razielim, wish to protect the city at all costs, to protect the vampire’s ancient secrets from the humans who seek their knowledge and this hidden stronghold.

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    Gracing the edge of the waters on the south-western coastline of the Great Southern Sea, this town is a shanty port and was once the humans richest trading post until it was laid to waste by the vampires.

    The second of the towns recaptured by the humans at the hands of the Hunters and Scouts after the vampiric civil war. The Hunters rebuilt the town with what little it had to offer and used it to recruit more to their legions, with the place once such a thriving town, humans released from their incarceration soon fled back to the port.

    When the vampires attacked Freeport again, it was the Sentinels that caused mayhem by using the weapons of the fallen humans to devastate the townsfolk and the town, and it wasn't then long before the ground forces broke through the Gate of the Lost.

    No Caption Provided


    South of the Great Southern Lake and east of Ziegsturhl, this town is nestled between mountains and rivers. It is a trade route to the towns in the north and the south and sits between the vampire controlled Pillars of Nosgoth and the human controlled towns in the south.

    In the original vampire attack as Kain’s forces conquered towns in the surrounding area and as Provance fell low on resources the humans began to abandon the town. The vampires took over and held this strategic location. The town too slowly became deserted as the vampires returned to the more key locations. Provance was one of the first towns reoccupied by the humans at the hands of the Hunters and the Scouts during the uprising. It aids in the rebuilding and protecting their foothold to the south.

    No Caption Provided


    One of the four forts that surround Nosgoth’s capital city – Meridian. The city itself offers the best Nosgoth has to offer in every sense and makes everywhere else pale in comparison.

    When Kain set his sights on Meridian and his vampiric armies attacked, the city and its forts soon fell. Sommerdamm was laid to waste and the humans of these key locations were captured and the places were left to ruin.

    Since the human rebellion began those who have escaped the captivity of their vampire overlords have quickly returned to Meridian and the surrounding forts. They have begun to rebuild them to their former glory and secure the capital once again.

    Sommerdamm is the last of the forts to be repaired and thus is still open to vampire attack.

    No Caption Provided


    An isolated mountain town built into the rock face situated to the north of the Great Southern Lake and the south of the Lake of the Dead in an area known as the Iron Pass.

    The townsfolk of Valeholm did not want to be involved in the initial war against the vampires and took a neutral stance. The vampires, predominantly the Zephonim, showed them no mercy for this and burned the town’s religious monuments with all those inside who did not obey their rule.

    Those who managed to flee the town formed the Ironguard and promised to take the fight back to the vampires for what they had done. The town is now a garrison of the Ironguard and as the vampires returned to their gates hell bent on enacting a repeat of the earlier atrocities, the people fought back to defend their town.

    No Caption Provided

    The Silenced Cathedral (previously known as The Nest)

    Once a proud home of humanity this enormous cathedral sits aloft the mountains in the north east, below this monument lays the human settlement built into the mountainside.

    This once holy place and its secluded settlement are now slowly being morphed into twisted remnants by the webs of the Zephonim. Since claiming this place the Zephonim have slowly began to recreate this relic by building structures and their own twisted torture chambers, creating all manners of horrors.

    Humanity now fights to reclaim this monument in their fight against the vampires, with the hope of bringing them to their knees with its holy sounds.

    System Requirements


    OS: Windows Vista SP2

    Processor: 2.0 GHz

    RAM: 2 GB

    Video card: Nvidia 8800 or ATI 2900

    HDD Space: 3 GB


    OS: Windows 7 or higher

    Processor: 2.0 GHz multi-core

    RAM: 8 GB

    Video card: Nvidia 260 or ATI 5850

    HDD: 4 GB

    Release Details

    On the 8 April 2016 during Nosgoth's Open Beta period, the games release was officially cancelled by Square Enix. The servers will remain online until 31 May 2016.


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